Detective Pikachu Starring Danny DeVito

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Pimpeaux : Imagine someone watching this without the context of either Detective Pikachu or Danny DeVito

Worse Reviews : IT WAS A RACCOON!

Kyler Ramos : Fits so much better lol

jonho95 : I'm convinced, they should've used Danny DeVito

TVBForever : *i'm the trashman*

Eric De Chef Man : I always knew that Pikechu was a Man Cheetah.

Evilchubs101 : Sounds way better than Ryan Reynolds

Zebrazilla : Perfection. Your instinct was spot on.

Lowell Upchurch : Not in a sexual way!


elfoxy : MAGNUM DONG

Ancient Apparition : This is actually good now

FonchCakes : Barely looks edited

Gabriel S : Sometimes your videos take weeks to develop but this trailer came out _yesterday_

Whitebolls92 : M A N T I S

Check My Playlist : I love this too much

Hmmm Nice Bike : This is why we built the shrine for him.

stealthkillah122 : STOLEN CONTENT

sujetoficticio : The franchise is going to get real weird with it.

Crackmacs : can you do Joe Pesci

marty murillo : this is art

J2 digital : Someone gonna get stabbed with that toe knife!

Consural : I would have actually been excited for the movie if it had Danny DeVito. Way, way better casting choice for the character.

dontwatchmyvideos : *MY LIFE IS A LIE*

coffeehauz : thank you racoon


Ocean Lover : Deadpikaito

jedajuz : But WHERE is the RUMMM HAMMMM???!

Suspicous Spam : Hundred other people thought the same becoz I did one too, probably the first.

Klaus-Laserdisc : If only.

Moo5tar : Perfection!

Ferval Lankman : WTF is the main character?

Og Spinach : 2nd

kOoSyak : Ахаха

Margo Goralski : The thumbnail is a mix of adorable and hilarious with Pikachu's face. He's like: "Oooooouuuuuhhhh. Chevrolet!" If you watch Mess Yourself's Who's Your Daddy videos, you'd get the reference.

Average Intelligence : They need to recast this with danny devito

Jt Protoke : Nothing can stop the Rushnode.

Margo Goralski : Also, I love the way how he says It was raccoon, and then you should look at the profile picture. Lol

MrPurpdrank22 : Beautiful

ernesto garcia : who cares if they used Ryan Reynolds, the internet will make this as it should have been!

lemonjelloguy 1 : "I'm gonna say the n word"

Vish : Thank you so much for this! I thought the same thing when I first saw it!

William Morse : I can't scroll up that far!

Gabriel S : This Pikachu looks like he's always at the bar with his head down, crying on the bar stool.

IgnoreThisCommentBro : Im ok with this to be real now please...

Ники Николас : This is great idea man

LeonidasSthlm : I would actually see this version.

FriskoDisko _ : And I love you for it

catdogpigduck : yes plz

VT Zdorovetskiy : i got my magnum condoms 😂😂😂