How to Drink: Zombie

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av : Wouldn't be surprised if you got picked up for a show or netflix series or something. Production quality is nuts.

Sam Price : Forgive my ignorance, but what is the point of using so many different rums? Do they have significantly different tastes?

Quentin Liedtke : How long do you keep your syrups for? Do you keep them in the fridge?

Ludo St : Good idea to drink before shooting :p It's a damn strong drink ! Keep up the good work !

Sirkris09 : We're freaking back to business boys!

Bryan Kotwicki : A promising start to the season, can't wait for more!

Giulio Pastorello : love from italy. awesome video as usual!! keep up the good work.

Visiblur : I asked a bartender in Budapest what he would order and he obviously guided me to their most expensive drink, the Zombie. Drunk me ordered it and loved it. Jokes on him though, their most expensive drink was still cheap as a doodle

Perfect Zero : Your drinks are good, but I'll be damned if I just love to watch your videos. Each one is informative, witty, and they are really well made. I never made cocktails until I started watching these clips, but you take so much of the fear and guesswork out that I am branching out. I'm also happy that you've chosen the tiki theme. I'm not much on tiki culture, but I'm willing to give a few a try if you're making them.

Renegade : And he is back ! Nice Greetings from germany

Kika : This is great :o


Thomypark : What, just discovered this channel, how is such quality made

mobydobius : you and DS are gonna get me smashed this weekend

Pedro Lara : That is one HELL of a difficult cocktail to make! great job as always very entertaining!

Donavan Kuhl : Looks like it's going to be a very Tiki Summer. Glad you're back! And by the way, you never got back to me on those books you have on pre-prohibition and alcoholic history:( Its okay; I forgive you.

Khamis1203 : You really derserve more subs and views. This is produced and done so well, hope they start pouring in to watch!

Gavin Dancy : Oh no, all I did was click a link on reddit with a nice picture of a drink I'd always wanted to make. I didn't mean to doom myself to  a couple hours of catching up to current. What a great video! Why hasn't Netflix picked up a couple food and drink shows like yours?

snowingjimbob : Loved that *SMACK* you gave the mint leaves!! Glad you're back sir!

William Katschke : That looks like a damn good drink

cole : Well here goes my liquor budget again hah. Great work as always man!

A.D Whitehouse : Most of the drinks on this channel aren't new to me as I work in a cocktail bar, but YES! You're back! Keep doing what you're doing, man. One of the best cocktail demo channels on youtube, no doubt about it.

PanikInk : Love that you're making new videos! Question for you though. Where do you get your alcohol?? Online, local liquor store, chain store? I'm having a heck of a time here in California finding things like Smith & Cross. Any recommendations would be appreciated!!

Emmanuel Reyes : You told me you were gearing up for the summer and you didn't disappoint. Tiki here we come baby!!!! 💪

Sean Mc Neill : Missed your videos, good to have you back! Im moving to a new house and want a bar, any tips as to what i should get first besides the usual spirits?

Alejandro Miranda : So glad you're back!!

Overwatch 1776 : Greg, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this sentiment, but I pretty much only watch your videos because of your personality. don't get me wrong, the drinks are awesome and I intend to try my hand at them eventually, but your drunken personality keeps me coming back!! thanks for the videos!

K. Knievel : Made 4 of these last night. I'm not sure I followed the recipe after cocktail #2, but maaaaan, they're good. Thanks for the recipe, you guys do a damn good job.

HuffinMuffin : your channel is about to take off!

Matthias Dietrich : make a corpse reviver #2! :)

Keegan Hunter : That little bottle of bitter/absinthe what's it called and how do I get it? :) Also amazing job with the show always give you a thumb up!

wyomchris : How to watch How To Drink. Step 1, click on video. Step 2, after a few seconds of the intro, click thumbs up, because you already know it is going to be amazing. Step 3, make a list for a liquor store run. Step 4, enjoy the weekend making drinks.

Margus Paananen : I appreciate you adding ml. measurements.

sh1pme2themune : there are like six drinks in that damn glass

liz qiu : one of the best channels on youtube on drinks and cocktails... so easygoing and unpretentious but still knowledgeable and well presented

God is my judge : go home Greg, you're drunk.

belshir rihsleb : i remember him saying he films a lot of these back to back and gets hammered sometimes... he looks it here, good vid though zombies are my favorite cocktails

Tony Yang : Great call on the navy strength rum. It's hard as hell for me to find Lemon & Hart 151 in San Diego.

Gargunta : Aww yeah man! Been waiting for a new vid!

TheMattwasherein1992 : this may just hit the spot tonight, cheers greg! Don't think I can afford 3 rums though and with smith and cross be $99 a bottle here in aus i may have to choose something a little different but hey thats half the fun!

Lucas Guariglia : so happy you're back!

Tunca : wow! not really intrested in the drinks but you seem like a great guy and the production quality is amazing.

MusicOfAdam : I never would have imagined myself saying "That zombie looks so pretty!" Buuuut you managed to make me do it.

Oscar : Just followed you on do you not have more followers.....your quality is amazing.

Ifor Bach : freaking love it, as always. And I still can't believe that there are not more subscribers here. Some of the absolute best cocktail related content on the Internet.

Alonzo Ortiz : Just noticed the Rolleiflex on your shelf! Do you shoot film?

Niek van de Pas : Spilling Smith & Cross is no joke! Hurts right in the wallet.

haondoor : After binge watching these all day, I have to ask...How many drinks do you have to make to get all these shots. What does your shot list look like?

Zoe : I love this recipe,i used to make zombie version with marashino but this is so much better ! My customers really loved it and so do i. Cheers from Bartenders from Slovakia !

fluff daddy : Damn Greg it has been a while. It's nice to have you back making these great drinks and awesome production. Missed your bearded face!