Abandoned Millionaires Royal Hotel With Cars And Everything Inside

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Joshua Ramirez : Who else watching kept thinking they would've took a lot of stuff from here ?

pk r : "THE MOST LARGEST" um okay

Abroham Lincoln : "I would love these in my kitchen" cuts camera lol

Ikscdm Degi : i came here for the abandoned cars.........

FPV Adventures : The rooms with plants growing inside looks like it's straight out of the game The Last Of Us.

Uli-ssi : Am I the only one that would take some plates? 😂

alaninnh : This was both sad and amazing. An awesome building left to decay with so many valuable contents.

Johnny Galindo : Hahahaha I was expecting to see expensive cars

BASELINE TRUTH & HEALING. : Great vid, also this blog has hotel history~ Hachijo Royal Hotel 2014/12/30 by Florian / Abandoned Kansai The most beautiful abandoned looking hotel I have never entered – this title goes to the Hachijo Royal Hotel, once the biggest hotel in all of Japan. I went there twice, at sunset and the next morning just after sunrise, both times I ran into several people, both times I had a feeling that this hotel wasn’t really abandoned… and I turned out to be right. Half a year after my visit several Japanese explorers changed their reports about the hotel, some of them apologizing – apparently they had been contacted by the current management… In the past two years more and more allegedly abandoned hotels on *Hachijojima* popped-up on Japanese urbex blogs, and when I decided in early 2014 to have a look myself, I went there with one very specific picture in my mind: the front of the Hachijo Royal Hotel, the first photo of the gallery at the end of the article. Sadly none of those blogs did much research on the hotel’s history, so I had to dig a little bit deeper, like so many times before… The Hachijo Royal Hotel was opened in 1963 – eight years after the former military airport on Hachijojima was turned over to civilian control and four years after the local tourist office was established. At the time the biggest hotel in all of Japan (according to one of the people I spoke with) the owning company celebrated their then-president Eiji Yasuda with a statue of himself in the vast park of the resort. Tourism on the Izu Islands was booming back then, especially on Hachijojima, since the government nicknamed it the “Hawaii of Japan” in an attempt to give the island a positive image and the population of Tokyo a warm place to visit. That couldn’t have sit very well with Okinawa back then as all they got were quite a few American military bases; something they are not really happy with till that very day. Nowadays Japanese people prefer to go to Okinawa or the real Hawaii. Most likely due to Hachijojima’s lack of sand beaches and spare time offers other hiking, surfing and diving – resulting in a steep decline of tourism on Hachijojima. In 1996 the Hachijo Royal Hotel reopened as the Pricia Resort Hachijo… as in Pricia Resort Yoron on one of the Okinawan islands. The Pricia Resort Hachijo closed in August 2003 and re-opened on June 1st 2004 as the Hachijo Oriental Resort, which is still written on the main entrance, the road sign and a car with license plates parked on the premises. In 2005 “Trick the Movie 2” was shot at the hotel, the sequel to a movie, based on a three season long Japanese comedy drama TV show. It seems like the hotel was closed again around that time, which is just proves how quickly places decay when they are refused any maintenance, especially on an island surrounded by saltwater. I first arrived at the Hachijo Royal Hotel in the afternoon of a gorgeous spring day. This was one of the last big ticket items I really wanted to explore in Japan, so I was quite nervous when I approached. Thanks to Google Street View I knew that I would be able to get close to the hotel without jumping any fences, but I also knew that there would be a barber shop near the back, just across the street. To fill some of the blanks, I first approached the area that the Street View car couldn’t access – and of course the first thing I saw were two cars with license plates parked directly in front of the main entrance, a Suzuki Carry kei truck a little further in the back. Darn! Would my exploration end 30 seconds into it? Luckily it didn’t. I kept myself together and walked up to the cars, prepared for some small talk with an owner, security guard or some construction workers. Turns out the whole thing was a false alarm – all cars had flat tires, some were rusty beyond repair… and the kei truck was labelled Blues Mobile; very funny! I had a look around and it seems like the Hachijo Royal Hotel consisted of two parts. The main building with its amazing back towards the waterfront – and a White House style annex building opposite the main entrance. Following a couple of dozen photos, I started the obligatory video tour, when suddenly a huge roar was thundering down the coastal road, apparently a couple of bikers, also enjoying this warm spring day. Okay, second attempt, starting next to the White House annex. A minute or two into it, I just arrived at the main entrance, an old guy walking his cat size lap dog showed up in the background, so I stopped filming and approached him with a smile, again ready for some small talk. Sadly the guy seemed to be in a very bad mood (no surprise, I would be embarrassed, too, being seen in public with a dog like that…) and literally tried to shoo me away; which actually pissed me off quite a bit, because Senior McLapdog obviously had about as many rights to be there as I had; at least I tried to be a friendly person. Long story short, I pretended to go away, but ran into him again as I need to go back to take the video I wanted to take. After a while he finally left, but I wouldn’t have been the first vengeful person to call the police, so for the next hour or so I made sure to stay on public ground; after I took the video, of course. The back of the hotel with its amazing gigantic and partly overgrown pool area as well as a huge park was mind-blowingly beautiful and all I hoped it would be – strangely enough it faced the main road, so the back of the hotel was the front… or vice versa. Anyway, I took some shots and after I was pretty confident that the police wouldn’t show up any time soon… I was approached by another elderly on his bike, telling me about the history of the hotel. 10 minutes later, the guy was finally out of sight, I walked up to the hotel. Up there were some outdoor showers, another (small) pool, a few European style statues, at one point in time probably water fountains, and a back entrance, blocked from the inside with a large rusty sickle! When you think you’ve seen it all… It was getting dark pretty quickly and I didn’t bring my tripod, so went for a stroll along the coast and for dinner at a sushi restaurant, serving flying fish, amongst other local delicacies. Right after I woke up the next morning I went back to the Hachijo Royal Hotel. Different light from a different direction… but pretty much the same amount of people passing by. Heck, nobody was getting in or out, but the area was as busy as a beehive! After a friendly morning talk with a female dog walker I took some photos as the seriously damaged tennis courts before heading back to the “backfront”, to finally grab the photo I really wanted to take. A conversation with another biker later I finally descended to the partly overgrown pool area. One of the two changing areas looked like somebody was squatting there for a while (and what better place for that than an island so warm that it offers a free camping site all year long?), but other than that it looked as abandoned as the rest of the hotel – so signs of maintenance, no signs of any ownership, except for years old, trampled down ropes here and there. In its heydays the gigantic pool must have been amazing, at the time of my visit it was barely accessible – especially the concrete pathway with steps towards the backfront with the smaller pool and all the statues was completely overgrown and barely visible. Even without entering the Hachijo Royal Hotel, it was a great experience exploring this wonderful resort and its absolutely stunning seaside front. It’s quite a big photo gallery this time, so make sure to not miss the hidden gems, like the picture on which the sun is setting behind Mount Hachijo-Fuji while a plane is just leaving for Tokyo’s Haneda airport. The four videos I publish show most of the resort’s exterior and I hope they will give you a better impression of how gorgeous the place really was. If there really still is an owner, I really hope he will act quickly and spend some money to save this modern classic – it’s one of those places that would really deserve to be saved! (*Like Abandoned Kansai on Facebook* if you don’t want to miss the latest articles and exclusive content – and subscribe to the *video channel on Youtube* to receive a message right after a new video is online…)

miniprepper : Always makes me sad to see the waste involved with a property left to go to seed.

HitDaLick : Is this the set of hotel Rwanda

Rage Quit Hero : i stayed at that hotel once

Joe Neumeister : It saddened me to see such a GRAND HOTEL being abandoned, and left to die ~~

Jakhi Matthews : Definitely could make this into luxury apartments/Lofts fully loaded common areas,daycare center 🤔

Alex : Strange how the damage make it look like it was abandoned way before 2006, like in the 90's or something

Garry Gemmell : Amazing hotel they should re-open it.

Dribbles Barbax : No graffiti. No looting. No vandalism in general. Well done Japan. Take note world. Respect your buildings.

ChillerJ : I think this guy is slightly illiterate or dumb /: not sure...

Nasha Naufal : This place would make a perfect Zombie set location for the Walking Dead.

Josh Risner : I enjoyed the video, but why do you turn the camera back on yourself to talk when we can hear you fine. Seems odd to me.

Graham Crichton : Good find. It's not fire its damp has collapsed the ceilings. Sadly once damp sets in it destroys a building quickly. Would be very costly to recover. The site will probably be sold and demolished.

Kris Kringle's Attic/Coffin Kickers BC & SC : How cool would it be to spend a few nights in that place!!! I wonder if wild life on island roam in there at night?

Jesse Hamilton : it will be so scary there at night!!!

ATCRyderX© : I'd pay a million just for the JOLT COLA y0

bennemann : Not transporting an expensive but cumbersome grand piano I can understand, but leaving freaking cars there? What the hell?

Sushi Time : If you build it ... they might never come. That's just how it is. But hey, you could still make one hell of a disaster movie there!

Raphael Pais : https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3114057/haunting-pictures-show-faded-beauty-of-abandoned-hotel-on-island-once-billed-as-japans-hawaii-which-is-being-slowly-overtaken-by-nature/

Yiuria : Oriental Resort Hotel on Hachijojima Island....your welcome

Autocon609 : Ooh, Jolt Cola (4:14)! I know this place was shut down in 2006, but do they even sell Jolt anymore?

Rakanishu Tsuyoshi : i love those images with plants just taking over those things

Vicky Donato : Your too dramatic relax

Edward Fritz : yeah just leave a $30,000 Yamaha baby grand....

Dominik Jahnke : some rooms look like they came directly out of "The Last of Us"

Ulises Minotto : Good old Hachijo Royal Hotel

maccollectorZ : Pretty cheesy place, but really cool.

boopsbucket : I often wonder which school system failed these guys. They're plenty smart, they just had terrible teachers.

Jonathan Ziegler : In America all that stuff in there would have been stolen by 2007

Becki : Wow, what an amazing place! I find abandoned homes and buildings in my area and sometimes explore them carefully, but I would never have had access to a place like this! Thanks for bringing everyone along with you!

otto von ottsville : reminds me of 'the last of us'

Aug Tellez : Thank you for not giving the location and keeping the respect.

Drake Khahili : If this was in South Africa, everything would've been stolen and there would not have been enough space for all the homeless people. Not even joking, my lights outside got stolen a week ago.

MANNY NAVA : What kind of translate app were you using?

ekrem ocal : We had stuff like this in Sweden but we are a smal contry so today there is some emty buildings but not much the best place have trurnd to homes for buying. But this stuff shud be for refugees wear lot of pepole can satay in.. the nexst big war will make a big refugee movie meant if s war in Iran will happen we will se 40-50m pepole rune over the world that will be the real crices

Simon Verrill : MOST LARGEST. good job....

Faith Olsen : I wish someone would buy this place and restore it. I love the Greek statues and fountains.

Dhiraj Bhakuni : Any Supernatural Experiences????

LukeMan : Abandoned cars here 12:17

j soo : Just started watching these type of videos and all of them are sad just to see so much go to waste.

Rcbif : Sorta reminds me of the pirate hideout in life Aquatic