1989 Illegal Rave, Acid House

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From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit http://www.kinolibrary.com. Clip ref DT4 1989 illegal rave, acid house

Comments from Youtube

Oculta : not a cell phone in sight. just ppl living in the moment.

Simon Thomas : Tracklist now complete: Corporation of One - So Where Are You (Hashish Dub), Latin Rage - Sueno Latino (Extended Remix), J.D. - Good Vibrations, BCN Orchestra - Quien Tu Te Crees?, Bits & Pieces 89 (R/U/DEF/BOY. Mix), Looney Tunes Vol 1 - Another Time, Another Place, Mark Imperial - Bonus Krafty Beaver (Rock This House '89 EP), Shiela - Acid Kiss (Hacienda Mix), Liaisons-D - Heartbeat, The Centrefield Assignment - Mi Casa (DJ's Dope Long Mix), The KLF - 3 AM Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital Mix), Mickey Oliver - In-Ten-Si-T (Aca-Bass Si-T Mix)

Chris : These people are now 45 years old or more. Life in 1989 was not bad at all.

bertiebassett84 : The years when chewing gum sales went through the roof!!!

β—˜ EXOSPHERE β—˜ : Makes you wonder who these people were, their names, where they are now...

Wako Mako : People! People! Don't worry! We can create this again! I believe it!

C F : One thing that always strikes me about the difference of then and now.... we danced together, NOT FACING THE DJ booth.

Influjo Estelar : all skin colors dancing and having a great time. I want a world like that

Eagle 333 : Not one iPhone zombie in sight

DollarTrader : Living in the moment, not living for social media...

111 222 : I've found Angela Merkel on 15:41

samsung s8 : 1:29 came to pick his daughter up but got sucked into the music

mahlon paku : 7:34 That hoodie is awesome lol πŸ”₯😍

luis g : 22:00 somebody's mothers

Ernie Flannel : Amazing thing is, nobody is showing off, they just look like ordinary people enjoying the atmosphere, just being themselves. Nice to see lots of black and white people mixing, no trouble. Everyone happy. I remember the 80s being like this, people were so much nicer to be around. Nowadays everyone is image obsessed and arrogant, all about me me me, the labels on my clothes, the car I drive (you mean lease LOL) and posting everything about themselves on Instagram or Facebook etc. People have such a horrible self important attitude these days with no time for anyone else. Social media has turned everyone into sickening attention seekers. Get me a time machine please.

koolca 01 : 1:29 is Stan Lee on the left side ... Rip

Cokor -The Active Chump- Mcducker : 21:42 "Does your sister have some pills left?"

OneSilentGiant : 16:51 πŸ˜‚ homie is on the hunt for ass or something/someone he likes. got that "oh yeah, she will be mine" vibe in his face.

Helix Kronos : Very satisfying to watch them just enjoy themselves, to think they're around 50 years old now. People nowadays need to get out of their heads, put away the phones and just enjoy the moment. - I love this

Simon Kenny : take me back. don't wanna be in 2019 anymore.!!!!!

unknown : Im born in the wrong era

Just Another Channel. : UPLOAD MORE OF THIS MAN!!! 9:50 J.D. - Good Vibration (1989) 10:04 BCN Orcastra - Quien Tu Te Crees (1989)

Haskalah 89 : The year I was born what a time and age to come into.

Eykis 11:11 : Watching stuff like this, makes me want a time machine!!

paulparadoxia : Ladies and gentlmen, your current Youthworkers, teachers, lawyers and Beurocrats..

Damo 666 : Went to an acid house party in 1989 when i was 16 yrs old, jheezz time flies !

KniteWhite : i was born in 1994, and i dig this way better than NOW

6 six : Ah yes back when DJs actually had to work that beat.

Mr Watto : Hands up if you were partying in warehouses in 89

upth3punks : A semi-track list. Couldn't get every song. I hope this helps! :-) Corporation of One - So Where Are You (Hashish Dub) Latin Rage - Sueno Latino (Extended Remix) J.D. - Good Vibrations BCN Orchestra - Quien Tu Te Crees? Bits & Pieces 89 (R/U/DEF/BOY. Mix) Looney Tunes Vol 1 - Another Time, Another Place Unknown Shiela - Acid Kiss (Hacienda Mix) Liaisons-D - Heartbeat The Centrefield Assignment - Mi Casa (DJ's Dope Long Mix) The KLF - 3 AM Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital Mix) Mickey Oliver - In-Ten-Si-T (Dash Rip Rock mix).

Callum Ramsay-Atkinson : To think most of these people will be in there 50s now or late 40s at the very least

RYDR #1 : 16:38 when u tryna groove in peace

Antonio : 13:15 I found Waldo!

Lyn Stefan : life regret not getting into rave scene...too damn uptight for my own good..

Baguette Stealer : So that's why my parents never told my how they met.

Joseph Monteiro : 20:02 when it’s finally payday

Lucia-Maria Sandalovschi : The song at 4:54 is FIREEEE

Zashimi X : Seem like from another planet that had their shit together lol

MCB German Rapper : thirty years ago! was that in england?

Greedo : Generation X knew how to party!

Brooksey Brooksey : The first track is absolutely mind blowing and the girl in the pink sweat top !!

Vinyl Spell : 13:05 Why i am dancing ? i really don't want.

The Herbalizer : LMAO remembering the time were waiting for the bus home late in the morning after hard partying and suddenly realised we were dancing at the bus stop to the idling of a bus engine. Couldn't stop laughing when we realised what we were doing. Wicked beats were everywhere. Man, them were the days.......

James Bruce : Someone give me a time machine.. 2018 sucks!

wallace snow : I wanna hang out with the polka-dot twins.

Liquidgrin : This makes me plur so hard.

BMW W. : Wierd hiphop drum n bass trance techno..breakbeat

Steve Morgan : I cant believe im only finding this now, amazing footage, so clear! i had to wait another 2 years before i could get in a rave aged 15!! in 91!!

Mas Sufiani : People look great with out cell phones