Sean Finnerty Stand-Up

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Nate Borgman : Way to go Sean!

Elite_Tony : Lmao this is actually really funny😂😂

Cormac : A little man from Longford has made it

Tom Feeney : The spirit joke is damn good

Jackson Fan : Didn't really like his delivery, but it was alright, but not LOL

goodbye youtube : Sounds like JackSepticEye. Jack's real name is Sean.

Aaron Woods : Funny man 😂😂

Harry Pike : I see the thumbnail, I saw the fella, I saw the name, and I thought to myself "he's got to be Irish"... and lo and behold...

Cianni Finn : THATS MY LAST NAME😂😱

Jordan : People complain about illegal immigrants. We adore legal immigrants :)

Carmen Vallone : Way to go bud!!

Monkey Hop : This guy is great

Kayla Antalek : I thought it was going to be the guy from Grounded for Life..

sarah murphy : Really wanted this to be good but it wasnt

Golde : Thought this was Ben Shapiro

Fifthelement203 : This. Was. Freaking. Hilariois😂😂😂😂

Guido Anselmi : Loved this. What's with the dislikes?

Elite_Tony : What a talented guy!

Dan Sweeney : I want that 5 minutes back...

Paul Sampson : It was dreadful till he got to the Spirit airlines. Guess Spirit really is the butt of all jokes.

Enda Hughes : Absolutely hilarious man 🤣 had me LOLing for the full 5 minutes. Huge congrats on nailing it!!

thatdevilguy : Didn't he start on roast battles?

Tim the Skater : i love the fact that a guy from the country of ryan air is complaining about american airlines lol that is blatantly cool

steven seidman : This is awesome! I can't wait to see what he does in the future!

cory chappo : Sean Finnerty is one of the quickest wits in comedy today and has a bright future in this country!

Yanabanana : Why is he shouting the whole time??

Just ME Onlyme : What's he on Quaaludes?

Cortez Brooks : That Airline bit is funny!

Pauladin : Congratulations Sean! Delighted to see you doing so well!

Random Videos : I laughed this many times😐

Nik Siever : Awesome! Proud of you Sean!

Dougie Almeida : Well done Sean!

Brian T : I was in a Walmart in Houston last year, visiting from Ireland, and in the freezer they had something called "Potatoes O'Brien". Besides: when it comes to crappy low-budget airlines, I don't know if Ryanair was the first, but this (s)crappy little Irish outfit had a lot to teach the Americans. So I don't think an Irish person should be complaining that much about American airlines ..!

joey77 : Slow start but still laughing 😂 very good

littlemira89 : It's comedy, i get that but the IRA never threw gays off of buildings, never raped women wherever they could and also never beheaded children. Also why do almost all comedians on Fallon have to make political bits that are at least partially if not full on anti Trump? Even as a european - we get it, half your country doesn't like your president. But the political jokes really aren't funny anymore. They were funny two years ago and only for a few weeks and months. Now they're all riding a dead horse. Comedy shouldn't be political first. It should be funny first.

Super Awesome Pro Guy Playz : Didn’t laugh once

Dean David : Ayyyyy Sean! Keep Killing it!

Kermit Gonzalez : Kickass Sean! I would eat at Taco Flannigan‘s lol

New Message : That reminds me.. gotta pick up more cereal for the kids.

Paul Levingstone : This guy is lame.

1OVE Entertainment : Funny geez

claude878878 : This guy was dreadful. HORRIBLE. the only ppl liking him here are ppl that know him, OR are from Ireland. this guy's type of comedy and material will NEVER make it to the US. he's NOT funny for the US, but maybe for Ireland. Did NOT crack 1 smile. Sorry but 1/10

Kamy Alexandra : When is the Puerto Rico show

Prettygirlcn5 : I just liked that he’s Irish

Steven7597 : that was the dullest 5 minutes of my life😐

NABEntertainment : Saw him in Orlando! Hilarious!

Howard Ostrom : Sean an Ocala favorite, moving up to the bright lights, we are all happy for you!

The Thereman : I think we found Gavin.

BarryFromEastenders : Terrible

SJ - Art Educator : Got some belly laughs out of me!!