1989 Illegal Rave, Acid House

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Jackie Morris : 1989 - The Summer of Love... No one cared what you wore, how you danced,where you came from, your colour or creed...everyone was just in that moment, feeling the same vibe, knowing we were experiencing something very special....Pure Ecstatic Energy... ✌😁

Hobby : Not an ego in sight.

Jackie Morris : Ahhh...the E plan diet...best way to stay slim and fit I ever tried! 💃😁

upth3punks : A semi-track list. Couldn't get every song. I hope this helps! :-) Corporation of One - So Where Are You (Hashish Dub) Latin Rage - Sueno Latino (Extended Remix) J.D. - Good Vibrations BCN Orchestra - Quien Tu Te Crees? Bits & Pieces 89 (R/U/DEF/BOY. Mix) Looney Tunes Vol 1 - Another Time, Another Place Unknown Shiela - Acid Kiss (Hacienda Mix) Liaisons-D - Heartbeat The Centrefield Assignment - Mi Casa (DJ's Dope Long Mix) The KLF - 3 AM Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital Mix) Mickey Oliver - In-Ten-Si-T (Dash Rip Rock mix).

DollarTrader : Living in the moment, not living for social media...

Nacht Schreck : fvcking heaven. thousands of people of all races, all classes and backgrounds, all lifestyles, coming together and dancing to the same groove. there is nary a soul to be seen who isn't dancing. another thing I remember about the old days: party people respected each other's space. we picked a spot to dance and stayed there. these days at raves, people are constantly shuffling around, wandering from one place to the next, walking into dancers and stepping on people's feet. Symptom of mass ADHD.

John Razimus : If time travel is invented and I steal the time machine you'll eventually see me in this video

reallife828 : Social media has made people self conscience. We use to live through the reality of our perspectives and were more in tune with other people vibration.

◘ EXOSPHERE ◘ : Makes you wonder who these people were, their names, where they are now...

Jaded Jonny : The good old days.. What a much better time it was then now..

Steven Theologo : Everyone had so much style. 😍

Tyko : Frankie Bones - Facebook post about this rave (referenced different video, but same party) "Sept 23, 1989 Ipswich UK Hangar. ENERGY. What happened was the police tried to stop the people from getting there which caused a seven hour delay in reaching the space. It didn't even start until after 7 A.M. So once the Police realized 17,000 people were trapped in every little town in a 20 mile radius they lifted the ban and thats why people are going mad. The people had won. I remember hundreds of cars diverting across the long field which was about 6:45 a.m. this opened up the entire area which was country roads stuck in raver traffic for 4-5 hours. The police tried to keep the event by happening but actually let the event happen due to security risks that the Old Bill actually caused. What is even more strange about September 23, 1989 is that I wasn't originally booked for the event. Little "Louie" Vega was on the flyer. Louie & his manager were on the same flight going over to London the first time when I played on August 26, 1989. Patrick Moxie (his manager) did not want Louie playing at illegal rave parties and actually told me, I shouldn't get involved with these type of events,. My explanation was "Patrick, I spent 1/2 my teenage life in Subway Tunnels doing illegal sh*t, this is a chance of a lifetime. We invited them to the Energy, I played and Patrick tells me, they had lined up a half a million dollars in Remixes for Louie and that they could not be bothered with "distractions" right now. Two weeks later back in New York City, I get a call that Louie had to cancel his September 23, 1989 gig and they wanted me to take his slot because it was a no-brainer, we murdered it on 8-26-89. But I had to go to the U.K. by myself for 17 days. There was no communication like internet or cell phones, so that trip was pretty hard for me. So many good things happened that trip but I was so home sick after that weekend. I also know I played the second slot, I believe Jazzy M opened from 7:15-8:15. I know I played 8:15-9:15 and there was a shortage of DJ's who actually made it. I believe Fabio went on and then Evil Eddie Richards, though.....this I can't confirm, I was having too much fun...." Frankie Bones There's several videos of this party on YT. Recommend checking em out. You'll see Frankie in one of them DJing with his denim tuxedo and dope ass mullet.

Aslan De Lyon : Look at all the amazing colors, shapes, ages, sizes, classes, religions, etc. all grooving together without judgements, that's RAVING and HOUSE.

Taylor Terry : OH MY GOSH I WAS HERE! such a good time! i was the blonde in the hat at 17:48. wow i had no idea there was footage of this. look at us, we're just peaceful humans connecting with one another, regardless of skin colour or physical appearance, dancing, having a beautiful experience raising the frequency of the collective. what are we doing here that this is so wrong it has to be made illegal??

Virtually Grand : all the girls look fit tbh

William Blish : I don't think the comment section realizes that everyone in this rave is on drugs.

V Jolie : uh this needs 7 billion views. meaning every human being should see this video and realize gatherings like this are the key to life.

iZihbO : This is amazing! Not a single phone in sight! Just hoomans enjoying the moozak!

AnnaPxx : This is so spooky, I've said it already in a comment on another bit of footage of this same rave, but the high quality of the footage makes it unbelievably real, I'm stone cold sober and I can feel the shivers up my spine :-D xox

BlindLeader : Back when people actually danced at parties -_-

Nick Lane : 13:14 There's Waldo!

FranSlam : I love it. Normal folk wearing regular clothes out for a bop at a rave and totally in the moment. Get in.

gaia : the black guy at 1:36 is zonked out of his mind

Brenda Lim : Its beautiful to see white, Latinos and black kids dancing together in one room and enjoying the music under the same roof. And this was 1989!!! Why so much hate now in 2017?? No fighting with each other just dancing together and having fun ✌️

O. Blue : The beauty of the late 80s and early 90s, racism was low, america was nice and simplicity was the way to live. Damm i miss those days

ron don : so nice to see a clear film of an original rave with the correct soundtrack and not some grainy vhs copy thats been recopied 20 times before it ended up on youtube.........lets have more of these kinolibrary

Jakub Wójcik : I can't believe it's was 1989. In Poland we have deep communism. We lost so many years ...

Ben shawyer : black and white all under one roof raving ...

Future Panther : They all look like hipsters without cell phones and without so much ego and superficiality, I wish I had been there what beautiful times. So learn modern kids this is the proper way to use drugs and enjoy them in group without hurting anyone.

NuAgeHyppie 1 : Those twins in the polka -dot jumpsuits used to get about... I miss these days big time, we are all in our mid-late 40's at best now..!!

Maxwell Clark : best video in the history of ever.

mark Owen : The real years no fancy people real people on real gear o I miss them days the world was so different back then !

JanFromGermany : I absolutely fell in love with the twins at 21:35 😍😍 Hope they are still doing well somewere today 🤗

Howl Artwork : this is the most 90's thing I've ever seen !

Claudia Castellanos : back then nobody care about clothes with brands

fabric121122 : all races dancing together haveing a good time.

EL TOÑO : esos si eran djs no mamadas

Slow Burn : The music is awesome

Paul Metzger : MDMA was the order of the day

Kcvtr : That's a good camera for 89 this is 2017 and half the vids on YouTube were recorded with a potato lol

stephen campbell : complex beats, not just a kick one the 1. People of all races, backgrounds and ethnicity dancing together. ZERO hostility in the crowd. Women dancing with their personal space respected at all times! how do I build a time machine?

Salamander : 16:09 'Look at me, I am a tree'

Mood Man : Now I dance along and pretend I'm there.

Mood Man : a strange innocence

Yurt Dtoen : Ahh the late 80s early 90s, good times before the internet

Tom Walker : Notice there aren't many shirtless gym-bodied up tattooed dudes? Everyone is a bit more unkempt and relaxed?

rafael Sunhiga : WITHOUT GUETTA YEAH

KEM : Man I miss the raver days!! And real ecstasy. Not mdma, ecstasy-my favorites were Mitzubishis. 😆💞🙊

FranSlam : 21:09 Guy says _"what's your name?"_

Cheese on Toast : this was nearly 30 years ago....... jesus