Mike Divas New Music Video about using Babies as Drumsticks

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-- A short made for the Adult Swim show “Off The Air - Sound”-- watch the full episode here: Directed// edited by Mike Diva [full credits below the fold] Produced by Lord Danger Music by Kill Dave Shot by Aaron Grasso Alien 1: Evan Hand Alien 2: Jonathan Bonner Alien 3: Criss Nichols Doctor: Josh Shadid Lady Legs: Caitlin Benti Baby VFX: Peter France Digital Matte Painting: Christopher Denton Misc VFX: Calvin Serrano & Ethan Chancer Roto Work: Aaron Nelson-Purcell Costumes: Criss Nichols, Manzi Deyoung and Patrick Glendening 1st AC: Michael Scott Justin Gaffer: Ron Speed Special Thanks: Jenny Goldberg TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: SNAPCHAT: -


2007 : Sooooo basically there's three pyramid men inside your stomach,smacking around your fetus

mark twain sub2pewds : I knew this was disturbing from the Thumbnail. But, whatever I expected, it wasn't THIS

Tristan : Top 10 chill lofi hip hop beats to relax/study/summon satan to

the wonderer : Ok now I know someone drugged my drugs

Berd : bro what lmao

Devion Butler : Doctor: the child is born mam Mother: how'd you do it Doctor: *shows mother video* Mother: perfect

[deleted] : What would you do if there was a child right in front of you? **Plays video**

Brandon Rogers : Genius

I don't have an ass : I was expecting something disturbing not something that was fire from start to finish

Charlatan Wonder : Man, the Silent Hill reboot looks pretty wild.

Jonah Peretson : Stops the baby from crying but then vigorously smashes it.

BEGA'S PR : 0:54 Throws baby in the floor cause the other is crying..., then, elbow the MoFo Now I know who's the favorite one.

Jonás Holt : That’s enough internet for today...

*ugly screeching* : Never had I once had the thought of watching a video of 3 pyramid heads beating babies on tables

Tuc : This is such a creative way to announce you're pregnant!! Congrats!

___________ : Guys I tried this with my baby. Didn’t end well. Giving this a dislike because of disinformation. Lmao

De_Pressed : What kind of music are you into? Me:

AboAlrok #1 : Is this how to basic?


Amiyuki : What is this, death stranding?

Lyrical Journey : When you forgot to wear CONDOM😢

the Chaos Elf : This explains so much.

mochi : yall be laughing now but u wait 10 years im gonna be the best musician ever

AV-Ultra : This pleases my inner true edgelord.

maxmoefoePokemon : GOd I wish that were me

Angelica Garcia : Am I the only one that finds those dudes in the black strangely hot? Like there's no face or anything, but like, for some reason, they're hot

slozor : _Satan has entered to chat._

Antnj81 : Best planned parenthood commercial yet

Khalid Faisal : Leaked footage of Hideo kojima death stranding

Kyubi : Mike, are you ok?

Lance1223 : its so sweet that when the kid cries they try to cheer 'it' up <3

dogeisnotonfire : we need a longer version of that song. it's just amazing.

cory : I want a full version of the music CUS GOD DAM I LOVE IT

TheArcIntheAngle. : This video is a ritual guys do not feed with energy.

Cyranek : thank goodness he didn't let the baby cry for long

I Shidded And Farded : Weird video but beat goes hard. Also put this on Spotify homie

Rikki Velez : Me: "You can't throw a baby around like that. You'll make it cry." Pyramid Head: *throws baby* Baby: *cries* Pyramid Head: *shocked Pikachu meme*

Pretty Damn Lonely : I love getting random shit recommended to me lmao

mayonnaise : Hay its my brith video how did you find this

Owlartwing : so what type of instrument do you play Me:

RazorSharpTeeth : Sounds like a Vyncent Flaw rip off!!!!!! >_<

Drifter : So basically Youtube Pyramid Head made Youtube Aphex Twin... Member myspace?

Squishy Potato : *so me and my wife are having twins* 😊💗

The bleach won't drink its self! : I guess you could say that I was smashed before I even exited the womb.

p1ng7_ : (written by Hideo Kojima)

•Cᴀᴛ CᴏᴍɪxTM• : *I call this masterpiece a* *”ABUSING THEME”*

Chaoshander Giantdad : Me: bro pass the aux cord. Friend: ok, but you better not play trash. Me:

Alexander Chippel : I'm not even shocked by this kind of stuff anymore.

El Capo : *Baby starts crying in a plane* me: 0:18