10 Silent Movie Songs That You´ve Heard and Don´t Know the Name

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Dr Scythe : This piano has exactly the right sound for this

Sansooné : These all sound like you'd hear them in a old saloon

generic username : drinking game: take a shot after every song by scott joplin

L' Archéonaute : By Scott Joplin... By Scott Joplin... By Scott Joplin... By Scott Joplin... By Scott Joplin... Haha, Scott Joplin everywhere!

Adam Ranieri : Only 10's kids will get this!

Ron : I was about to say, "wait this is a troll, silent movies dont have sound." appears that im an idiot

Mikhaél Braga Meinke : #1 Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin 0:02 #2 Tico-Tico no Fubá - Zequinha de Abreu 0:25 #3 The Entertainer - Scott Joplin 0:45 #4 A Dog's Life Theme 1:19 #5 Pineapple Rag - Scott Joplin 1:38 #6 Odeon - Ernesto Nazareth 2:11 #7 The Easy Winners - Scott Joplin 2:33 #8 Magnetic Rag - Scott Joplin 2:55 #9 Gladiolus Rag - Scott Joplin 3:12 #10 Treemonisha - Scott Joplin 3:40 Scott Joplin domina, 7/10 são dele.

Hector Bonilla : It seems you lighted your candles from left to right.

Antonin la montre Cortot : Scott Joplin : the Hans Zimmer of 1910 !

Timothy Ng : The fact that, not only does your piano have candle-holders, but you actually use them, is just the best thing

Ashley Snaith : Should be called "Various Scott Joplin songs you've heard but don't know the name of"

Inky Scrolls : Q: What do Canadian pianists use to clean things? A: A maple leaf rag! =D

Vinheteiro : Queridos! Me digam qual dessas músicas voces não conheciam. Dear Ones! Tell me which of these songs you did not know. Abraços Lordais!

Po piłkarsku TV : I'am from Poland but I love your videos ❤ You are the best piano youtuber 💪Gretings from Poland

Amedea Haystone : Most of these songs sound like they are from Mario games


swedishgarrixer14 : I know almost every song on Vin's "That you Don't know the name of" videos. Does that means my music school educated me well enough? P.S. 10 likes and I'll tell an hilarious story about The Entertainer.

Fra A : Scott joplin everiwhere

The eternal leader Kim Il-sung : greetings from the glorious nation North Korea

Mark Bowen : Pretty sure 'A Dog's Life' was written by Charles Chaplin. Oh and those of us who have played all of these do know the names already ;-)

Nel Pastel : 😊I❤ how you play the piano I LOVE IT

Irvin Mejia : 1. Maple Leaf Rag: 0:05-0:26 2. Tico Tico No Fubá : 0:27-0:44 3. The Entertainer: 0:46-1:20 4.A Dog’s Life Theme: 1:22-1:38 5.Pineapple Rag: 1:40-2:11 6.Odeon: 2:12-2:34 7.The Easy Winners: 2:35-2:56 8.Magnetic Rag: 2:57-3:12 9.Gladiolus Rag: 3:13-3:41 10.Treemonisha: 3:42-4:07

Derrick Rose : Ha! Apparently i know the entertainer 😤

Sandwichism : How did this guy find out about my secret silent movie watching hobby!

Wega : OLD But GOLD! 🎶

Fontenele NXT : Vinheteiro é o melhor, me inspiro demais em você! Um dia chego lá =D

samueltda : Vinheteiro, consegue adaptar no piano uns temas clássicos italianos, temas do Trinity, Velho Oeste geral, "The good the bad and the ugly"? Seria legal um video assim! Um abraço!!!

Christopher Peery : Scott Joplin is now officially a genre

Josué Fraga Costa : O melhor pianista do Brasil

Nate Montgomery : Own a 1916 player piano and love Scott Joplin, so not much new music here for me! Haha

Master Nipper : He probably made this video plainly because he likes ragtime. A lot?

Marcos Valverde : 0:25 - A música Tico-tico no Fubá, de Zequinha de Abreu (natural de minha cidade, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro - SP), está completando 100 anos em 2017. Merecia uma homenagem aqui no canal, não Lord?

Zhang Ci Eng : The pineapple rag sounded like the music played in the Cooking Mama DS games 😂

Tatiana Trindade : Minha avó tem um piano com Mais de 100 anos também, mas to impressionada como esse tá super conservado! Mais um ótimo video, Vinheteiro :)

Hierophant : 10 Eurobeat songs played on piano!

OtakuBKツ : Como eu não conhecia esse canal antes? Conheci a poucos dias e gostei muito :)

Crazycreeper _life : MY GREAT GREAT NAN DID THIS SHE PLAYED THE PIANO IN SILENT MOVIES!! 💖 JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW btw she couldn't read sheet music. Miss you loads and lyl great great nan xx

kokoleka808 : Thanks to this wonderful video, only now have I come to the realization that Scott Joplin is my favorite composer of all time.

JulianFan55a : The Dog's Life Theme was written by Charlie Chaplin with the assistance of two music arrangers named Eric James and Eric Spear. In 1959, Charlie Chaplin released The Chaplin Revue where he added music to three if his films. A Dog's Life was one of them. The song you played appears in this version of the film in The Green Lantern saloon(?) scene after the scene where Charlie sneaks sandwiches from the street vendor's cart. He actually did a lot of that in his later years to keep busy. He added music he wrote with the help of arrangers to many of his films. In the 40's he also re-released a re-cut version of The Gold Rush with his music added and he also narrated the film instead of having the dialogue cards.

Mr.Meeseeks Piano : *Também tenho um canal de piano, pessoal, se pudessem me dar uma chance eu ficaria super feliz!!*

Henry Alarcón : I'm a big fan of your videos!!! Would you share A Dog's Life Theme by Chaplin sheet with me o maybe sell it to me?

Jessica Lee : My grandmother's uncle played the piano for a theater that showed silent movies, back in those days. He was blind, so she and her sister would go and sit with him and watch the movies (for free I think) and tell him when to change music - to the "chase music", "romance music", "villain music" and whatnot, for the "Perils of Pauline" type serials... But they were little kids (she was born in 1907) so sometimes they'd get so absorbed in watching the movie that they'd forget to tell him to change the music and he'd still be playing romance music during the chase scene, or whatever. She also always used to beg her mother to make jello when he would come visit for a family dinner, because apparently watching a blind man try to eat jello is hilarious. Those are my funny family stories, that are vaguely relevant to this video. XD

Luis Maia : SUBISCRÁIBE TCHU MÁI TCHÊNOU! Incredible Lord Vinheteiro

Amy H : Always so entertained by your videos, and I don't watch any other piano/music related videos on the internet. Always such an interesting topic. Thank you!!

Rodrigo Vergara : Scott Joplin era el John Williams del cine mudo.

VM USA : WoW how you play mapleaf rag??? You are really professional in this. I've inspired in you to learn to play Mum ( sad music of chaves). actually I know play it. Congrats to you, I guess you are the better pianist in the Brazil. SUCESS!!!

Wilbert Dallas : Só os temas da novela cravo e a rosa 😄

CARMEN GOMEZ ALARCON : Wowww!! That's video is really amazing!!!! I was looking for some silent movie songs and I have found them. Thak you so much!!!

Francis Jr. : Lorde, adoraria ouvi-lo tocando algumas músicas de Ludovico Einaudi como Earth Prelude, Nuvole Bianche e até mesmo Una Mattina, será que sai vídeo? Grande abraço!!!

Lady Sálvia : Eu conhecia todas!