Types Of Police Officers In UK - Mo Gilligan

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Taylor M : Ayee, 14k views overnight! <3

Queen Anne : At the beginning he was like "31st of the 2nd 1992" but I swear February only has 29 days 😂

YoungWuukong : Too accurate

Bondye Supreme : This guy is talented, he should have his own show.

YELuckyPictures : Waa wa what am I? A wasted man? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 died

MissSweets : 'send you back to Nigeria or something like that' 'I'm from Ghana' lmaoo

howdan1985 : Hahahaha LOLLLLL! Mo you're a GENIUS. As an ex-copper I can definitively say that your impressions are 100% spot on! Absolutely brilliant. Crying with laughter "fella". ;-)

S S : Spot on, Mo...👏👏👏👏. Always make me laugh. A fan who supports you all the way. Wish you all the best...won't be long now...its coming Mo....big screen bright lights. Keep on doing what you're doing. ☺ ☺☺

Char10tti3 : Haha true this guy can act too :)