The Upside Downs Medley (Stranger Things Cast)

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Nicole Rae : IM GONNA CRY

Leah Marie : Gaten and Calebs voice 😵❤️

Patri La loqui : I love finn

Nansicles : Gaten will always be my favorite. Also can ya’ll please use proper grammar or at least learn manners?

Mia .llamacorn : 1:58 damn Gaten be hitting those high notes

TheDodge : I love them so much I hope they stay humble and clean from all the negative stuff

My live in live : Finn: is in a band 🎸 Caleb: good at dancing🕺🏿 Gaten:Can singing really good🎤 Noah:Has something sweet about it ❤️😍

Tns St : Noah is My babe

Bridget Walchesky : I love Finn wolfard I cried when he sang in a good way❤️❤️ I really want to meet him. PLEASE PLEASEEEEE! Please pin thisss!❤️ I really want to meet him. 😭

Life with Carli : i cant believe people are saying Finn has no talent. Like um excuse me?He is extremely talented! like there's the door,use it :)

Jayme Stumbo 2022 : *JAZZ HANDS INTENSIFIES*

Audrey Magness : Noah slays ugh

Stephanie Gonzalez : Idc what y'all say finn is so good jk all of them are great

AnotherSocialReject : This has become part of my daily routine

Friskfnafhs5 : Comments: 15% Gaten💗😍 15% Caleb💗😍 15% Noah💗😍 15% Finn💗😍 40% Finn doesnt know the coreography 😂

MillieRose : Omg I love this sm😭💗💗

jake weir : 7.2 mill views only 7 mil aRe from me

Zoey Mortazavi : so many people hate on finns voice...hes amazing and calpurnia (band hes in) is actually incredible and hes out there accomplishing his dreams and thats whats rly important. and ummm. hes freaking incredible at singing. all of them are. and i see u gaten w those RUNSSSS :))

sHOoKeTh : finn is like please let me go home

Megan Rude : 0:37-0:41 Your welcome.

camila lucero xd : I LOVE ♡♡♡

Tilde S : Why are Finn so cute?♥️

Olivia Lyda : Noahs facial expressions. I LOVE

Vanessa Epperson : As soon as I saw this, I screamed so loud, and fell in love! I love Finn💓 He is my favorite!💓 Btw Mileven is life💓💓💓

KUKIPOKIKOLOR KAWAII : Dustin sings so good!!💜💙

camila lucero xd : ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Hermione Granger : Finn's voice is amazing♥

Giselle MacDonald : Noah ıs a cutie love his voice.

Vxplaysvx Games : Those that disliked have no soul

Mireya Trejo : La voz de finn y noah😍😍😍👌

Tolulope Aregbesola : I'm fangirling here over Finn

Wilgrace Rodolfo : In every performing group class.. Noah: That member who’s serious during practice & makes sure to implement everything. Gaten: Easy peasy member since he has got so many experience in performing. Caleb: That member who is so chill, that “born to perform” guy. Finn: That clown member who never shows up at practice and always gets away with it coz he’s cool.

Rhoanna : I guess finn missed rehearsals

Lilson : They are just the cutest

Jades World : Noah is my husband x

Ana Clara Stranger Sthings : Finnnn (❤)

Selön : I just cried because they all have acting talents, good looks and amazing voices and im left here with nothing

Keira Marshall : is that bob in the middle

fashionprincess!! MSP : FINN

Soups YT : Brasil 2018

Viktoria F. : They’re all going to grow up as fine young men and Finns voice is amazing omg! Edit: they’re all amazing

Kelby Lefsrud : Aww YES!!!!

Marla Beetz : Can someone please do the lyrics for this amazing video I’m sooo fangirling rn but I don’t know the lyrics so...pls

•STRANGER FAN• : The voice of noah and caleb is amazing

Hevasu Valche : Finnnnnnnn💖💖💖❤❤😍😍😍

SSJHarambe : Steve Harrington is a proud mom

Magda Gonzalez : Noah1:47😍

Jenna Staaf : Love this😍😍😭😭😭😭

Vicky belen : I love noah's voice ❤❤❤

AkaPictureTakerYT : The Boys Have Major Talent! (Like if you agree)