Sony Confirms PlayStation 4 is Entering Final Stages of Life Cycle
Sony Confirms PlayStation 4 is Entering Final Stages of Life Cycle

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Sono2 : It honestly feels like 2 or 3 years since ps4 came out.

Brandon Parks : It feels way too soon :/

Bongo Bongo : I don't feel so good -Ps4

Arlo : Seven years is a perfectly reasonable amount of time on paper (especially considering generations used to last only five) but I feel like I'd be happy with my PS4 for another five years at least. Graphics are already so good that any better will just make them that much more expensive to develop. I feel less and less of a drive to get an upgrade as time goes on.

Jet is bae : Sometimes I wonder how the hell was 2013 5 years ago

Luxas : *5 years ago?!*

James Lawrence : It felt like PS3 was out for like 15 years lol. Why does it feel like PS3 had so many different games and like a couple new games a month. Whereas PS4 seems so dry and a good PS4 game will only release once every couple of months. Also the first year of the PS5 has to be better than the first year of the PS4. I could have easily waited a good year after it was originally released.

Ronald Ray Gun : It needs backwards compatibility, people are gonna get tired of having to rebuy games every ~7 years.

Kal Sizzle : Great I can't even afford to buy new games let alone a new system

Kal El : this gen basically just started 3 yrs ago when actual new gen games dropped.

Redacted : Still a good three years worth of games to come out on PS4. Itโ€™s an excellent system by far.

The Great Hadoken : PlayStation hardware to wind down in 2021 in preparation for PlayStation streaming services. I will not be partaking in such a service.

Evaquiel : i'm more then fine with the PS4, it still feels new to me, but for the next gen, it GOTTA have 2 things: backwards compatibility and make 60fps the standard. No more excuses. Graphics can't impress me anymore, we have enough of that. And i don't wanna have to keep older consoles just to play those classics just because they want to sell remasters instead of new games.

MrThunderwing : I think game's have peaked visually this generation. I don't want to have to buy a whole new system for what is going to be a visual upgrade that is probably not going to be all that noticeable to me. When I was a lad, the whole point of upgrading to a next gen console was all about how amazing the games looked compared to the previous gen. From my Sega Master System, to the Megadrive to the Saturn and PS1 and then the Dreamcast, PS2 and Xbox up until the PS3 - each successive generation really felt like a massive leap forward graphically. And then the PS4 came out and I honestly don't think it looked that much better than the PS3. There are PS3 games that I think still look absolutely stunning, like all of the Bioshock series, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wipeout HD Fury, Outrun Online Arcade and After Burner Climax to name but a few. I would've been perfectly happy carrying on playing games that looked like that. The only reason I ended up getting a PS4 late last year was because I saw a secondhand one going for cheap and there were a (very) small handful of games I was keen to try out on it. I've still kept my PS3 because there are a few games that on it that I still love, that I wouldn't be able to play otherwise. I know this is just how the modern gaming industry works, but it fucks me off intensely that the expectation seems to be now that if I want to be able to carry on playing new games in the future, I have to get a brand new system every 5-6 years, taking up yet more space around my TV, with games which'll probably only look marginally better than the ones I'm playing at the moment. Well, fuck that! There have literally been so few games I've been that bothered about this generation that I think that once the PS4's phased out, I'll be done with current gen gaming. There are plenty of old games I've been meaning to go back and playthrough again on lots of the older systems, more than enough to keep me going for many years I think.

JuJu Da Gamer : And yet still no backwards compatibility ๐Ÿ˜’

Gare : I don't think we really need these console cycles, as such. Does the PS4 really need to be replaced? Okay, it's not the most powerful system on the market, but all this stuff about sales peaking, games not selling as much etc.? I think that's more on companies to make better games. Less micro-transactions and such. I think you'll see less people buying the PS5 and whatever the next Xbox is, generally speaking, because more and more people just don't want to deal with the bullshit in modern video games these days.

Simte : That's what I opted to play (mainly) on PC, as I don't have to worry about hardware changes. Still, I think that as long as you can keep being passionate about gaming, any platform is good.

bilogskii22 : It feels like ps4 has only been around for 2-3 years. This mainly because great titles are too far apart since development takes 3-5 years nowadays unlike on the era of ps2-ps3 where you could make a great game in 1-2 years of development. That being said, just give us Tlou2, death stranding and ghost of tsukishima for the ps4's last run and I think most of us can move on to next gen. Ps: HzD2, Demon souls remake and FF7 remake as launch title for ps5 would be a dream come true.

Tymerc : Honestly I don't care for a new console. I want the damn ability to change my PSN name. It was funny back in middle school but now it is an eyesore.

Bekee x : i don't think i will buy another console my PS4 gathers dust ill just stick with PC

Anthony Cirami : Oh well I'm gonna keep my Ps4 until they make a second Model for a Ps5 and more Games .

xd alikh idzam : I'm still keeping my PS4

NyQuiiL Cold & Flu : Wtf I still feel like PS4 is new and still has a bunch of life left.

Clorox Bleach : I'll stick to Ouya

Gattsu Berserk : If they want to win the next generation, do two things: keep up great exclsuives and *make it entirely backwards compatible through all PS generations* I am so slow and recluctant to buy new stuff but I would buy it at launch if it was 100% backwards compatible. Oh, and make the games of all generations available for purchase at a decent price, not this streaming only bullshit.

Jacob Melone : Canโ€™t believe itโ€™s already been 5 years. Gonna miss this generation :(


Ghoulish : This generation had felt very underwhelming. Looks like I'm joining the PC Master race.

wolfganghammerfistheywood : Is it just me or has this console cycle felt ridiculously fast with little in the way of new games?

MiR3K : Well, this is it. **in AVGN voice** Get ready for the Ataribox and Dreamcast 2!

bluemenace04 : Welp, that sucks. I just got ps4 this year. Oh well, guess I'm waiting a few years when ps5 comes out, I'll wait until all the bugs are worked out.

Info Tech : 2020 confirms!!! Next E3 conference 2019 date will be announced for next gen ps5..

Zitix! : I'm so excited for the hype of ps5. Same whit ps4 good times. <3

SAW ANIMATION : I don't need a PS5 for a long time. The graphics of the current gen consoles are awesome. But it sacrificed the "fun factor" in some videogames for DLC, season passes and lootcrates. PS4 will be the last console i bought, because good is good right? It's a waste to pay $600 for a few beta updates, and some minor improved graphics wich you can't see (only a computer can see the difference).

MoreImbaThanYou : Sonys reasoning is stupid. A console should be the FOUNDATION on wich they sell products upon, not the main focus. But eh, it's sony after all.

Animelytical : I predicted fall 2020 exactly. 4k60fps Is necessary for it. If 2030 is too soon, 2021 will do. It will also make them way more money by dragging it out to 2021

maverickM249 : Dude.. why even bother with a console - PC is always relevant. The only problem is GPU prices - you can scrap a prebuild to avoid RAM prices

Jes : final fantasy 7, ps5....all I need to know also, ps5 won't be a console, it'll be a streaming service.

Abberjam UK : 60fps will NEVER be the standard. Devs/pubs will always prefer to push for graphical fidelity in order to 'look better'

Doc Louis : This isn't fair, it hasn't even been close to a decade yet and already Sony wants to kill off the console. I hate this industry and it's constant need push out hardware so quickly. It's even more difficult when their are console exclusive games and Expensive PC's to build, something I can't afford to do at the moment.

Generic Gmail Account : I really have no idea why people are excited for the new spider-man game. Genuinely curious.

Dr . Wub : I just hope the PS5 has a better launch year than the PS4. I also hope it throws in some backwards compatibility and cross play.

Paul Scarpa : Awesome though can't wait for the ps5 wonder wat it's going to look like, looking forward to unboxing it as well

ColonelKurtz : Wtf we need more games still. My 360 and Ps3 had way more games. So gta vice city not on ps4?

Hakeem Shabazz : Bring some of the damn ps2 and ps3 games to ps4. Like, champions of norrath, fight night or ANY boxing game, syphon filter, MAG, elderscrolls oblivion and virtual fighter!!!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Moy006xD : I liked my games 4 GBs of space. Times sure have changed...

Pascal : It better be two years away. My wallet's taken a pounding this year.

Situational Awareness! : Seriously?! Holy shit I canโ€™t believe how long itโ€™s been already! it feels like just yesterday it got announced!

Zorn Media Group : you won't be getting 3840x2160p regardless of optimizations until ps5 pro or ps6 days. The system is suppose to be navi, at best it's going to be a cheap 1080 + zen+/zen2 in limited APU space and limiting form factor, hoping for legit 4k60 w/ no upscaling or general tricks won't happen without substantially powerful hardware if we're talking about graphically high end triple A titles.