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Acepilot2k7 : Insane, glad everyone is okay.

PHAR CYDE : A backdraft is caused by the sudden introduction of air into a fire that has depleted most of the available oxygen in a room or building. Since a fire requires air, fuel and heat, the latter two must be present as well. Fuels, such as wood have an ignition temperature that when reached will begin burning on its own without any direct flame contact. When a fire has depleted most of its oxygen, the flames will die down, but the fuel will still burn in a smoldering state and still generate heat, like with charcoal. That heat along with the heat generated beforehand by the flames will heat the room's fuels well beyond their ignition temperatures. When a room or building is closed up, the heat cannot escape and the fuel still burns, but does so more slowly in the smoldering phase after most of the oxygen has been used up. So, as the heat continues to build, the heat still increases even though the combustion is not complete and no longer generates flames. Some fires even burn themselves out at this stage if the oxygen is totally consumed and the heat decreases. At any rate though, a fire without sufficient oxygen tries to suck in oxygen in order to sustain itself. It will also burn less effectively and will generate carbon and soot in the form of smoke which will be very dark brown or black, depending on the amount of oxygen it can draw in. All smoke is the result of incomplete combustion to some extent, but the darker it gets, the more incomplete the combustion is. So, we as firefighters, we put all of this knowledge together and look for signs of high heat and incomplete combustion. This heat can be determined by evaluating the color of the smoke which might be be very dense and actively seeking release from the upper portions of a structure. There is also no more room for the fire area to contain the smoke which is still being generated. This smoke can often be so hot that it produces flames on fuel where it is exits, such as eaves etc. At the same time, the fire tries to draw in as much oxygen as it can to sustain itself. This is often evident because we will see smoke being drawn in along with the air under doors, windows, etc. The windows will also show signs of excessive heat, such as brown stains and cracking. These signs are what we look for so that we do not get caught in a backdraft as we open the door and introduce oxygen. This will cause the heated fuel to burst into flames in an explosive manner because of the force it generates within a tightly sealed environment. This occurs because all of the superheated fuel ignites instantaneously. So, we try to avoid ventilating through horizontal,openings such as windows and doors because either may cause a backdraft. The only effective way to eliminate the heat safely is by ventilating the roof or other vertical openings which will relieve the heat buildup and allow us to enter. While the fire will still rage until we go inside with water, it will not erupt in an explosive manner, making it much safer to enter wearing the appropriate SCBA and other gear as we begin to cool it with our hose lines. So, that is how we recognize a potential backdraft and how we prevent one from injuring our crews. Please keep in mind that that we are usually going into a very, very hot environment after we ventilate and that it can still be a tough and dangerous fight. We also try to stay on the safe side by using vertical ventilation even when the obvious warning signs may not be present. Strange things can always happen in this business, so it is better to play it safe whenever possible.

Larry Sizemore : Fire, this is oxygen. Oxygen, meet fire.

TheHague112 : Read somewhere that there were 11 people injured during the fire, including 6 firefighters with minor injuries!

todgerx : And to think sports stars earn millions.. Smh.. Fair play to firefighters. Great work they do.

AMS T3 Medic : Awesome catch JJ !! That is something you don't see too often and it is scary as hell when you do. But these guys didn't back down, they went right after it. I have been in a few backdrafts in my 34 years and they are serious gut check moments. FDNY is the standard by which all other departments are measured. Thank you for sharing this, stay safe my friend !

RealAvus : Finally someone know how to take a video properly - in landscape mode... EVERYONE LEARN FROM THIS!!

bubba bojanglez : 0:13 for "OH MY GUUUHHHHAAWWWD!"

CobraEmergencyVideos - North America : Oh my God that was crazy JJ! I'm glad there were no serious injuries to members, yourself or others. Stay safe out there and good catch!

NorCal Fire Buff109 : Crazy experience. My heart is with the FDNY

TechWise08 : The fact that the fire fighters got up was the best part.of the video but this cant go unnoticed the guy filming thank you for holding your phone the right way no vertical video 😀

Mattia Ghiani : Holy shit... what a Backdraft

D. Peluso : Who tf thumbs down this?

Melvin Campbell : Omg, thank God for their safety. Good footage as usual

Inga Noni Fay Jeth : Thank you for your dedication filming this. I live right across the street from this and was watching from my fire escape as this was happening.

Sebastian Warth : Oh My Lord Hope You and All the Firefighters is Okay Hope all is Right and Nobody is Hurt !!

Sir Darth K'Prac : My God, that was scary. Glad everyone was okay--you included. Wow...

Paisley 63 : That scared the hell out of me!!! I do hope they are all o.k.!!!


First Name Last Name : Great camera work!... held it reasonably steady during a slow explosion, most people jump around and scream.

Pennywaffle : Older video so you might not see this but last Thursday I had my first fire tech class in college and this video is how the class started. A stark reminder of the dangers those of us who continue on in this field will face. Great video by the way.

Unkn0wn Gaming : Holy shit that was scary

ViperUK : Wow! Incredible footage! Crazy to think no one was seriously injured or killed. Stay safe!

Walter Holland : It is such dedication that enables you to be in the right place at the right time. Thank you. I look forward to seeing the full video. Keep up the good work.

Karim Jovian : I live right by there I hope everyone is ok

Awesome T-Bone : First and then wow hope nobody got hurt

Akil 349 Vega : I wasn’t there, but my school is in that area and I was wondering why there were fire trucks on Queens Blvd.

Dave FD Responder : Whoa..... ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? Btw NICE! ;o)

Officer Michael : I will be out if that happen this remind me of the manhole explosion in menahan st(Brooklyn) in nyc in 2013

FloridaGreg : OMG ! 😱 That was crazy !!😲

Rapids Medical : Wow! Awesome video my friend! 😉 Backdrafts can be so scary!!

XxiimsirxhealiixX Msp : Oh shit I live near there

Michael Leger : Great catch with this video. Watched the long version as well and I saw a couple good training points that I'll be passing along to some fellow FF's. (The training points I see are not things that were done wrong, just some things to enhance future situational awareness and understand why we do certain things the way that we do them.)

Stephen Malinchock : Thank God no Members were killed at this Job . Thank You for all of your hard work in covering these Jobs .

charles Konaeski : One...Glad firefighters and public not seriously hurt.....Second.....great capture Thema.....Third....Caught your video and voice on A B C nightly news Thursday evening....

Scott Scouter : I've seen a lot of your FDNY vids where the truck engineers are not in turn-out gear, sometimes in the Summer even shorts. I wonder if any engineer was caught it this? Blew over them fast, but any bare skin was going to feeling badly even if it was just a second or two.

Sarah I V Sutter : May God bless the brave and awesome men and women from the New York City Fire Department and hold his protecting hands above them, EVERYDAYS, Amen! 💖🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖🙏 And for you, I wish you a very happy Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Stay safe out there and take care of you and thank you so much for all the good videos here in YouTube, I love it so much, lovely greetings from Sarah from Germany 🙋💖🙋💖🙋💖🙋💖🙋💖

Noah Wilson : I told them my mixtape was fire fam.

Adam Ohm : It's interesting how there was smoke pouring out of the front windows of the "Sidetracks" place before the backdraft happens, then towards the end of the video there is almost no smoke coming out of the front of Sidetracks.

William Justiniano : Wow that was a huge Backdraft they have six firefighters hurt and five civilians as well from this Backdraft. Great catch on this event hope you got more to watch

Aural Abuse : So lucky no one was in the direct path of that backdraught. Do FDNY typically carry out a debrief after a near miss like this?, I would be very interested in any learning outcomes

jason21602 : Looks like that B1 exposure area was being superheated from the main body of the fire, they seemed to be getting ready to put water there but too late to cool the store and its smoke. Not much warning, that was the scary part. Wonder how long it had been burning, might have been the only warning available.

rallycar84 : I've been a subscriber for a very long time and that has too be the most crazy, intense thing you've ever captured

Adam Borkowski : O my God!!! This is very scary explosion My heart... Bam! Bam! Bam! All firefighters are safe? What is it?... Gas? Regards to you, be safe THEMAJESTIRIUM1!!!

Rabia Graney : I Knew you would be there covering this fire -THEN you capture being directly across from the backdraft ! Unbelievable. Happy the MOS seem ok - and that YOU were ok.

Rapid Noize : that one firefighter put his helmet on right as it happened 🙏 0:13

anthony86863 : At 0:15 the sign of the major backdraft was the smoke pushing out and I was like it about to happen

rugbynimbus : “...When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping'.”

Steve Flath : True dedication to be able to keep filming while something like that happens. Awesome work. I am sure this footage can for training. Lives we be saved from the knowledge of this video. Excellent response by the members of the FDNY. Thank the Good Lord no one was injured seroiusly.

Selim Osman : You'll never hear feminists campaign to do these types of jobs. Salute to you brothers, may god be with you and your families, and I hope you all have a speedy recovery.