Zombie | How to Drink

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av : Wouldn't be surprised if you got picked up for a show or netflix series or something. Production quality is nuts.

Visiblur : I asked a bartender in Budapest what he would order and he obviously guided me to their most expensive drink, the Zombie. Drunk me ordered it and loved it. Jokes on him though, their most expensive drink was still cheap as a doodle

Sam Price : Forgive my ignorance, but what is the point of using so many different rums? Do they have significantly different tastes?

Michael Turner-Smith : Damn, I like you a million times more than Tipsy Bartender. You’re not obnoxious (although that’s not a problem, to a degree), you play jazz and I LOVE JAZZ WITH A PASSION, also you seem very professional. One more thing, is that I absolutely adore the closeup slow motion shots. That camera is amazing!

PJ Ryan : Surprising to hear Glenn Crytzer's music in a non swing dance video. Great choice, and happy drinking.

Overwatch 1776 : Greg, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this sentiment, but I pretty much only watch your videos because of your personality. don't get me wrong, the drinks are awesome and I intend to try my hand at them eventually, but your drunken personality keeps me coming back!! thanks for the videos!

definedbylines : Have to say, your videos are simply amazing. Those close up shots look so damn good. Keep up the great work!

Perfect Zero : Your drinks are good, but I'll be damned if I just love to watch your videos. Each one is informative, witty, and they are really well made. I never made cocktails until I started watching these clips, but you take so much of the fear and guesswork out that I am branching out. I'm also happy that you've chosen the tiki theme. I'm not much on tiki culture, but I'm willing to give a few a try if you're making them.

Sirkris09 : We're freaking back to business boys!

jamaal chin : finally you're back this drink looks great

Shark Rides : you should make your own tv shows.. 😂🖒

Margus Paananen : I appreciate you adding ml. measurements.

cole : Well here goes my liquor budget again hah. Great work as always man!

Cat Man : Stay away from da voodoo.

PanikInk : Love that you're making new videos! Question for you though. Where do you get your alcohol?? Online, local liquor store, chain store? I'm having a heck of a time here in California finding things like Smith & Cross. Any recommendations would be appreciated!!

Pedro Lara : That is one HELL of a difficult cocktail to make! great job as always very entertaining!

Lucas Selhorst : yay time to get/make some igredients. You can(if your time is willing to do so) try a drink and make it better im currently working on, its a twist on a mojito: 50ml gin(something that goes well with lime, tanqueray?) 25ml lime juice 25ml ginger-lemongrass-greentea syrup some coriander(the one with the leafs not those little balls) and top with soda or ginger ale depends on what you like more :D just build the drink like you would build a mojito. For the syrup: boil up some water let a loose green tea or w/e you have at hand sit in their to get a strong flavour, toss the leafs, put in one cut up lemongrass and a good piece(like a big double thumb) of ginger grated in their, add same amount as water of sugar to it and let it sit until its sweet but at the same time really spicy. Then have fun straining out all the stuff (by they way eating the ginger pouree is heaven) and you got your syrup cheers! :D

Jamarcus Russel : Anyone notice this dude just has a fancy way of being an alcoholic

Lake Sn4ke : Sub for me ! you should consider some tv show or something. you look pretty damn professional

belshir rihsleb : i remember him saying he films a lot of these back to back and gets hammered sometimes... he looks it here, good vid though zombies are my favorite cocktails

Thomypark : What, just discovered this channel, how is such quality made

Nigel : Aw snap! Starting the new season out strong! (quite literally)

wyomchris : How to watch How To Drink. Step 1, click on video. Step 2, after a few seconds of the intro, click thumbs up, because you already know it is going to be amazing. Step 3, make a list for a liquor store run. Step 4, enjoy the weekend making drinks.

Thomas Polk : I'm sure it's a topic that's been done halfway to death by plenty of people, but I trust you more than them! I was wondering if you'd ever consider doing a how-to video on starting your own home bar, or if you had any advice?

sh1pme2themune : there are like six drinks in that damn glass

Lynn Mckenney : Oh man, I'm so excited you put out a new video! I love it!

Magnus Macpherson : I think you should start with all the bottles you're going to use on the table, just so we get a good idea of whats actualy in the coctail, keep em comming!

God is my judge : go home Greg, you're drunk.

Anna Schlaht : This is one of my fav tiki drinks! Looks damn delicious. :) So glad you're back for another season!

Keegan Hunter : That little bottle of bitter/absinthe what's it called and how do I get it? :) Also amazing job with the show always give you a thumb up!

haondoor : After binge watching these all day, I have to ask...How many drinks do you have to make to get all these shots. What does your shot list look like?

Nicholas Pham : So glad to see you back dude. My Fridays have been missing something since you took your break.

Kika : This is great :o

ll q : one of the best channels on youtube on drinks and cocktails... so easygoing and unpretentious but still knowledgeable and well presented

David Persson : When the Tiki time extravaganza bonanza has passed, would you consider making videos about Brandy Alexander, Grasshopper and/or Dark & Stormy?

A.D Whitehouse : Most of the drinks on this channel aren't new to me as I work in a cocktail bar, but YES! You're back! Keep doing what you're doing, man. One of the best cocktail demo channels on youtube, no doubt about it.

CanCamelsCanCan : This is such great content, I love it! I really like when you talk a little about the history of the drinks as well. If I had one criticism, it would be that the intro gets pretty repetitive. For videos averaging around 3 minutes long, I don't think you need a 30 second intro in each one explaining the show. Otherwise fantastic videos!

Andrew Nagel : I just got really drunk watching that. Holy booze Batman, it's season 3!

Neil Roque : Awesome content!! :)

thomas nicholson : These videos are dope bro! Nice work as usual

RaifNW : rum funk and you drink, What a Great episode!

ex-PFC Wintergreen. : “Lushly filmed” 🎥

Urotsukidoji1 : damn! Velvet Falernum is impossible to get in Ontario Canada :(

Jim G : Extremely excited you're going to do a tiki series! I have a question though! Any chance we could get a bit of detail on the differences in rums? I know Smuggler's Cove kind've goes into it quite a bit. Appreciate the videos none-the-less~!

*Jebać Policyjne Ścierwa* : Bright side of alcoholism. No offence.

Drumstoke : What would you recommend as a substitute for Velvet Falernum? Maybe rum with bitters and lime juice or..? Or is this a necessary ingredient?

KIZ MrTaku : Is smith and cross generally speaking a good Rum for mixing cocktails or am i better of buying a 7 year Havanna? I dont have enough money for both and currently building a home bar.

K. Knievel : Made 4 of these last night. I'm not sure I followed the recipe after cocktail #2, but maaaaan, they're good. Thanks for the recipe, you guys do a damn good job.

Scott Diaz : That you have 'only' 42,000 subscribers is criminal. x

John Brennan : Welcome back!