Glory Hole Repair

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This is the greatest wall repairing of All Time

Comments from Youtube

Yo Yo : *If an ad was really like this I would actually buy the product*

Twenty-Eight Days later : I'VE FILLED MORE HOLES THAN A *M A L E P O R N S T A R*

Dmoney nagga : Plot twist: their parenting is actually really good, and they were fighting over who gets to clean.

fbi : *g o t t a l i t t l e a s s h o l e o n y o u r w a l l ?* yep i sure do

FBI : *This is why I pay my internet bills.*

Julian Batted : The penisis are still flying in and bingo bango bongo LOL

TheReal Doge : Why the top comments just quotes from the video Im quite proud of this community

depressing love : Oh Jesus Christ Martha you always do this *THiS Is WhY WeRE gEttIng DivOrCeD*

Guilherme Rebellatto : Sounds like an rick an morty interdimensional channel

Jaime Reynolds : "The penises are still flying in" LMAO

Adam : seriously, why tf would the kids be fighting over a broom?? lmao

Verkaderk67 : I wish most commercial s were like this︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵

Jordi Melis : Boner barricade was actually my nickname in highschool

sword106 : “Are your kids so dumb they fight over the broom?”

Armen Zohrabyan : G I V E M E T H A T W A L L B I T C H

xavi 970 : Are those houses in super power...😂😂... it's just like paper

Justin Emperio : Liquid Dry Wall *YOU DO THE MATH*

I, Your Father : That's about the size of the glory hole in the bathroom that I frequent.

Isabel Cruz : *g i m m e t h a t w a l l b i t c h*

krystal moon : Who else thought it was a commercial for the first 30 sec of the video Just me ok

Oh Yeah Yeah 12th Battalion : bingo bango bongo

Anime Cool : Thanks to glory hole, i can destroy my house and fix it in a few seconds 😘

bcubed72 : Bullsh1t! You wanna close down a glory hole; you put a mousetrap on the receiving end. Message received!

Martha HOWARD : 0:52 I feel sad and targeted now

NotSamuelEJO : TV marketing would be succesful is all ads were like this.

befrog : Wow fire protection must be verry bad in the US. In Germany nobody would give that House an insurance.

Ale Di Rienzo : *T H I S I S W A L L I N A C A N*


Drug Addict : I thought it said Glory Hoe...

NekoMikoYe : b o n e r b a r r i c a d e

Rubis : I love this dude 😂😂😂

James Diaz : 0:42 “wall in a can” *President Trump has entered the chat*

HOKagE DATTebayO : *G I V E M E T H A T W A L L B I T C H*

GoDrone Agrar : In Germany we have real walls and not those pieces of paper.

Brandon Bauer : Thank you you tube recommendations

bobwehada babyeatsaboy : I freaking watched it youtube you happy now Iam shit was pretty funny

Oh my god, they killed Kenny! : Interdimensional cable keeps getting better and better.

Benjamin Robledo : "Wall in a can!" * *Donald Trump wants to know your location.* *

WaterModels : I skip out on doing homework for this.

Salad Dressing : I am so happy I'm subscribed to this guy

John Connor : Another one ? Not on my watch ... grmblf

Icaruz : Donald trump wants to know youre location.

ButtersF : “We can fix the wall but not the bad parenting that led to this situation in the first place” 😂

ItsYoBoi RinzVen : *Sees the title.* *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Erebos : What wall gets indentations from a table pushed against it? Are these paper walls?

lovdusk : repair my hole! it hurts!

Jamyre : *G I M M E T H A T W A L L B I T C H*

Ubayd : _m a r t h a y o u c l u m s y s l u t_

FlagFlow 12 : Wall in a can? Someone inform Trump about this.