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maxmoefoePokemon : GOd I wish that were me

Charlatan Wonder : Man, the Silent Hill reboot looks pretty wild.

Versaucey : "Dad, where does babies come from?" Me :

BlackWolfCompany : *Disclaimer:* Do Not Try At Home

Cyranek : thank goodness he didn't let the baby cry for long

Richard Ziegler : This is simply a metaphor for our current children being brutaly raised through the harsh and unfiltered machines of our internet, during the period when they are most malleable, but used as a simple distraction by their parents. It is too late, by the time the parent sees, they are already broken. But at least they enjoy sick hard beats.

Owlartwing : so what type of instrument do you play Me:

sweetsugarjones : Mother of God, why was this recommended for me? I’m doing something wrong.

AnonymerVIP : This Video right here, Officer.

steampunk ninja : I love how the people in most of the comments see this as 1 a weird anti abortion ad 2 some weird metaphor about the current generation. 3.some weird satanic shit. 4.some hidden message about child abuse When all I see is 1. A good beat(as in music not child abuse) 2.a good video And MOST importantly 3. A good bit for off the air - sound by adult swim

Rocky Lol : holy shit these bible bumpers are going mad on this video

Del Taco Cat : People are taking this like a true meaning or saying it’s too offensive *iTs A aDulT sWim viDeO cAlm yOur tiTs* Guess what the internet has “offensive” and “shocking” but funny jokes, grow up, get kids, *and beat em*

Lyrical Journey : When you forgot to wear CONDOM😢

Berd : bro what lmao

Meysyx : Wow, I really like Pyramid Head's makeover

a literal mango : Pyramid head does a gamer moment

--乙eph : Why do people think this is satanic this is one of the funniest shit I’ve seen

Neo Noir : Are you making videos for Aphex Twin yet?

DoctorMonkeyMan : Finally a good atheist band

Omar Rios : Anyone else think this is symbolic for something much greater? Think satanist. Think corrupt. Think HRC

Michelle Maier : It’s nice to know the pyramid heads left silent hill and are making a name for themselves

Hansol : Interesting edit.. What song is this? Sounds like older Glitch Mob type stuff with edIT Boreta and Ooah.

weka : *the next flex tape commercial*

2007 : Sooooo basically there's three pyramid men inside your stomach,smacking around your fetus

Joylove : This is DEMONIC whether he tried to make it be that way or not. Lord Jesus help us!!

JaggerBone : This is the kind of shit Hideo Kojima would most probably do in Death Stranding.

gucci gundam : Lmao I saw this on some conspiracy theorist page on Instagram in people were flipping their shit about it 💀💀 dope vid tho

Elan Emilio : Pumped for this Silent Hill/Tool/Blue Man Group crossover

Lady Gaga : #Iluminatis ha ha ha

UN ANONIMO : I will do it in my next satanic ritual

Dutch Duk : Of course Adult Swim made this

LENNOZ : 3d mesh glitches on purpose is like the new thing

NeonFiresquaw : (((Cartoon Network)))

Kieran Darko : Death Stranding looks great.

RedRiot : them babies was boppin

Amber Smith : WTF did i just witness at 3Am 🤔😬💀😂

P : this is the weirdest anti-abortion ad

Daddy Venom : What in the actual ass

Anthony GAMING64 : Finally my plan to end the world is falling into place

VINÍCIUS RUIZ : Thats How i take Care of my son, i want my part of the money, boi.

Connor Stuhlemmer : No Patrick. Babys are not an instrument.

Amiyuki : What is this, death stranding?

Del Taco Cat : That’s how I feel when I beat my kids

ron geromy : death stranding looks great

Kyle James : Watched this at work and everyone walking past me was like wtf

COZAX : Looks like an energy drink publicity

Tuc : This is such a creative way to announce you're pregnant!! Congrats!

Kenny - : Bro what is life??

SHOW MAKER : *Smithing 100*

GERO VISUALS : _why am I on here, this looks disturbing. But the beat is damn fire._