Glory Hole Repair

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ButtersF : “We can fix the wall but not the bad parenting that led to this situation in the first place” 😂


Eternal Carnage : "I'm filling more holes than a male pornstar" New phrase added to the bucket list Edit: wow halfway through to thousand. 1 like = 1 hole filled

Benjamin Farrington : that actually looks like a good product

Big Gay : The ultimate *COCK BLOCK*

Long Nguyễn Ngọc : 4.3k unemployed repairmans dislike this.

Тенчо Недялков : Totally useless in Europe. We don't make our houses out of cardboard :/

Mega Man : All joking and laughs aside I ordered 2 cans.....

veljko ristic : *G I M M I E T H A T W A L L B I T C H*

Ubayd : _m a r t h a y o u c l u m s y s l u t_

LoL Gamer : "im filling more holes than a male porn star today"

M0neyBagg Yo : You know how much better ads would be if they were like this? Hell i'd gladly watch the whole ad if humor like that was added in.

NoPS : 6.9 millions views? Coincidence? I think not!

MarshmellowsInABox - I’m secretly a Giraffe : 0:10 “The penises are still flying in” XD

Dollar Menu Hoe : that's what you get when you build your house out of cardboard

Steeler Mom : “I’m filling in more holes then male porn stars” At that point I couldn’t breathe

BroImpeccable : *So. Many. Quotables.*

SkyPL : *bingo bango bongo*

Bayu Fadhilla : I really need this, the flying penises are really annoying. And I'm running out of play doh.

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : Just use _flex tape?_

pewdiepi e : I'm filling more holes than a porn star today

Epic Voice : This item gor more popular out of this video that the oroginal ad.

Cataclysm Caine : *_the penises are still flying in_*

Funtime_Swagbear : 6 months later... *new challenger has appeared* I CUT THIS BOAT IN HALF

Phoebe Louise : Mate you should see the size of the holes in my walls. You could fit a whole ass through them.

The_ real_cheese [Nicholas] : WOW THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE

A Common Soldier : This has been in my recommended forever and I haven’t touched it for a good few months but I’m so glad I checked this video out.

Auri107 : I would buy it with this publicity... not the original one but this... yeah... this is good.

Deshawna Rose : GLORY HOLE? I'm getting PornHub vibes.

There's a starman waiting in the sky : That's a lotta damage!

WOLFIE Coaxe : Martha u ClUmSy SlUt

Bradley Frank : Trump just ordered a few million cans for the border.

Gabe Inn : Gimmi dat wall b*tch

Luke Hale : Then you spray it on wall on your wall and the wall leaves the can now that walls on your wall

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : But can it works *under wooter?*

Sathu : The penises are still flying in

retrogader 348 : Are those houses made of cake ??

D.O Kyungsoo : Clumsy slut?💀Boner barricade??😂😂💀

JAG THE GAMER : U sound like sans 😐

Mentallydisturbed llama : Buttplugged

Zachary Ramirez : People that downvote are wall repairmen

Matthew Cottee : *§niff §niff §niff §niff* oh another one on the wall

Theswimmer8 : Is this a real product, because if it is I'm gonna buy it

thegazettepreviews : We all get the jokes, because we watched too much pr0n.

The Inconceivable Glue Man : Why would you want to repair a glory hole?

Xirtual : IT'S A WALL IN A CAN

B O B B : *How did this got in my recommended ?*

pee is stored in the balls change my mind : Its like i wanna laugh so hard but i just can't

NextLevelCameron : Just suck them then they'll go away