How to Make Scrambled Eggs
An excellent demonstration on how to properly make scrambled eggs

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julio carrera : I only searched did up because I'm home alone and hungry

Luis Pedro Mendiondo : Thanks man, súper easy, I no longer have to eat them raw

Filtrations : did he just cook eggs in under 10 seconds

DimeBag Darrell : I’m only here because I’m high and forgot

Shibe Inu : When you get mad at your parents for not being able to use their smartphones, remember that you're watching this

Dylan Watson : This comment section knows me so well. 😅


Kyle Edgecomb : Is it kind of bad that I'm 21 and only learning now how to make scrambled eggs XD

Bearded 4.6 : Ok I now have a burned down house and my arm is stuck in a shoe what now

Lory Angela : I'm on a scrambled egg tutorial marathon, just watched Ramsey's and Jamie's version of it.

Fiona Zhai : I wanna do this myself but i'm afraid I might burn my house down......

bunny lemony : Im an 11 year old and my mom is working and Im tired of mac and cheese😂Thanks 4 the help

Darrell Bensan : Wow, these comments... I'm glad I'm not alone here. BTW, I'm 19 and I'm learning only now.

toddert : Wow. 450 thousand of us... didn't know how to scramble eggs.😂😂

Official MonkeyMike : He made it 10000 easier to make and understand how to make scramble eggs then gordon ramsy did.

Obunga : Who else was sad when they had to eat their wonderful creation

corinthia Long : Who else searched this up even tho u kno how to make scrammbled eggs and you are just hungry ?😂

daph : When u wanna give your mom breakfast in bed but cant cook..

K.F.R Xxx : Wonder how many of these views are college students who don't know how to cook😂

brandon : anyone else feel awesome when they made eggs for the first time

TheSpudThatGotAway : my mom and dad left me home alone I was hungry but thanks to the power of youtube I made scrambled eggs

K.T .N : I was making my 'scrambled eggs' the wrong way all this time! 😂 what I did was I just cracked the egg into the pan and Just cooked it like an omelette and then just cut them into little pieces and I thought something was wrong😹

Dazed Viking : The comment section applies to me greatly. Glad to know I'm not truly "all alone" after all. Best of luck brothers.

Ugh, this again? : Oh my god, THANK YOU MAGIC CHEF MAN!

BeingxLegit : He did that in like 30 seconds

Sergio Martinez : who else is here cuase there mom said to learn to cook?

Mr MuddyMudkip : How people feel when making eggs Making eggs = Running around ur house How i feel Making eggs = taking an exam

Tytyx2 : Damn! mine ended up looking like a failed omelet!.....You know you are truly a loser when you can't even make scrambled eggs.

JellyJamStudios : 21 savage would be proud of the way you whip that bowl.

Judith Marie : When there's literally nothing in ur fridge besides eggs so I guess today I'm learning 😂

southside modz : I'm thirteen I can get girls by cooking for them hehe

Shanice Nation : I just made eggs for the first time and i am only ten

can't cash me outside if I'm not outside : Who else came here because they can't 🍳

Matt Lemmons : Who here is in college and has no clue how to cook because your girlfriends in high school always cooked for you

ZealGreymon : Thank you! Mine came out perfectly!

Jay Chapo : that was friggin quick

Devonté Diggs : first time making scrabled eggs , made some bomb scrambled eggs after this

_Rice_ : Im homw alone and need food

XeuS : This is a new low

Ashton080 : Well I live under a bridge now guys

Jack Charlesby : wow that was so hard, lost it half way thru then video

Sabincool Ruiz : I'm only here because I want to cook

Antony : Thanks to you I made by first egg

ummaqil49 : OMG!!! CHEFFFF I don't know if you will see this chef Schwartz but this is Adwoa from NYRS. I almost cried when seeing this,I miss you sooo much and you were a great teacher and I talk about you all the time and how you inspired me. I'm doing the farm to table gig now and I love it. Thanks for everything

Hannah Anderson-Gatt : Thanks I can make my mom breakfast in bed

Lauren Brawner : This really helped my brother make eggs for my cousin this morning thank u! Also we made oatmeal and he blew up the oatmeal 😂

Slavanaitor : Can you add the butter into the eggs

gentlewilliam3 roblox : do you have to add butter or can you use oil cause I don't have budder

Justin Nieves : I forgot salt and pepper lmao... I'm still gon eat this shit tho