How To Cook With A Wok

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Robinah Juru : An Asian guy with an English accent... mmmmhhhhh (and ain't talkin' about food) ;)

L : very clearly explained and informative.

Michael Little : People are really stupid. You watch a video and you think you know everything that happened in that video. Thinly sliced chicken will cook in less than a minute. And for you idiots commenting on his accent, get educated. It's one world out there.

Kyle Williams : English sounding Asian lol

Vanessa Shantae : I like how he says yeah. Very informative video. Cute cook

Misisipi Mike : Jeremy Pang is a great teacher. Thank you for featuring him on your channel.

Alan George Barstow : A wok is not made from 'thin cast iron' as you assert in the beginning of your video. Cast iron is heavy and very brittle; it you dropped a cast iron pan on the floor it would shatter into many small pieces. Traditional Chinese woks are made from pressed carbon steel, which is a quite different material with different characteristics. Carbon steel is much tougher than cast iron. I hope this information is useful to you for future videos.

makinawdandy6699 : I have read that reaching the "smoke point" of oil (i.e. when heated oil starts to "smoke" is unhealthy.  I was wondering about this aspect.  Can you stir fry effectively by using heat slightly below the smoke point but still very hot?   Thanks. 

NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben : comments are quite churlish. who cares if he speaks english. he actually sounds British but the point here is to understand what the wok is and how amd why it is used

David Doyle : To all the blokes that don't like this ir vid,,,letz see yer own bloody Wok vid thet yer dun Mate!!!!! At least this lad MADE a bloddy frickin VID fer Christsakes,,,!!

ben805 : 3 big problems with this video: 1)Insufficient heat 2)Overcooked vegetable 3)WAY too much oil: completely defeat the purpose of healthy eating and cooking at home. A proper seasoned wok should not need more than a tablespoon of oil to cook the entire dish for 4 people. You should cook them in batch, meat first, take it out of wok on strainer, then vegetable, and finally put the cooked meat back to the wok to stir the whole batch for another 10 to 15s.

Andrew Jackson : CAST iron ???? CASTING is when you take a molten LIQUID metal and pour it on a CAST molding to cool and harden. This is made from a cut sheet metal pressed in to shape. And why do you keep adding little bit and little bit more oil, until you are SATURATING everything to sogginess? All you are doing by adding too much oil is lowering the wok temp so that you CAN NOT get any searing burn mark for that smoky taste. NOT a good teacher.

Angelbelle : To all the people in the comments complaining about order. His order is correct, he has full control over the process and the heat, nothing is going over cooked. Chinese always cooks the fragrants and herbs first to infuse the oil

Temet Nosce : Wok is life wok is love. I am becoming stronger working with thy wok.

ibeat theleaves : This is by far the best voice over I've ever seen/heard.

Andrew C : anyone knows what is that wok ring thing on the stove and how to get that

Carol Ling : Is that wok ring part of the stove? Or is it an accessory that I can buy somewhere? (I haven't seen that before and it looks awesome)

ComebackShane : Wow, I can't believe that chicken cooked in 1 minute....I think I like my chicken a bit more done, but then again I prefer crispy chicken wings versus the mushy ones, so I guess everybody has their own preference.

vpsaline : is there a product on the market that allows you to use a round bottom wok on a normal western burner?

rsvpvr : Don't you think chicken should be first in the pan?

Artur Schäfer : Amazing! thanks for your time :-)


Just Mey : awsome how-to vid.

Andrea Annovazzi : This type of cooking is very dangerous for human health, when the oil reaches the smoke point it release the acrolein and others cancer substances.

mike97525 : I cook the chicken separate from the veggies

joe mckay : Right.....that chicken thing has me concerned too,  I have usually seen demo's where the chicken/beef/shrimp is cooked almost through first and put aside till the end.

lukeadelic edits : Ok?

Plutopowered : What kind of sauce did he use?

blooboy15 : Sweet

kenny ginger : shame ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you are teaching wrong think about holding a wok ,back to school

monalisa smile : How bout fried the chicken first then stir the rest of the food... hmm medium rare chicken anyone?

David Soohoo : Have a problem with young wok chef's use of Cantonese - wok hay is not how hot or how high wok is from fire to control heat in cooking. Wok hay means "wok air" - this is the smell created by the wok and is an essential part of eating (one should not have food with no smell). Young Chinese chef needs to find a master....

slemgurt2 : HE IS FAKE CHINESE!

daniel feng : the guy is too short for the stove.

TOO KOO : stupid u cook the chicken then the veggies... wow that's the first time i ever seen that method...

ThePeAcHyK : lots of great tips! Thanks

DoNot Need : My grandmother cooked for a living and started teaching my sister, brother and myself how to cook while we were in elementary school. While I was in the Army I picked up a few things. During my tours in South Korea I really picked up things mostly from watching cooks in restaurants and street vendors. In 1991 I went to truck driving school in another state and found out that I had to provide my own food for breakfast and dinner. They provided lunch. I went to WalMart to get something to cook with and ended up with a wok and a chef's knife 🔪. The first time I took it to the dorm's kitchen I was surprised at the reactions of some of the other students. "What is that?" "What do you do with that?" I couldn't believe so many had never seen a wok of any kind before. Yes, I got a good laugh and then started to educate them. They were actually interested. I showed them how to stir fry, steam, deep fry, make soup using the wok. At least once a week somebody wanted to borrow it to fry chicken or pork chops but that was too much deep fried food for me. With what I ate and the way I cooked I managed to drop at least ten pounds in the ten weeks I was there. I need to go get it from my sister because she doesn't use it and it probably hasn't been used since before our mother died in 2011. I'll just hang it next to the one my wife and I have now.

James : Thank you. This video was educational. I got my first wok today :)

TheWhitePhoenix2 : So, wok cooking requires the Mess en place concept .

Wear Montgomery : @diseaseddice @wakaflocka @cte compu ^ @orbies #asseenont.v.

rafael diaz : Nice video. I want start cooking on my wok again and I would like to know where can I get that nice wok ring you are using ?

Wim M : Thanks for sharing, I’m new to wok cooking and this is great information. Thanks again I like your Pommy accent just awesome

zofoblues : I learned a lot. Ty

God’s servant : He is showing How to make recipe not taking English class. People don’t understand if they are going talk another language then they will sound like their native language, and by the way Jeremy pang didnt say he is taking Language classes, He told cookery classes 😊

Bob Dylan : Dumb People get so caught up on words rather than technique

Brandon Davis : Helpful, but be careful serving chicken with the same tongs or ladle as you picked that raw chicken with. Even if it's rested over the pan or wok it's still not going to adequately cook off germs!

Hugo Menzaghi : Loving the passive agressive "and that's how you cook with a wok, ok ?"

icewallow _cman : That stove is way too high to work with wok.

Kai Chan : Where do you buy a wok like the one he is using?

Continental Headlights : Thanks so much, great tips, nice and clearly explained.