The Perfect Storm | The Crash of CAAC Flight 301
The Perfect Storm The Crash of CAAC Flight 301

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Curious Plane Spotter: This is a crash that took place over two decades ago and not many people know about it. Ill be honest I had not even heard of CAAC Airlines prior to this. The story of CAAC 301 is long. We still dont know definitely caused the crash. But the investigators have uncovered most of what went wrong. This is the story of CAAC flight 301. You might not have heard of CAAC Airlines. CAAC airlines was the airline division of the civil aviation airline division of china. They were founded in 1949 and ceased operations in 1988. I enjoy doing episodes on long forgotten air crashes causes they deserve to be remembered and we have a lot to learn from them nonetheless. On the 31st of august 1988 a hawker siddeley trident departed guangzhou china for Hong kong. The plane that they were flying today was the hawker siddeley trident. A british 3 engined t tailed medium range airliner that was popular in the 1980s. The short flight just an hour long took off at 12:33 am. The cockpit was packed to the gills, with two captains, a navigator , a radio officer and a radio officer under training. The crew were very experienced and today it is unheard of to have these many pilots in the cockpit at a time to fly the plane. Times were very different back then. At 12:45 am, As the plane flew towards hong kong, The pilots noticed some bad weather ahead. They contacted hong kong approach and the pilots stated their intentions to deviate to the left of their track by about 12 miles to avoid some clouds that they did not want to fly through. Control acknowledged. But the weather closer to the airport was not that much better either. Control offers them an ILS approach on to runway 31, this approach would take them away from the worst that the weather had to offer and was seen as a safer alternative than the runway 13 approach that they had been planning.