10 Silent Movie Songs That You´ve Heard and Don´t Know the Name

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Vinheteiro : Queridos! Me digam qual dessas músicas voces não conheciam. Dear Ones! Tell me which of these songs you did not know. Abraços Lordais!

Fontenele NXT : Vinheteiro é o melhor, me inspiro demais em você! Um dia chego lá =D

Dr Scythe : This piano has exactly the right sound for this

Sansooné : These all sound like you'd hear them in a old saloon

Tatiana Trindade : Minha avó tem um piano com Mais de 100 anos também, mas to impressionada como esse tá super conservado! Mais um ótimo video, Vinheteiro :)

L' Archéonaute : By Scott Joplin... By Scott Joplin... By Scott Joplin... By Scott Joplin... By Scott Joplin... Haha, Scott Joplin everywhere!

Mr.Meeseeks Piano : *Também tenho um canal de piano, pessoal, se pudessem me dar uma chance eu ficaria super feliz!!*

generic username : drinking game: take a shot after every song by scott joplin

Nel Pastel : 😊I❤ how you play the piano I LOVE IT

Mikhaél Braga Meinke : #1 Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin 0:02 #2 Tico-Tico no Fubá - Zequinha de Abreu 0:25 #3 The Entertainer - Scott Joplin 0:45 #4 A Dog's Life Theme 1:19 #5 Pineapple Rag - Scott Joplin 1:38 #6 Odeon - Ernesto Nazareth 2:11 #7 The Easy Winners - Scott Joplin 2:33 #8 Magnetic Rag - Scott Joplin 2:55 #9 Gladiolus Rag - Scott Joplin 3:12 #10 Treemonisha - Scott Joplin 3:40 Scott Joplin domina, 7/10 são dele.

Ron : I was about to say, "wait this is a troll, silent movies dont have sound." appears that im an idiot

Adam Ranieri : Only 10's kids will get this!


Amedea Haystone : Most of these songs sound like they are from Mario games

Hector Bonilla : It seems you lighted your candles from left to right.

swedishgarrixer14 : I know almost every song on Vin's "That you Don't know the name of" videos. Does that means my music school educated me well enough? P.S. 10 likes and I'll tell an hilarious story about The Entertainer.

Po piłkarsku TV : I'am from Poland but I love your videos ❤ You are the best piano youtuber 💪Gretings from Poland

Timothy Ng : The fact that, not only does your piano have candle-holders, but you actually use them, is just the best thing

Josué Fraga Costa : O melhor pianista do Brasil

Derrick Rose : Ha! Apparently i know the entertainer 😤

samueltda : Vinheteiro, consegue adaptar no piano uns temas clássicos italianos, temas do Trinity, Velho Oeste geral, "The good the bad and the ugly"? Seria legal um video assim! Um abraço!!!

Hierophant : 10 Eurobeat songs played on piano!

Luis Maia : SUBISCRÁIBE TCHU MÁI TCHÊNOU! Incredible Lord Vinheteiro

Wega : OLD But GOLD! 🎶

Garageband Covers : First

The eternal leader Kim Il-sung : greetings from the glorious nation North Korea

Sandwichism : How did this guy find out about my secret silent movie watching hobby!

teodor ståhl : Love you!

Mark Bowen : Pretty sure 'A Dog's Life' was written by Charles Chaplin. Oh and those of us who have played all of these do know the names already ;-)

Garageband Covers : HELL YEAH


Francis Jr. : Lorde, adoraria ouvi-lo tocando algumas músicas de Ludovico Einaudi como Earth Prelude, Nuvole Bianche e até mesmo Una Mattina, será que sai vídeo? Grande abraço!!!

Ashley Snaith : Should be called "Various Scott Joplin songs you've heard but don't know the name of"

Bryce Atchison : Thank you for sharing you talent! You are truly a great piano player I wish I could do the same thing but its a little hard to transfer from xylophone to piano

Alyssa Breaklight : He probably made this video plainly because he likes ragtime. A lot?

Lazinha Costa : Eu conhecia todas!

Wilbert Dallas : Só os temas da novela cravo e a rosa 😄

Douglas Rodrigues : Cadê o Spinner Vinheteiro? kkkkkk

Rodrigo Vergara : Scott Joplin era el John Williams del cine mudo.

kokoleka808 : Thanks to this wonderful video, only now have I come to the realization that Scott Joplin is my favorite composer of all time.

memes are memes : 1:25 is by Chopin

MrSkailo : Someone has the sheet for: A Dog's Life?

Robson Brasil Sobral : Essas músicas só me lembram tom e Jerry e picapau

Irvin Mejia : 1. Maple Leaf Rag: 0:05-0:26 2. Tico Tico No Fubá : 0:27-0:44 3. The Entertainer: 0:46-1:20 4.A Dog’s Life Theme: 1:22-1:38 5.Pineapple Rag: 1:40-2:11 6.Odeon: 2:12-2:34 7.The Easy Winners: 2:35-2:56 8.Magnetic Rag: 2:57-3:12 9.Gladiolus Rag: 3:13-3:41 10.Treemonisha: 3:42-4:07

SrEmanuel Pato : Es hermosa la musica de Scott J. Rag Time del mejor <3

DviantSith : I love the entertainer!!!!

Henry Alarcón : I'm a big fan of your videos!!! Would you share A Dog's Life Theme by Chaplin sheet with me o maybe sell it to me?

Sinetic : Kk a terceira eu ouvi no one piece '-'

CARMEN GOMEZ ALARCON : Wowww!! That's video is really amazing!!!! I was looking for some silent movie songs and I have found them. Thak you so much!!!

Marcos Antônio de Moraes : WoW how you play mapleaf rag??? You are really professional in this. I've inspired in you to learn to play Mum ( sad music of chaves). actually I know play it. Congrats to you, I guess you are the better pianist in the Brazil. SUCESS!!!