Detective Pikachu Starring Danny DeVito
Detective Pikachu ft Danny DeVito

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My first instinct after seeing the trailer was making this happen.


Worse Reviews : IT WAS A RACCOON!

Pimpeaux : Imagine someone watching this without the context of either Detective Pikachu or Danny DeVito

Evilchubs101 : Sounds way better than Ryan Reynolds

TVBForever : *i'm the trashman*

Kyler Ramos : Fits so much better lol

Dechef Mane : I always knew that Pikechu was a Man Cheetah.

elfoxy : MAGNUM DONG

Zebrazilla : Perfection. Your instinct was spot on.

Lowell Upchurch : Not in a sexual way!

Arzamas-16 : I can't wait until the Blu-ray comes out and the whole movie can be dubbed over. It will be priceless

FonchCakes : Barely looks edited

Ancient Apparition : This is actually good now

Consural : I would have actually been excited for the movie if it had Danny DeVito. Way, way better casting choice for the character.

Gabriel S : Sometimes your videos take weeks to develop but this trailer came out _yesterday_

MMO Vault : *You gotta pay the Pikachu Toll to get in the boy's hole*

sadam 6129 : i don't why but Pikachu with Danny Devito voice Are kinda Cute Also i think you need to add a bit Of Phil from Hercules In these.

nick koch : This would be the best R rated Pokémon movie ever. They would have to reenact the couch scene, “sir there’s a pikachu in your couch”

Badger Goodger : This is why we built the shrine for him.

ernesto garcia : who cares if they used Ryan Reynolds, the internet will make this as it should have been!

marty murillo : this is art

sujetoficticio : The franchise is going to get real weird with it.

jedajuz : But WHERE is the RUMMM HAMMMM???!

stealthkillah122 : STOLEN CONTENT

coffeehauz : thank you racoon

Travus Hauxhurst : For the sequel Danny Devito should be Jigglypuff

Donald : this was already done v=x_44fh_xrpE

lemonjelloguy 1 : "I'm gonna say the n word"

Bopiiqq • : I came here from film theory, the description had this.

Theo_But_ Online : I don’t need a Pokémon MY LIFE IS A LIE

GSS1-Sirius : I don't understand how they could use anyone but DeVito. His voice is perfect as Pikachu.

Ocean Lover : Deadpikaito


Check My Playlist : I love this too much

Small Jeff : I want the studio to make an alternate version after the current one, where they have Danny Devito voice Pikachu

Thomas Hawksworth : *i drooped my monster condom for my magnum dong*

Kiei Luahi : If only the flipflaps could be edited, nevertheless, great one! lol

Moo5tar : Perfection!

LiterallyVish : Thank you so much for this! I thought the same thing when I first saw it!

Margo Goralski : Also, I love the way how he says It was raccoon, and then you should look at the profile picture. Lol

Minigun101 : I think I've seen better versions for most of this, but that interrogation scene is perfect.

Ники Николас : This is great idea man

how? : Can you do the whole movie this way? Like an abridged series.

DinOLoris O : i got my magnum condoms 😂😂😂

confused kim jong uhhh : *drops monster condom for my magnum dong*

FriskoDisko _ : And I love you for it

Met3lAngel : This man was robbed.

Anomalous : I EAT POKE PUFFS

Crackmacs : can you do Joe Pesci

William Morse : I can't scroll up that far!