Taiga TS2 Electric Snowmobile - Electrek's Test ride
The Worlds First Electric Snowmobile

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Learn more on Electrek: https://electrek.co/2018/03/03/tesla-inspired-taiga-electric-snowmobile/ ########################## Affiliate Disclosure: ########################## Note: Some of the links used in the description will direct you to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, we earn revenue from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.


Simon Fafard : Keep your gaz machines these are the best

Hank Henry : Congratulations, ignore all the naysayers, the first cars were electric too!

Mark S-E. MI. : Too much ski pressure its darting side to side

Peter Robann Sobrepena : That acceleration and no noise 👍

Nichen : Dear Santa...(I know I'm early)

Nils Johansson : I love the idea of electric mountain sleds. I don't travel trail and range isn't an issue. Scale its production and let me know the cost.

Explenator : Do you employ Li-Ti cells?

Fawexx : slower than expected.

Dan McAloney : Current sled geometry is rider forward. This design appears to take a few steps back. I'd hesitate to take this in the backcountry. Let's see some riding in deep snow and hills.

DC9848 : Would like to hear more coverage on the electric snowmobiles, there are so many benefits to using these

freemen dontask : Utility sled version please. I can see the benefit for hunting bison in yukon with this. Sneak right up on them.

DEVUNK88 : get an axys RMK chassis and drop that electric motor in it

armzngunz : Has it been tested in very cold conditions? How long could you use it in a -30 degree celsius environment?

Kwmike-D : Junk, good luck, well see them burned down all over the woods

The ya : The seating and riding position looks so awkward. I highly doubt this could make it up the mountain and ride all day with making it down.

Armchair Sniper : What is the range on a sled like that and how does temp effect it

LordTunderinBy : As long as we continue to suck the petroleum nectar from sweet mother Earth I will continue to ride gas sleds and drive gas/diesel vehicles. I'm 100% certain nothing fuel driven is disappearing entirely in my remaining life therefore I shall enjoy.

Jack O'Neill : This is not snow . I could ride it on old Honda Cub moped

canuckeh! : well they are on the right " track"!

Dan Pitre : An electric snowmobile would cost you probably 20k and maybe a range of 100km (being generous) A clean burning 2-stroke sled costs you around 10k with a range of around 200km It awesome to see the development of electric vehicles but it probably won't be affordable for another 5-10 years. Also, the best parts of snowmobiling is the sound, smell and the all out pure adrenaline from a 165hp sled.

Kermit : Actually sounds extremely loud but all gear sound, not sure I can even hear the motor at all?

bill739123 : It is better to get all the oil out of the ground so that crops can be planted.

crossetix : Looks so flimsy and so unstable... go back to the drawing board and make sure you add some snowmobilers/mechanics in the team, not just engineers who has no clue about snowmobiling. Riding position is so bad! It was like that in 1990!

zbudda : For places like state parks and private property...

otahu Rice : How far can you get on a charge?? An where the hell would I plug it in in the woods??

JDRTRM JDRTRM : Hmmm. 🤔 Think battery was getting low so he had to turn around cause you can’t push a sled back .... what’s the range 3.5miles 😏

Claude Desaulniers : That thing has really good pick up off the line.

Mike M : this thing looks and sounds sketchy as hell.. that rear skid looks like its about to wrap itself up into a heap when he takes off.

rc Ohio : Very cool machine! I’m a big fan of electric powered vehicles! However..... battery chemistry? To the best of my knowledge, every chemistry available today hates the cold!

When i became the sun.. : How does it ride/ handle compared to the competition?

Larse Lundqvist : Looks sucky....and bad rider position

Lord Marshall : Someday it will happen but those specs aren’t in competition with what’s out there. Good job though, got to start somewhere. It will be hard to much the current manufacturers years of chassis, suspension, RandD, and racing experience and current handling attributes, good luck I’d buy when eventually

CJB CJB : Meh. One of the best things about sledding is the smell.

Anthony Bryant : I need a sled like this to pull my ice fishing equipment out onto the lake and back. I don't need 100kms and I don't need to go 100kph, I just need to pull a sled....but I do need it to be a lot cheaper than $20K CAD. The unfortunate reality is I could by a used 2007 skidoo GTX 600 for $2500 and run it for years putting very little into it doing the type of riding I need to do. If it was $10K I would probably go for it ,but 20 is a bit far.

sportbikeguy00 : The future

Off Grid Homesteader Cecil E Skinner : I just love the idea of this snowmobile... My wife and I live off grid and we use a solar set up here. We switch from a Husqvarna chainsaw to an 80 volt Greenworks battery saw just over a year ago, we will never go back to gasoline. How would this pull my Bobsleighs ? Would love to see a test video sometime as this is the answer for a lot of folks. Please feel free to look at our Youtube channel and see what I want one for. Thanks again 🌞

Michael Kane : I love it ! Nice acceleration ! Nice not having to do warm ups like with gas in the minus temps . No fume smell after the ride on my winter gear and it won’t make the people who hate the loud 2 stroke noise complain where I ride! Get to see more wildlife this way. Where was this filmed?

Twisted Nasty : I’d rather have a regular snowmobile sorry but technology “electric” snowmobile or cars or dirt bikes are BS

Liberty Barker : look you! take your idea to the next level. You put electric drive in an old concept. go to two small tracks with seperate controls and no sled runners

JayME : The demographic that ride sleds isn't the same that tyoically take to electric vehicles unless they significantly outperform existing gas versions...like Tesla has in the world of autos. Its going to be a long timr before we see an electric sled that can operate in the demanding amd often well below zero conditions a modern sled does...and be able to recharge as quickly as it takes to add 9 more gallons of fuel...great for a few but i don't see the masses buying it...maybe ski areas??

Ryan Zenkewich : You guys should have had someone who knows how to actually ride a sled drive it. He drove like a granny. Promo for this sled would be to ride it to it’s full potential. But I guess if your a b!tch who wants a slow leisurely ride then this video is for you

Ага Иваныч : для начало установите нормальные амортизаторы что ли? подвеску колбасит на старте жутко просто!

Kermit : Guys have to cut it some slack, that’s an awesome accomplishment for an industry 1st. In 10 years when battery range vs weight is figured out they will be so superior to gas in every way, that in anything requiring hp, defending gas will be like defending the steam engine, and the world will thank you guys for getting these early models out of the way imo.

rmksledhead63 : I'm all for electric powerplants and the increased performance they deliver but I'm just not seeing it here...Try benchmarking a heavy yamaha apex and beating its straight line performance first, then try to deliver lightweight

DirtbikeDave Harry : It sounds so bad

D Jaquith : Looks nice, and interesting. You need to increase battery capacity to at least 100 miles (160 km). Also, what's the top end speed?

Redamp : el äckel

Sea Bass : Looks very slow and boring compared to a gasoline one. Not for me.

Deadly Steadly Cochrane : For a 20 grand plus for a sled it sounds worse the any gas powered sled ... Rather the sound of a loud sled over one that sounds like nuts and bolts shook in a coffee can