Glory Hole Repair

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There's a starman waiting in the sky : That's a lotta damage!

Xavier Xene : Best ad 10/10

Dollar Menu Hoe : that's what you get when you build your house out of cardboard

Pangglet Buttcheek : I actually wanna buy it now for all the holes in my bedroom's wall from the knives I casually throw at it to convince myself I can totally hit the pillow

Khleodon : Legend

Phoebe Louise : Mate you should see the size of the holes in my walls. You could fit a whole ass through them.

JoltyVappy / PinkSylveon : This guy needs a acting career

RTBXD Gaming : Category: *Gaming*

Emersonac : 0/69 IGN He didnt saw a boat in half.

LaFlame : M A R T H A Y O U C L U M S Y S L U T

SuperGaming Dude : *G I V E M E T H A T W A L L B I T C H*

Elliot Penismen : 'I'm filling more holes then a male pornstar.'

Da CookieGod : IM DYING HALP

ColeTheCrazy : Martha you *C L U M S Y S L U T*

Just Another Guy With A Moustache : Nah, I'll stick to my FlexTape

OFF Fishing : Funny AF

ِ : *'Bingo, bangle, bungle,* *I'm so happy in the jungle,* *I refuse to go* *Don't want no bright lights, false teeth, doorbells, landlords,* I make it clear *That no matter how they coax him, I'll stay right here'*

Jonathan Li : this is the porn that Trump watches

Celestia Pony : I'm filling more holes than a male Pornstar today 😂

Rhys Beaupre : My stomach and jaw hurts from laughing too hard. XD

The Inconceivable Glue Man : My hole's already filled as it is

Zero P : Dick dimension

IPhone Gamer : the best video on the internet

hamizah Idahham : We can fix the wall but we can't fix the bad parenting that lead to this

Gododo : just call bob Ross he'll use his Titanium white

MemoriesGamer612 : Remember wtf blanket and mighty putty this remind me of

craigmabbit89 : boner barricade

Chubby wubby neighor : "Its a wall In a can motherfucker" lmao I love this ad 5 stars

IzyZero : *M a r s m e l l o w P a s t e*


Keyiernin Loonskin : Mmmm, some nice wall on a wall.

New Accaunt : But what happens when u type glory hole on pornhub?😏🤗

andrew shin : How the hell is this video in the gaming category

Queen Of Weirdness : This was in my recommended and I am so happy that I saw it😂😂😂

TheBrandonMaster2 : bingo bongo

Nils Bodin : I am so god damn happy i found this channel.

Simply Ninja : Should’ve called it the Berlin barriers if you know what I mean

The Dimensional Potato : Can I use it for my hole?

Wyatt Booth : Or you could just ignore the hole, or cover it up with duct tape and forget it exists. Just like my crippling depression!

LYx461 : "If you spray on that wall and the wall leave the can now the wall on your wall"

SpokenTurtleBack : Category Gaming

Wes Hughes : If you shutdown a gloryhole, do you then have to remove the welcome mat?

hibari kyoya : Butt plug!

Craig Riches : Whipped cream works best in these situations.

Alan jacks007 : how did he not laugh while making this

Cameron Gamez : bingo bango bongo vanishes in seconds

Brad Reagan : Dont let pewdiepie out of that wall,he goes crazy!


adam davis : Aaaaannnndddd sold

GhostWarrior128 : Best video ive seen