Abandoned Millionaires Royal Hotel With Cars And Everything Inside

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Steve Ronin : Hey Guys! I also take a lot of Urbex Pictures! Check out My Instagram and follow! http://instagram.com/steveronin

Abroham Lincoln : "I would love these in my kitchen" cuts camera lol

Jaison Waiste : In the end, nature always wins.

Holden Thadass : Who else expected Lamborghini's, ferrari's and Bugatti's

HitDaLick : Is this the set of hotel Rwanda

its ya boi hunter : if I was homeless I would live there like if u agree

alaninnh : This was both sad and amazing. An awesome building left to decay with so many valuable contents.

j soo : Just started watching these type of videos and all of them are sad just to see so much go to waste.

Faith Olsen : I wish someone would buy this place and restore it. I love the Greek statues and fountains.

Edward Fritz : yeah just leave a $30,000 Yamaha baby grand....

distant2neat : bet you a dollar those plates are in Steve's kitchen now, being used! so where's the problem?

Johnny Galindo : Hahahaha I was expecting to see expensive cars

Russell Johnson : I can do a video of abandoned crack houses in the hood.

DJ EviL J : oh wow, Hachijo Royal Resort right?? ive seen hours of 8mm film my grandfather shot there sometime in the early 70's or late 60's when they lived in misawa and okinawa this is where they would vacation

Dribbles Barbax : No graffiti. No looting. No vandalism in general. Well done Japan. Take note world. Respect your buildings.

frozen waffles : i can't imagine how much money had been pissed away ......

Drake Khahili : If this was in South Africa, everything would've been stolen and there would not have been enough space for all the homeless people. Not even joking, my lights outside got stolen a week ago.

Juju Bean : "Wow look at this plastic globe" as he completely ignores the full side custom pool table it's sitting on.

sebastian licht : "I don't want to miss anything" leaves closed door unchecked.

Olivier FRISKY : On dirait que tout le monde est parti dans la minute, laissant tout derrière eux même de l'argent , c'est assez étonnant

Pyro Butke : who else is geting trigered because he didn t take anything,if i were there i would take everything

MLG_ freddy_56 : I would most likely steel every thing

Lorrie Smith : I've got a lot of respect for you...not stealing anything. Great videa!

Iam Jobe : how are places like these abandoned

miniprepper : Always makes me sad to see the waste involved with a property left to go to seed.

Alex Shine : Is having bad grammar a requirement of becoming a YouTuber who explores places? I've watched a couple different videos now, and all of the guys filming them have atrocious English skills.

AudrOwns : I'm guessing, the Classical touches, were meant to attract western travelers.

E P I O N I X : Great video, but use a stabilizer though ;)

Downunda Thunda : That Grand Piano is still surprisingly in-key for being left alone for 11 years.

Mootpoint Jones : Oh my god look at that architecture! Please!

Headhunter33733 : Why are you whispering ? LOL - also don't try to do a documentary when you know nothing about it. That part was like a 4th grader's history report.

boopsbucket : I often wonder which school system failed these guys. They're plenty smart, they just had terrible teachers.

Connor Armstrong : A lot of that stuff in the dining hall was silver.

Changes Perry : I need dishes, and silverware if they would give them away. I love the little boats too. I am a single disabled mother. I enjoyed walking through this grand hotel with you. If they will grant me the dishes n silverware, send to, Change Perry, Brussels Circle, Birmingham Alabama 35212

Peta-anne D : I’m sorry but I would have taken all that stuff 👀

rosebud10123 : I’m wondering if something happened with the owner or the property in general that caused them to think it was only going to be down for a couple days only to end up being left for years. Have seen it happen in several places here in the U.S.

Ivan Plazacic : Great video, but audio is awful! No compression, levels too low for voice and too high for music. It's difficult to follow . . .

Valerie Mcginnis : it is such a shame that it is just taking over by nature, wouldn't it be something if someone could restore it to its former beauty. that way it could be reopened for vacationers. I definitely go. let's hope someone does.

mark de raaf : If anyone's wondering where it is, 33.127277,139.809952 These are the exact google maps coördinations.

Don Morgan : very cool. makes me wonder why they left and why still have power so long./

Rcbif : Sorta reminds me of the pirate hideout in life Aquatic

Josephine Budwilowitz : Died at the beginning😂

Garry Gemmell : Amazing hotel they should re-open it.

Random Person : This is the Hachijo Royal Hotel

jeally bean : you guys really find the best places but i have to wonder which school system failed you

Ze Carlos : The end of the world..hhuuuuu😨😨😨

bogdan i : did Van Damme did a movie here ?

Joe Neumeister : It saddened me to see such a GRAND HOTEL being abandoned, and left to die ~~

distant2neat : kept for many years to come....wtf are you talking about. its a giant abandoned trash pile. it's 100% discarded. treat it like everything else. recycle anything that's usefull and demolish the rest before some explorer falls thru a floor and kills himself.

Patricia Parker : They make it sound like the 70's are antique. I think I have a dinosaur out back LOL