Abandoned Millionaires Royal Hotel With Cars And Everything Inside

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unwrapping by mimi koteng : 17:25 Cars

Jaison Waiste : In the end, nature always wins.

DJ EviL J : oh wow, Hachijo Royal Resort right?? ive seen hours of 8mm film my grandfather shot there sometime in the early 70's or late 60's when they lived in misawa and okinawa this is where they would vacation

Jason Vong : how crazy that most of the stuff there still looks pristine

j soo : Just started watching these type of videos and all of them are sad just to see so much go to waste.

Russell Johnson : I can do a video of abandoned crack houses in the hood.

KpopNiDontStop : You know its Japan when nobody has ran sacked this place at all.

Faith Olsen : I wish someone would buy this place and restore it. I love the Greek statues and fountains.

frozen waffles : i can't imagine how much money had been pissed away ......

sebastian licht : "I don't want to miss anything" leaves closed door unchecked.

One Sick Chick : That's at least a $20K Yamaha Grand... my heart is breaking cause I'm a lifelong pianist and will probably never be able to afford one (like many Japanese people), and to see them just throw those pianos away & let them fall into ruin completely breaks my heart!

distant2neat : bet you a dollar those plates are in Steve's kitchen now, being used! so where's the problem?

Ana Maria Hernandez Ramirez : Gracias por compartir tus vídeos.. . Muy emocionante!

pk r : "THE MOST LARGEST" um okay

Pervy_Sage : Unlike in the West; untouched not damage and no graffiti to be seen!! Nice Japan

Srpske Skice : who else is geting trigered because he didn t take anything,if i were there i would take everything

Our Abandoned World : I wish this wasnt so much of a trek from mainland. Really want to do this one but just seems so much more travelling to do on top of what were already doing.

Lorrie Smith : I've got a lot of respect for you...not stealing anything. Great videa!

Iam Jobe : how are places like these abandoned

Zihao Fan : this hotel is located on Izu island, Japan

WellBeSerious12 : What a waste. Just sell the land or remodel/fix everything.

Olivier FRISKY : On dirait que tout le monde est parti dans la minute, laissant tout derrière eux même de l'argent , c'est assez étonnant

Abroham Lincoln : "I would love these in my kitchen" cuts camera lol

umu : "i would love these in my kitchen!" no one's stopping you buddy

MLG_ freddy_56 : I would most likely steel every thing

Sylvette Slavika : Such an amazing structure but sad, its going to waste. Such beauty.

MicroMind : Was i the only one thinking that if i was homeless i would live there do s anyone agree

Ikscdm Degi : i came here for the abandoned cars.........

Alex Shine : Is having bad grammar a requirement of becoming a YouTuber who explores places? I've watched a couple different videos now, and all of the guys filming them have atrocious English skills.

Adele Moravcov : it kinda makes me sad that there are SO many stuff that other less fortunate people could use. Like so many stuff from there could be donated. Like some of the tvs, microwaves, the piano etc.

its ya boi hunter : if I was homeless I would live there like if u agree

Downunda Thunda : That Grand Piano is still surprisingly in-key for being left alone for 11 years.

Jakhi Matthews : Definitely could make this into luxury apartments/Lofts fully loaded common areas,daycare center 🤔

rosebud10123 : I’m wondering if something happened with the owner or the property in general that caused them to think it was only going to be down for a couple days only to end up being left for years. Have seen it happen in several places here in the U.S.

Headhunter33733 : Why are you whispering ? LOL - also don't try to do a documentary when you know nothing about it. That part was like a 4th grader's history report.

Mootpoint Jones : Oh my god look at that architecture! Please!

Alicia McLean : Someone needs to refurbish all of this

Holden Thadass : Who else expected Lamborghini's, ferrari's and Bugatti's

Don Morgan : very cool. makes me wonder why they left and why still have power so long./

Virginia Dellinger : It's so beautiful and sasd that it was just left to rot. What a waste. 🙁

E P I O N I X : Great video, but use a stabilizer though ;)

Reed Is3ulaSamoa : So sad to see it abandoned. Must have been gorgeous in its heyday!

alaninnh : This was both sad and amazing. An awesome building left to decay with so many valuable contents.

Ivan Plazacic : Great video, but audio is awful! No compression, levels too low for voice and too high for music. It's difficult to follow . . .

Sock Monkey : I think it's hilarious that you can do 4K drone shots but you can't afford a gimble to keep everyone from getting sea sick watching your walking footage. C'mon dude really?

Changes Perry : I need dishes, and silverware if they would give them away. I love the little boats too. I am a single disabled mother. I enjoyed walking through this grand hotel with you. If they will grant me the dishes n silverware, send to, Change Perry, Brussels Circle, Birmingham Alabama 35212

DJ Exodus : The song at the end sounds like a better version of Atmo Love... I searched for Beyond That Mountain Range but couldnt find it.. You have the name?

Josh Perrie : It’s sad places like that have to close.

Peta-anne D : I’m sorry but I would have taken all that stuff 👀

Adam Shaw : The amount of money left in there would have thought the owner or his family would go back and empty the expensive things like the food trays they looked like real silver that piano definitely would be worth something it's brand new. It's nice to see it how it was left and slowly going back to nature tho if that was anywhere else it would be vandalised