Episode 2: The Bombshell Lathe

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Sassy Silver Sisters : Like a gold mine for you guys!! WOW!!

Ray Jones : Tay, can the general public pay you a visit there at the shop (provided you are at the shop?) Boy oh boy, this episode sure brings back memories from my High School days. Even though I work on computers now, I started my life working in machine shops. I classify myself as a mechanical person in an electronic world. You can ask me about computers, etc., but I still love anything mechanical. Thanks for sharing all of this with us. --Ray from Indianapolis, IN

Kerry Pitt : Again I love what you are doing. A question I have is, Are you going to follow up on equipment that is being taken away and used somewhere else? I think that it would be good to show a revival of old technology. Interesting as you pointed out, there was a lack of safety stops on the equipment. The WW2 clip was startling. I wonder how many women lost vision during that time. Keep moving forward Tay you are doing a good job.

Pebbles : I love how you are just not clearing out an old shop. You are showing the history behind these machine. I love it <3

Jodi & Bob Reneau : Another great story...what a history the machine shop has that really needs to be told...can't wait for the next episodes...

12345NoNamesLeft : Just skip the music. I'd rather hear what's going on instead of some horrible noise.