BBC Reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse BEFORE it Happens

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t4705mb6 : No buildings collapsed that day - they were deliberately demolished.

Bill E. O'Nair : Building 7 'had been weakened' alright. Weakened by bombs. They got the time zones mixed up in this coordinated lie. 9/11 was an inside job.

Rashid Mostafa : And Iraq pays to this day for political evil.

Eray Video : As she starts speaking her nose grows yust like pinokio.

Wyatt : One of the most popular videos on this news report was taken down by BBC lol suspicious much?

Charles Worley : BBC as fake as CNN

hanief karim : And America ain't have a revolution as yet

patrick booten : One day the truth Will come out . They cant lie forever .

Eternal Panda : The part the mainstream media played in those events reveals just how deep in the shit we are as a society. The people we have trusted the most are liars and guilty on the most heinous crimes against humanity.

Traci Mann : buildings don't collapse in seconds. when they burn, pieces fall off, but never are they reduced to ash within seconds. Anyway I WAS THERE AND THERE WAS NOT ONE POLICE HELICOPTER ANYWHERE DURING THE ATTACK

DK0207 : This whole discussion shows how the major media have brainwashed everybody. Some say the terrosists haven't done it, and the believers say it wasn't a conspiracy. No matter who did it, this is and will stay terrorism. And if the official story is true, it is still a conspiracy. But they learned you to think Terrorist = Arab / Muslim / 3rd World Citizen and Conspiracy = ridiculous stories about an old-men-billionaires-club, secretly ruling the world. The truth is alway in the middle and should be accessible to anybody who is willing to see it. But divide & conquer and camouflage & deceive are very successful and time-tested techniques...

Эрик Картман : biggest liars in the world - BBC, but people still believe them..

gromleif : Actually there is nothing special about this. The mass media took part in another false flag. The same people who were behind 9/11 controls BBC. They just use their tool, but again messed up the timeline.

christopher tucker : burning jet fuel can't burn steel beams!

francis lea : Yes and the BBC seem to have "lost" the original footage building 7 still standing whilst BBC said it had collapsed. Hmmmmmm .

matterofact : While I think 9/11 has plenty to be skeptical about, this seems like a non-issue. It looks like the report from the woman was pre-recorded about the WTC 1 and 2, and they just got the news anchor to pretend to talk to her live, and make it about the WTC 7. It was a ratings grab. Nowhere in the video does SHE mention the WTC 7 while it stands behind her. She only mentions the destruction of the WTC 1 and 2. This was just a pre-recorded interview about the WTC 1 and 2 that they pretended was about the WTC 7 for ratings. The WTC 7 collapsing is super sketchy though. Everything from the interviews with firefighters and employees talking about multiple explosions inside the building to the information that was housed by the CIA within makes its collapse very strange.

Byzantine41 : Alot of Sheeple who cant handle the truth- If anyone believes the official story there just doing so out of fear and cognitive dissonance. They believe everything the TV tells them and are in need of pacifiers.

yellabowley : So not only is 9/11 a massive conspiracy by the American government they also told the BBC of their plans to murder thousands of US citizens, and they accidentally reported it early?! How many other news outlets did the government feed the story to. Can't believe they've all kept it quiet even when they have proof of the biggest news story of recent times! The lack of intelligent life on this thread astounds me.

Richard Evey : I was watching Fox news that day, when the lady read a paper that said that Building 7 had collapsed, I told my friend that she is lying, that is building 7 behind her (live feed). 5 minutes later, the building fell and she said there is the live feed of building 7 falling.

Earth Ling : For more 9/11 lies in plain sight watch the video "Lucky Larry Silverstein exposed". The rabbit hole is deep but this for sure is a piece of the puzzle. Good luck, fellows!

James Asher : what surprises me is how calm they are. are they not surprised, did they know this was going to happen?

LittleDragon77 : 1:55 the guys supposedly asks news reporter about the "Solomon brothers building" and when switches to news reporter, before she answers him it gets cut and edited out. She never confirms verbally that they are talking about building 7. Proof that the video/audio was edited. The audio about bldg 7 was added later. I'm for truth -- but this is stupid.

janice lapo : Hummm, and the UK are letting them pore into their country by the thousands now.

Ray : Nearly everything that people have been told about that day is a lie.

TheSami5963 : How about the footages behind her were not live?

Horse237 : At the time BBC said the then Rothschild News Agency told them that Tower 7 had already collapsed. Can I ask how the Rothschilds knew Tower 7 was coming down before it did without being called an Antisemite?

canturgan : This video has been edited to eliminate essential information. I need to see the complete unedited version to be convinced.

Faith : Are you people that idiotic? It already burned down and they were replaying the already recorded, already happened, footage as she was reporting. I honestly question the intelligence of this nation.

Darinka Stargazer : The truth emerges and it will shock all those that believe the media and their own government.  Still incredibly shocking, even though I do not live in the USA, I still feel for all those lives lost by the hand of George Bush who then went on to murder the Iraqi people.  I humbly send peace to all.

franface : Imagine if people used common sense. Pretty sure this report happened because of the nature of rolling and breaking news. There's lots of confusion, rumours and unconfirmed reports circulating around during ANY big event - not just 9/11. The 102 minutes that changed America documentary has a civilian saying that he saw a report on the news declaring that terrorists were going to fly more planes into the building every half hour and I remember watching SKY rolling news when the Paris attacks happened and they said loads of things that turned out not to be true - but they have to keep reporting even when they're about as sure of what is happening as we are. THINK. Pretty simple - doesn't prove the BBC were in on some kind of conspiracy.

James Spooner : controlled demolition of buildings 1-2 & Seven "7:

larry johnson : JEWS DID 911

Nico Falciano : Maybe it wasn't a live feed behind her

citizen000 : Everyone continues to ignore this smoking gun

alex Barrett : I was leaning on Bld 7 ,,, 8 HOURS EARLIER a man came out said we need to leave I asked why he said it could come down at any time , I laughed at him I said How? He said you just need to leave the area for safety! I knew he was lying it was'nt even on fire. Firemen were on the top of that building it was perfectly fine, some broken windows ext. Nothing structural, the next mourning it falls, No way 100 % A CON Job! After putting 15 Billion dollar's of additional insurance and a trillions in Gold missing yea and people believed 3 buildings fell perfectly straight down .even the one that wasn't hit by a Airplane! Tell me of one person you heard of there son daughter mother who was on either plane that hit the towers? There isn't any, how Come? No ones ask who were the victims on the plane's that hit the towers

HiddenTruth : BBC said they picked up the story from a local news, they retracted the news as soon as they found out it was fake news : that is BBC's argument. 3 months before 9/11 Indian Parliament terrorist attack happened (probably inside job) which led to India - pak war. Foreign minister of Israel was murdered which led to increase conflict between Palestinian and Israel . more💰 💰 for Military Industrialists .

areli nevan : Let me kindly break it down for you. If I orchestrate a hitman to kill someone, is only the hitman is to blame or am I to blame too for arranging and funding the hitman under the eyes of law? Yes, some saudi camels caused the plane to crash, but could anyone else have masterminded the attack? I leave the dots for you to connect.

TonyMarathon58 : Right .  And the Moon is made of cheese.

TimReed22222 : If you think about it, there really isn't anything suspicious here AT ALL. Is anyone really so deluded as to think the "perps" passed out scripts for the media to follow? No one can be that dumb! I get that it sounds suspicious at first blush but there's just NO REASON for them to take such an unnecessary risk for zero gain. Snarky comments about the timing of the video feed cutting out double down on this idiocy. I figure there are 2 possibilities: #1: The firefighters on the scene announced that 7 couldn't be saved & was likely to collapse (which we know they did), the media picked up the story (they all did) - and the BBC screwed up & announced the collapse early. #2: There was a vast conspiracy, the evil perps passed out scripts with strict timelines - and the BBC screwed up & announced the collapse early. Either way, the bottom line is the same: The BBC screwed up & announced the collapse early. How does that point to conspiracy?

Rai Anu : First time - and the only one - in a journalism event ever. You can't - and will never - find another prophecy like this in journalism history.. :D

What : Lies. NSA == STASI

MoonEyes2k : "Hard to explain" No, not even slightly. It's called "chaos of the situation, and the reporter not actually being on scene." So, when someone tells someone else that "that building is going to collapse", it morphs through several points into "it's collapsed" as reported to the talking head on the screen. But, I suppose morons such as you never played, or even heard of, "Chinese whispers" or "telephone"...

John Smith : SHES A TRANNY

A D : The BBC websites excuse is that it got the information from CNN. CNN have been caught out time and again as well as the BBC for creating fake news. They must think we're all stupid

Jerry Canne : Someone get confused by daylight savings time across the pond and screw the proverbial pooch?

J.Goodie : wtf happened to building 6!! You seen the massive hole right in the middle esp as parts of the outside framework was still standing!! We will NEVER know the full truth. CGI + Photoshop + the shit we don't even know they're using! They'll get away with murder.. the CUNTS!

Naeem Rahimi : The building was weakened?!!! 😅😅 Fire from furniture can't melt the steel. Tell us about the melted steel that was still burning after 92 days...

Stenbrotsgatan : Its not a mistake because the footage behind her is not a live shot, it's an older looped shot from earlier used as a background behind her thus making it look like a mistake of broadcasting news before it happens. It's a mistake for sure to broadcast the news of building 7 with the building not collapsed, I agree, but at the time they didn't realize that the looped film behind her contained this building still.

Andrew Murphy : the fire service had said it was about to come down after withdrawing from trying to put the fire out!in the confusion it was reported it had come down...I dont think if there was a cia conspiracu they would trust the bbc to be a part of it.

Deez Nuttd : My butt cheeks itch