How To Cook With A Wok
An excellent demonstration on how to properly use a Wok

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This guide shows you how to cook with a wok. Find loads of other how to videos at: Subscribe! Check Out Our Channel Page: Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Twitter! Are you brave enough to try this mac and cheese pizza?


Vanessa Shantae : I like how he says yeah. Very informative video. Cute cook

Judi Christopher : Thank you for such a great video...

NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben : comments are quite churlish. who cares if he speaks english. he actually sounds British but the point here is to understand what the wok is and how amd why it is used

Angelbelle : To all the people in the comments complaining about order. His order is correct, he has full control over the process and the heat, nothing is going over cooked. Chinese always cooks the fragrants and herbs first to infuse the oil

Nimrod levy : FINALLY!!!!! i was looking for this kind of tutorial for years!!!! you are AWESOME, i wish i was living in the uk to learn at your school!

Bob Dylan : Dumb People get so caught up on words rather than technique

Artur Schäfer : Amazing! thanks for your time :-)

Jezreel Wilson : What kind of wok ring is that?

Zdravý rozum : No wok-hei flame?? What a poor performance.

Yankat : Thanks so much for the help!!!

Andrew C : anyone knows what is that wok ring thing on the stove and how to get that

Keith Koster : Chicken, nice and medium rare🤔

Misisipi Mike : Jeremy Pang is a great teacher. Thank you for featuring him on your channel.

Christopher Dynak : Thank you for this informative video. I'm now a little more at ease to cook with my wok.

Peter Jonkers : Cheers mate... good lesson

Francis Eyre : ain't cast iron sonny

Patrick McAllister : Thank you! What is your view of a ceramic coated wok (Green Pan) on an electric ceramic cook top?

Kyle Williams : ta ta ta today junior

Cody : metal on metal makes me shivver so I cant do this.

Noor Adriansyah : Its wrong dude

Q The First Timelord : Thank you!!!!!

nikhil patel : To young to be a teacher

Dennis : bravo!

ออฟซอยตัน : Sorry chaps but the chicken should be almost pre-cooked before adding to the other ingredients, or else the veggies etc. end up over cooked.

omnipwn : Yeah?

zkyokunz : sry I disagree....your vegetables are all dead and dry from over cooking it...

RiceBowlFactory : Thanks a great bunch for the tips!!!

JockBaloney : Rubbish! Olive Oil is a completely unauthentic ingredient in Chinese cuisine. It is a Mediterranean and California type of ingredient which imparts an unrecognizable flavor into Asian cuisine. Additionally, Sesame Oil is a FLAVORING type of oil. Yes it is a key ingredient in Chinese cuisine, but it is NEVER used for frying because it has a low smoking point and burns very easily, and the amount needed for frying - if you DID actually use it for that purpose - would OVERWHELM the entire dish!

MrCharlie5168 : This is bad wok work. I'm sorry but gotta put that out there. 1) Never cook RAW chicken AFTER the veggies. A real wok cook always prepares the meat first as the meat will take longer to cook that your veggies. Secondly, he is either compensating for being on a home range or just has no clue as to how to flip a wok. you don't lift the thing. It glides on the metal ring that supports it. Sure you can get away with this but try cooking 300 meals a day and see what your arm feels like...

Scoff : Vegetable oil or olive oil are commonly used, although sesame oil is lovely to use when cooking up oriental dishes. Let us know how you get on!

Pieter-Jan Merchiers : what kinda oil do you use??

Just Mey : awsome how-to vid.

Ryan C : Once your chicken is cooked, make sure you serve it with the same tool that was messing with raw chicken a minute ago...

Guillermo Martinez : Excellent guidance at the beginner's level. Perhaps could be helpful a list and sample of the ingredients and the vegetables mainly used with the Wok or Stir Fry cooking. Thanks a lot for your very good material. Dr. G. E. Martinez

stixdude : what is the sauce mixture ?

Scoff : Glad to be of help guys. We've got loads more useful videos on our YouTube Videojug channel you should check out!

Carol Ling : Is that wok ring part of the stove? Or is it an accessory that I can buy somewhere? (I haven't seen that before and it looks awesome)

K McDaniel : good important tips...thanks

Diane Sewell : Very interesting. Thanks for the video.

Sakon Madik : That stove is way too high to work with wok.

Freizeitspieler : Now I'm hungry!

Robinah Juru : An Asian guy with an English accent... mmmmhhhhh (and ain't talkin' about food) ;)

pac0re : heh.. only 1 cup of oil for that.. YOU DONT WANNA COOK TOO GREASY THOUGH

blooboy15 : Sweet

Veri Tas : Bitter greens.. XÞ

markus jewell : Absolutely love the accent 💯

Plutopowered : What kind of sauce did he use?

Continental Headlights : Thanks so much, great tips, nice and clearly explained.

Rene Hernandez : You should have cooked the chicken first