Crafting a Miniature Foam House (D&D Terrain Tutorial)
Miniature Log Cottage

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I crafted a simple miniature foam house. Never thought about using cardboard as roof before, it seems to work. Check out the Cheap Tabletop Terrain Tutorial Playlist for more: The removable roof makes this piece more playable, and it is possible to add an extra floor using wooden platforms from one of my other videos.


TERRAIN HARDY : Damn ... Really great work many thanks for showing and please keep up the good work ;-)

Gordy Mc : Man I love your videos, the editing and even the noises left in are very satisfying! haha :D Thank you! Is that a wet wipe or some tissue you used at the end? :D

Sadrx : Less music please/thanks. The slicing ticking sounds are addicting.

Drew Jameson : I always make roofs like that, too; too lazy to cut and glue a million shingles!

Jeff Hounsell : How did you get the paper to just come off the cardboard like that? Super impressive!

You-Tube Junkie : VIDEO 👍 MUSIC 👎