Failing Mr. Dempsey (extended video)

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Inspector Steve : The look on her face when the video came up. It was an oh shit video evidence. All those nurses should go to jail. I hope the same thing happens to them when they are old. Its sad that these and a lot of nurses in nursing home don't seem to enjoy their job or even care about the patients

Itsame Mario : The man died horribly due to inaction. Period.

colet47 : She is caught in a lie. Thank heavens there's a video.

Mary R : She's a liar...they should all lose their license and go to jail.

troyez : That's murder. Their negligence caused that man to die. It's MURDER. How many more people have these witches allowed to die through their neglect/indifference?!

colet47 : This nursing home needs to be shut down and sued.

katovomkozies : "I dindu nuffin!"

Kulak : "I'm the Queen of Resident's Rights." You're a sick joke.

jim jimmis : May I underline that they are all black staff, and it's a white man dying? I'm sure it's a coincidence.

coffeefish : Remember what Oprah said,,,"Some White people just gotta die."

Shawn Riker : Hope she gets a pillow over her face in prison

Wilrausure : MY HEART HURTS.. How disgusting.

J M : Thats negligent homicide.

Trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey : SHE DINDU NUFFIN SHE A GUD GIRL

Baron Von Ass : Diversity hires and quotas strike again.

Joyce Wilder : This breaks my heart, I've worked with the elderly. You get a code, it's all hands on deck stat. You don't meander around, adjusting the bed, laughing and deciding if you want to do anything. Disgusting behavior.

John H Krist : Anyone know the outcome of the deposition and or trial? I would go back and review all deaths under her watch and look for any irregularities. The attending nurse is obviously incompetent and is probably the reason she's not employed at a medical center.

Ian Jones : Lesson 1: Don't put your loved ones in nursing homes if you can. Lesson 2: If you must, then make sure it is not in any major urban area.

Steve Perry : Decorated WW2 veteran fights for this country only to end up as an old man needlessly dying while 3 fat sheboon dindu nuffins laugh. Hang them all.

syxx573 : Never leave your elderly loved ones in the care of black people

Mz Martin : I don’t see no CPR or no crash cart

Olivia Lewis : As a new nurse I find this absolutely disgusting... She is a shocking excuse for a human being and should have never been allowed to practice. The lack of dignity and respect this man was shown in his last moments makes me feel sick. This is 100% murder.

anvilblue : Weird...ni99ers are usually so caring.

Joseph Newbern : As a nurse, this makes me nauseous. I would like some people to go to prison behind this, as this is the worst nursing practice I've ever seen. "I'm the 'Queen' of Resident's Rights." Shit...

Mz Martin : This sickens me!

SPBurt1 : There is a special place in hell for the likes of those women.

John Jones : This veteran is a victim of diversity.

mmcg2007 : This is very likely happening all over the country in these places because these companies hire people that are only relevant to their position in relation to how little they can get by paying them. Also this man was white and u betta believe it they hated that man for it and thought they would get away with their absolute pure evil. WAKE UP FOLKS WE BEEN PLAYED. That poor elderly man how he suffered and he was also a WWII Vet. Those people all of them are MURDERERS IN THE FIRST DEGREE and they all should receive punishment accordingly to the fullest extent of the law now.

Captain White : As this war hero took his last breath he understood and realized that he had fought the wrong enemy.

captainjack8319 : That's depravity in a true form. Often times don't trust medical personal, and these wenches need to rot in jail. Any one, including this WWII veteran, does not deserve this fate.

Dillon Sears Sears : It's sad that he has his death viral like this but at the same time hopefully this brings justice to his murder. So many feelings to have towards this. Very sad.

Sara O'Connor : Normal respiration rate is 12-20 per minute...his respiratory rate at the time of questioning the demon she denied his respiratory rate was increased...IT WAS INCREASED...his rate was 52 breaths per minute...more than double the normal rate! That man was working hard to breath!

nilbog44 : Imagine how much worse things will be when whites become a minority in the United States

ruinerfixxxer : If I'm ever in a hospital or a rest home with blacks, I'll choose to go to another facility. Most of them lack empathy as I've seen in my 40 years from my own experience. Seeing this just reiterates that fact. Don't let this happen to your loved ones.

ctwatcher : This is horrifying, I was in hospital and harmed by 2 nurses, one female and one male. I made a report, nothing happened. Hospitals are military bases now!

Blinky Bill : Diversity stinks.

none of your business : This is Georgia right? They have death sentence there right? All these people deserve it. Have people laugh at them during the execution.

OC Run : This is exactly what white people have to look forward to in old age. That was assisted genocide.

Vlad Pepeș : Fighting wars for his beloved country, surviving so many things only to find his death at a bunch of ignorant mongrels. That's your dose of redpill right there.

Nico The Rabbit : A nurse told me, "Sorry for the wait!" ------------ I replied, "it's alright, I'm patient."

Cis-white heterosexual male : I don't think this is race tbh , it's her not caring

FUCKTHESYSTEM70 : The man survived war but could not survive the BT 1000

Vaus Kalimantan : How is this not a hate crime?

dark0ssx : Victim of diversity

Mimi Ford : This wretched excuse for a human is calm and confident in her lies. I can't help but wonder what she has done in the past. She was caught this time. How many others died due to her cruelty and neglect? I'm the least violent person I know. But I would not hesitate to hurt this woman.

MrJakeJimmy : Dindu nuffin

InsertEvilLaugh : This wasn't a race thing, this was someone who simply does not give a shit and is in a position where they are heavily protected. Thank god there was that camera.

Officer Flat Foot : She just lied about doing her job and when she sees a video, immediately changes her story.

D.S. Meadows : When I sold medical equipment I saw this in nursing homes and assisted living centers over and over again, I reported all of them, and nothing ever happened or changed. They laughed in my face when my Father died, this is the nurses quote: (said while laughing) "who cares, he was old, not big deal, move on with your life, you are free now."...... I wanted to punch her in the face, then the hospital went scurrying to cover for the overdose of morphine they gave to my Father who was allergic to morphine.... Nursing Homes are killing warehouses, if you care about your family, don't use Nursing Homes.....I took care of Dad at home, the nurse that laughed was at the hospital.......Don't you just love modern medicine....Doctors and Hospitals scare the shit out of me.....

Grimace 14 : Theres usually no cameras in places like this for privacy reasons. This and much worse is happening nationwide to our grandparents and parents because of Black nurses with zero empathy for old White people. She feels zero accountability or remorse. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The incompetence and irrationality of these people goes completely unchecked because people are afraid to be called racist.