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the whitest kids u' know season 1 episode 2


Sector Z : "I'm the bad news" *makes gun noises... Great skit

Chameleon EDM : "Wait Scott, Scott. Why is the dam gonna break?" "'cause a satellite went crazy in space and it shot a hole in the ozone layer" *nailed it*

Dark Arts Dabbler : Disappointed more people aren't talking about "evacuate the planet"

Ron R : plot twist: the letter in the mail is the studio getting shut down

superfreegoat : i love how he rips his shoe off and throws it because he was so excited

freethinker424 : I imagine this is exactly how movies are made.

SpoonWraith : "I am the President of America" "You're fired!" Trump!

Lord Castanza : The Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower, you cannot run from that flood

Yakui : Real talk. A movie where dinosaurs turn out to be super advanced aliens would be awesome.


MrKockNoker : oh look, its Michael Bay.

YouLostTheGame97 : BLACK PEOPLE

Jamie Binger : LOL! At 2:56 Zach gets so excited that he takes off his shoe and throws it.

nraz9 : "Everybody get out of town evacuate, the planet"

PointZoneTelephone : Leaked behind the scenes footage of Max Landis meeting with studio execs

Matt Smith : I love how his brain is going so fast that he's already developed a story and there are already missing parts. "They need to kill the dinosaurs to get the antidote" to what? Why? How did they time travel? "Mel Gibson turns around and goes "not again"" DOES THIS HAPPEN OFTEN?


Moo Rooster : when you get high before work

FourtyParsecs : I was on the edge of my seat the whole time watching this.

DCOMMANDO 05 : The mail is his electricity bill.. 1,900,482,000$ dollars

Arthur Rodriguez : 1:59 Sounds like my tinder date

Christopher Norris : 2:55 He pulls his shoe off LMAO

Tallon Howie : Plot Twist he's on crack

Nick DeGugs : I wish it was my job to listen to this guy’s ideas!

LaZ Tedy : "of course its its called the driveway, thats gonna get that demographic, Derin whats that demographic? BLACK PEOPLE." WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE

Alexir3468 : Is it just me or does Daren look exactly like Daryl Hall in this one

piraat6666 : plot twist: there is anthrax in the mail.

Benas. : knocks down the empire state building , knocks down the eiffel tower :/?

Rob :'re in alot of trouble now, Scott.

Pixel Tiger : Fun fact all these movies exist :)

Amy Hickman : 2:57 I fucking lose it every time his shoe comes off!!!

pahdy93 : Mel Gibson *Boom Boom* The Dam *Boom Boom* Summer

Sean : I am the bad news.

Nicolas Cage : I'll do them

Swingfinger : I think we know where Michael Bay gets his inspiration from

Destiny Gibbs : The driveway

Destiny Gibbs : Mahahaha

Cesar Cerda : BOOM BOOM Mel Gibson BOOM BOOM The Dam BOOM BOOM Summer.

Marcotteproductions : lol who knew dinosaurs were aliens

TheIvoryFalcon : I like it how the water knocks down even the Eiffel-tower XDDD

JcC864 : 2:56 to 3:01 Zach lol

RandyNewmanFan : I would watch the driveway

RandyNewmanFan : "not again" - Mel Gibson

Peter : 2:58 Zach takes his shoe off, lmao

worldcure : That funny neck bob thing she does lol

tjverville : one of the movies was just a trailer!

divineoblivion1 : case in point

iruleandyoudont371 : A year later, Abraham Lincoln is a vampire slayer.

lb8789 : OH SNAP!!!!