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JohnFelipo : I saw Lana & Chris in the thumbnail & clicked like before I even watched the video. Amazing as always, Brothers! Keep up the good work!

Pierre Fouquet : The way Chris moved through the door at the end is creaky as fuck!

Hazel Stritt : And I clicked on this thinking a 3-minute video couldn't be THAT scary.....

Melanie Vu : i clicked on this video and told myself not to get scared...guess who's terrified now

Marissa Smith : Do u remember when the brother riedell was just fun videos to watch to make u laugh??? 😭

Mariah Donley : And here I thought that this was old and I just hadn't seen it until now! I love your uploads! :D :D And also I love Lana :D

Momo Wang : Well... that was something. Amazing, as always! :)

62PKC : A little too creepy. I shouldn't have watched before going to bed!

thespiritbomb : Why would they both tell the story, if theyre both evil to begin with

guilty but insane : At the end there he gave her the old razzle dazzle

Beast Cyborg : I'll haunt you in schleep too Chris, just wait for the right moment when power goes off and you run out of coffee! Brr! (but I'm glad that you've made a new video after such a loooooooong time! ^_^ )

Pyro Pybrid : great video! Excited to see you incite Lana along

Thereallennie : I was waiting for a funny reveal at the end. But damn! That was creepy!

ihartevil : its been so long since i have seen anything with lana in it i love this ha bisky short film so much this was extremely well done

Julia BergTV : Happy about a new video -not happy that I wont sleep tonight.😂

Ychel Nieto : I love it when you guys are scary! 👻👍😁

Toby Marks : spooky! well done! Always exciting to see you guys uploading!

לביא גלזמן : What the hell

Tudor Necula : yes! man, i love when you guys come up with one of these vids.

TailsMiles249 : It kept bothering me why I thought I had already seen this. Now that I know it was an adaptation of a short story it makes a lot more sense.

FLATRONOTTO : what the fuck, i need to sleep, this concept is scary as fuck.

AwesomeTree : Watching this at 1am was definitely not the best idea

applecoreeater : so damn good

ayy lmao : Legit creepy. Good job my dudes.

phortify : Jesus Christ... i wasn't planning on going to sleep tonight anyway... amazing job, as always. Love you guys<3

Brandon : Great stuff! 👍👍

Kyle Hatch : This really happened I heard about it

Anas Zul : This is GOOD!

Zenavesta : BROTHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

DannyMendiola : ... ...Brothah!!

tacosauce77 : Ugh these always scare me sooo much. Timing and visuals are always so great. I've missed your uploads!

Quester91 : Missed you guys

Troy Weber : Chris's arm jiggle at the end... Jeepers creepers.

Creepy RadioPasta : Nice!

Jeremy Baltazar : good thing i just woke up.......

Ploopymcfoof : Awesome!!!

Tactavious : Uwah just like that Japanese folklore spirit. Creepy shit haha, I love it.

konohamarutard : X_X well glad this was a short, if it were a movie i probably have trouble sleeping for a while xD

Strictly-Chaotic : This is incredible and gave me the chills! Now excuse me while I stock up my panic room and live out the rest of my days as a hermit.

luckyhmongkey : thank you for letting me watch this

Natan Caetano : every time I check Chris looks hotter than before. very intriguing

Scott Bae : This was awesome! Want to see what happens next!

tallasianchick : What a twist! Would've been better if I didn't watch this in a crowded café hahaha.

Lydia Ann : Missed you guys!

Strawberry Crazycake : Thank you for scaring the crap outta me guys, so glad you're back.....well I was before THAT, but all in all I did miss you guys.

esek64 : Omg amazing and so well done. Amazing how creepy you can make this video with such a simple idea. Love you guys. Please keep creating!

Edmund Wu : Was expecting a funny twist. I wasn't prepared for that. Good job

David Carachure : That little dance he does before going in though... haha

Caroline Sereno : My favs are back!

Alex Vang : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Good job! You really scared me 😱