Failing Mr. Dempsey (extended video)

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Inspector Steve : The look on her face when the video came up. It was an oh shit video evidence. All those nurses should go to jail. I hope the same thing happens to them when they are old. Its sad that these and a lot of nurses in nursing home don't seem to enjoy their job or even care about the patients

troyez : That's murder. Their negligence caused that man to die. It's MURDER. How many more people have these witches allowed to die through their neglect/indifference?!

colet47 : She is caught in a lie. Thank heavens there's a video.

jim jimmis : May I underline that they are all black staff, and it's a white man dying? I'm sure it's a coincidence.

katovomkozies : "I dindu nuffin!"

Itsame Mario : The man died horribly due to inaction. Period.

Mary R : She's a liar...they should all lose their license and go to jail.

Nico The Rabbit : A nurse told me, "Sorry for the wait!" ------------ I replied, "it's alright, I'm patient."

anvilblue : Weird...ni99ers are usually so caring.

Ian Jones : Lesson 1: Don't put your loved ones in nursing homes if you can. Lesson 2: If you must, then make sure it is not in any major urban area.

Shawn Riker : Hope she gets a pillow over her face in prison

OC Run : This is exactly what white people have to look forward to in old age. That was assisted genocide.

john jones : This veteran is a victim of diversity.

Wilrausure : MY HEART HURTS.. How disgusting.

Blinky Bill : Diversity stinks.

J M : Thats negligent homicide.

Kulak : "I'm the Queen of Resident's Rights." You're a sick joke.

Trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey : SHE DINDU NUFFIN SHE A GUD GIRL

syxx573 : Never leave your elderly loved ones in the care of black people

John H Krist : Anyone know the outcome of the deposition and or trial? I would go back and review all deaths under her watch and look for any irregularities. The attending nurse is obviously incompetent and is probably the reason she's not employed at a medical center.

Steve Perry : Decorated WW2 veteran fights for this country only to end up as an old man needlessly dying while 3 fat sheboon dindu nuffins laugh. Hang them all.

Joyce Wilder : This breaks my heart, I've worked with the elderly. You get a code, it's all hands on deck stat. You don't meander around, adjusting the bed, laughing and deciding if you want to do anything. Disgusting behavior.

coffeefish : Remember what Oprah said,,,"Some White people just gotta die."

the_rabbi_ : That goy got exactly what he was fighting for.

Baron Von Ass : Diversity hires and quotas strike again.

Mz Martin : I don’t see no CPR or no crash cart

TheCobruhAlienat0r : Damn her whole face dropped after giving that deposition and then seeing the video. She was like "Fuck." It just shows how shitty that nursing home was that no one noticed a camera.

Mz Martin : This sickens me!

SPBurt1 : There is a special place in hell for the likes of those women.

colet47 : This nursing home needs to be shut down and sued.

MrH : how many videos do we need to see of black women treating white patients and babies inhumanely before we realize they are not to be entrusted with our care?

RINKU : She just lied about doing her job and when she sees a video, immediately changes her story.

mmcg2007 : This is very likely happening all over the country in these places because these companies hire people that are only relevant to their position in relation to how little they can get by paying them. Also this man was white and u betta believe it they hated that man for it and thought they would get away with their absolute pure evil. WAKE UP FOLKS WE BEEN PLAYED. That poor elderly man how he suffered and he was also a WWII Vet. Those people all of them are MURDERERS IN THE FIRST DEGREE and they all should receive punishment accordingly to the fullest extent of the law now.

Vaus Kalimantan : How is this not a hate crime?

Mateo EnFuego : Way to much racial name calling people. A human let another human die, end of story. Lock them up, and move on. Laziness had more to do than race here. One race, One love, we all bleed!

captainjack8319 : That's depravity in a true form. Often times don't trust medical personal, and these wenches need to rot in jail. Any one, including this WWII veteran, does not deserve this fate.

nilbog44 : Imagine how much worse things will be when whites become a minority in the United States

Dillon Sears Sears : It's sad that he has his death viral like this but at the same time hopefully this brings justice to his murder. So many feelings to have towards this. Very sad.

Diana Tunon : I work in a senior facility (a very good one) and I have become very attached to many of our residents in a short time. I can't imagine what has made this woman so callous. I hope when she is old and helpless, and gasping her last breath that she is surrounded by people who show the same level of regard for her life as she did to this hero. And then I know she will go straight to hell where she belongs.

Metacomet : When and where was this?

J. S. : Premeditated first degree murder! Give her the death penalty! Folks this is not the first murder under this womans care. We need segregated nursing homes. You can not trust blacks with the care of the elderly. Don't EVER LET THEM IN YOUR HOME. YOU CAN NEVER BE SURE WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH. YOU MUST ASSUME THEY ARE RACIST ABUSERS AROUND YOUR FRAIL PARENT. They have shown their true hate for all white people. They are the MOST RACIST PEOPLE ON EARTH. ENOUGH OF THE SJW BS. THESE RACIST NIGGARDS HAVE RIDDEN THE VICTIM TRAIN OFF THE TRACKS. NO MORE LOVE, CHARITY, SYMPATHY, FREE EVERYTHING, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, THE LOVE IS GONE FOLKS. THE PARTY IS OVER. NO MORE PROTECTED STATUS OR CLASS. TRILLIONS IN REPARATIONS THRU SOCIAL PROGRAMS AND THE ABUNDANCE OF HELP AND RESOURCES ARE CREATING INGRATES. AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS BIG BLACK ATTITUDE. WELFARE BABIES AND RATCHET BREEDERS ARE RUINING SCHOOLS, CITIES, AND LIVES. ENOUGH! We need an ARMY of volunteers watching over the elderly white people in nursing homes. The abuse has gone on toooo long! Time for legislation and prison for physical abuse and willful neglect.

FUCKTHESYSTEM70 : The man survived war but could not survive the BT 1000

Vlad Pepeș : Fighting wars for his beloved country, surviving so many things only to find his death at a bunch of ignorant mongrels. That's your dose of redpill right there.

Cis-white heterosexual male : I don't think this is race tbh , it's her not caring

mojorizn72 : At 45, I have worked in many jobs, including the US Marine Corps. I can count on ONE hand the number of black folks who actually work hard for their paycheck. Is it an indictment of the American black race? Call me racist if you want, but based on my observations, blacks have a shitty work ethic. I hope every nurse that let that HERO suffocate, gets asshole cancer and writhes in agony!

Jason H : This is a hate crime and unfortunately this evil wench is likely to get away with it. It's the sickness in our society

dark0ssx : Victim of diversity

Battleballs : That moment when you realize it would of been better if he'd just died on the beaches rather than come home and die like that after defending this country. This damn country.

ruinerfixxxer : If I'm ever in a hospital or a rest home with blacks, I'll choose to go to another facility. Most of them lack empathy as I've seen in my 40 years from my own experience. Seeing this just reiterates that fact. Don't let this happen to your loved ones.

Tommy Gunzz : Wow, just wow.