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Ron R : plot twist: the letter in the mail is the studio getting shut down

SpoonWraith : "I am the President of America" "You're fired!" Trump!

YOUNGGUNNER360 : Not only did WKUK predict Star Wars 7, but San Andreas too in a way.

technicality1 : -soon after, Scott changes his name to micheal bay

Yakui : Real talk. A movie where dinosaurs turn out to be super advanced aliens would be awesome.

superfreegoat : i love how he rips his shoe off and throws it because he was so excited

Nicolas Cage : I'll do them

Lord Castanza : The Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower, you cannot run from that flood

piraat6666 : plot twist: there is anthrax in the mail.

Jamie Binger : LOL! At 2:56 Zach gets so excited that he takes off his shoe and throws it.

Sean : I am the bad news.

frank jaeger : Would be awesome if the mail he handed them were the pinkslips for the head executives saying they are being replaced by Scott :D

pahdy93 : Mel Gibson *Boom Boom* The Dam *Boom Boom* Summer

iruleandyoudont371 : A year later, Abraham Lincoln is a vampire slayer.

CrashOveride19 : Mel Gibson boom boom! The Damn boom boom! Summer! lol

PointZoneTelephone : Leaked behind the scenes footage of Max Landis meeting with studio execs

Tallon Howie : Plot Twist he's on crack

Marcotteproductions : lol who knew dinosaurs were aliens

gamermusic brandon : You saved the company... And you got some mail!!!

Tyler Murray : the water destroys the empire state building and the Eiffel tower!! lmfao!

ac1th : EVACUATE THE PLANET Good line. I also like him talking that fast.

Dark Arts Dabbler : Disappointed more people aren't talking about "evacuate the planet"

Zach Bremer : why does he take off his shoe lol.


YouLostTheGame97 : BLACK PEOPLE

MrKockNoker : oh look, its Michael Bay.

D Carroll : mmmmm ... jelly belly ( jelly beans)

Shuda7 : oh snap.

Cidolem : EPIC

cannonfodder4000 : I REALLY don't see how this has anything to do with him...

tauwilltriumph : Oh snap!

TrueSoreThumb : L o l. Lol @#($*ing L. I was watching all the sketches today, and this happens to be one of the funniest ones on youtube. I love these guys.. Lol.

Moo Rooster : when you get high before work

Pharaoh on LFS : haha IM THE BAD NEWS hahahahahaha

Real Dimensional Pictures : @TheReluctantKing OH SNAP

Colintabulous : whats that demographic called? black people yeah them

ComaLies225 : why did zach take off his shoe? lol.

PlokTheMasterGamer : his third pitch actually sounds like it should be a movie

lreinirz : i love how they freak out and sams shoe comes of at the end

the_plerv : i love when the guy takes his shoe off and throws it after the driveway pitch

DarylKT : OH SNAP!!!! XD

deatheater459 : i love this its great

Brittany Gray : the driveway lol

RandyNewmanFan : "not again" - Mel Gibson

RandyNewmanFan : I would watch the driveway

freethinker424 : I imagine this is exactly how movies are made.

ionescu : thank you! got some mail...did he read all those ideas of movies from those letters?

Drjusmar : damn thats a bouncy pen!

love2laugh : evacuate the planet!

Sector Z : "I'm the bad news" *makes gun noises... Great skit