Auctioneer Rap Battle: Jay Romine vs Lander Nicodemus

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placeboing : who won?

ItsRainingStupid : They both win.Auctioneers rapping is much needed content.

Marlos Catos : Two uploads in two days? We don't deserve to be spoiled like this.

Emmanuel Alejandro : Wow this is the video we don't deserve. But we got it anyways.

DJ L3G3ND : omg this is the work of a god

Thomas Bixler : I'm so glad somebody exists whose name is Lander Nicodemus

Meme Fountain : I wonder what they would sound like with decent autotuning

Captain Wolfsburg : I would gladly listen to a full 2 or 3 minute song of this.

Cadger Christmas Light Show : I immediately love this. Extended version please!

wank stain : Please don't leave us again

Matthew Floyd : This is borderline experimental.

RGL : Auction rappers > gangster rappers any day!

Impervious : When you take 5 times the recommended dose of Brainforce...

chick : I vote Lander Nicodemus: 150high51oneandahalfeegitdownbet halfeegitdownbetTwo52twoandahalfbet howgitdownbet 52 twoandahalf 152 twoandahalfgitdownbet halfgetdown3 howldgitdownfor3 howdgitupat4 154 fourandahalfgitdownbet howbgitdownbet howbgitdown 54 four-howbgitdownbet howbgitdown hhhAlldone?hundered54fourandahalf? S O L D

Anuskasv0 : two two tqepojtqepohjtqeojt two two twqpotqwotjqpowtjoqtjoi twotwo vzozovgnegnownetgowneto

suket domokos : Do you have to have a cowboy hat to be an auctioneer?

LookABear : Sounds like Hindi music

Because You'd Be In Jail. : The music during lander brings me joy

Jinxed Lotus : need longer version PLEASE

Wanders Gion : More of these please! There have been other video complications of auctioneers, but your production skills are better.

faselblaDer3te : *_sold._*

Rafael Villanueva : Capitalism at its finest!

orange juice : i only listen to real music

Dominic Cingoranelli : Hunnubiiggiddyfiddyfour

Because You'd Be In Jail. : Plz make longer version 🤣

s70rk : lyrics pls

Nino Jesus : I like this more then I should.

PNS SHOGUN : Lil' Lander needs a whole track please.

Rusty Nail : I would gladly listen to a lot longer song of this. I love how fast Auctioneers talk. do another one but make it longer. thanks.

Scanlaid : Even if you're only vaguely interested in this auction calling style, check out the documentary "How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck" by Werner Herzog. It's a fascinating world, and I wasn't curious about it at all before I watched it. Herzog makes fantastic documentaries.

Fihlippe Luhis : So catchy; Already pressed over 10 times the repeat button.

Thomas 'Orso' Costa : I'm sold

Anne : I almost forgot to watch this today.


Alfred F. Jones : #TeamLander

Common Sense Philosophy : When the nootropics kick in.

CoolestCatInTown : Loved the whip sound effect

Coolius Jeezer : I see I'm not the only one digging into some strange corners of youtube lately

Kazic5000 : I love you. I wish you'd make a soundtrack for my life.

The Lord of the Sun : I can not stop listening to this

Dylan 's voice. : What the hell, it's 2:00 in the morning lmao.

lPrawny : And thus, a new genre of music was born.

Arseniy Suslov : Lander Nicodemus🔥🔥🔥

Рома Беделев : Это можно слушать бесконечно)

DizzieTV : The first dude is just awesome, because he's singing his lines in a very subtle way :D

Auston Ošlapas : takes me back to hank 3's album cattle callin'

Sturm Novahl : s o l d

Swagger Lemon : that was amazing

Totofamere : I don't understand a single word But it was funny

Johnny Groebs : That thumbnail, and the corresponding scene are golden in so many ways. The gun shot, the background, keeping the original announcers voice. You are a true genius, sir.