1989 Illegal Rave, Acid House

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Jackie Morris : 1989 - The Summer of Love... No one cared what you wore, how you danced,where you came from, your colour or creed...everyone was just in that moment, feeling the same vibe, knowing we were experiencing something very special....Pure Ecstatic Energy... ✌😁

Fireman : im high af watching people beeing high af

butternutcrunch : Social media needs to die. Let's go back to the future and be real again.

ShneorPlayz : 11:43 best dancing moves pink shirt girl

James Bruce : Someone give me a time machine.. 2018 sucks!

Lee Ernesto Boles : Wonder if any of those people have watched this on Youtube?

FranSlam : I love it. Normal folk wearing regular clothes out for a bop at a rave and totally in the moment. Get in.

Cc : As it's day light you can see from the exhausted faces with glazed expressions that these kids have been pounding the dance floor for hours, although dehydrated and running out of steam they won't stop till the music does and the pills run out before they all go on to crash at an after party. This is how it was done. No materialistic shit, no violence, no divide just kids loved up. This was 30 years ago almost, wow. Where did the love go ? Why all the attitude and drama today. I'd love one night again to feel free x

Mas Sufiani : People look great with out cell phones

Hobby : Not an ego in sight.

Jonny Bravo : Before the attitudes came.

Boris Chervenkov : The music sounds good even by today's standards.

Zeug Dings : Raves are the only place multi-culturalism kinda works

Joseph Jacobs : no women walking around wearing just stickers

◘ EXOSPHERE ◘ : Makes you wonder who these people were, their names, where they are now...

VisenX : E/Molly/MDMA can end racism, all who felt the love know this.

John Smith : Long live to Underground Raves...death to EDM!!!

Wako Mako : People! People! Don't worry! We can create this again! I believe it!

Tengoku Oyatsu : Wow, UK babes in all it's beautiful diversity. They were so beautiful. All people happy dancing. Would love to go back, no phones to get distracted. I need to organize a Party like this.

Jackie Morris : Ahhh...the E plan diet...best way to stay slim and fit I ever tried! 💃😁

Baguette Stealer : So that's why my parents never told my how they met.

FranSlam : 21:09 Guy says _"what's your name?"_

Beknazar Suyunov : Generation of free souls


DollarTrader : Living in the moment, not living for social media...

antony1974 : During late 88, beginning 89 there was an absolute palpable sense of something happening all over the UK. I grew up in Chester with access to the north west raves. And during the early days, if you saw someone wearing a Smily face t-shirt, paisley waistcoat over a t-shirt on the streets be it Liverpool, Manchester, London. There was a nod and a wink and you both complete strangers knew, you just knew that at the weekend you may bump into them on a field or in a warehouse somewhere. And thank feck we didn't have Phone cameras then, The states we used to get into, the 'naughty' things we used to get up to. If it was ever presented as evidence, the Police book would be an inch thick!

luis g : 22:00 somebody's mothers

Chris : These people are now 45 years old or more. Life in 1989 was not bad at all.

UwotM8 : Wish house music was still this good

Lord Humungus : 22:53 in a background there is a lady in a blue shirt passing by and probably talking on a very small cellphone "wait,I can't hear you"..too small for that year..time traveller. I must stop doing speed.

111 222 : I've found Angela Merkel on 15:41

Brayan Iván : no racism, no cellphone, yes drugs

Baraa Jawabreh : 1:36 😂😂 black dude in blue

azertyuiop7860 : No smartphone, no djs under the lights ... just pleasure of music.

Influjo Estelar : all skin colors dancing and having a great time. I want a world like that

Dogboy73 : The twin sisters at 21:35 ........ definitely from another planet. And they were most welcome.

Peter Molnar : Someone knows 15:55 ???? track list it writes unknown :( Please Help!!!!

Александр Чеченских : Its like 20000 years ago when people dance together around fire in one motion.

John Razimus Paranormal Ghost Investigation : If time travel is invented and I steal the time machine you'll eventually see me in this video

iru neilskyelen : *This was by now my most satisfying video to date*

Ash Lindop : Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been raving for a solid 10 years, but this is the kind of rave I wish I was alive for.

Konvic : I just want a track I.d on the first track in this vid????

Gabriel Trane : I love this part 19:37 So cute <3

koolca 01 : 1:29 is Stan Lee on the left side ... Rip

DIZZYGIT : No bottle of Becks in the hand back then, just pill it and flow man.

TheFootballPlaya : 15:55 "Hey man, got any x?" "Huh? I can't hear what your saying. X?" "Yeah, you got any?" *signals to bypasser to come closer* "See that chick in the jeans?" *points outward* *nods* "That's x-woman." ....two hours later 16:09

SM Music Plus : Wow! The most diverse crowd I've ever seen. I love it!

paulparadoxia : Ladies and gentlmen, your current Youthworkers, teachers, lawyers and Beurocrats..

Antonio : 13:15 I found Waldo!

MixTheVinyl : 11:01 Dayum that's my jam !!!!