Kitchen Gun - The Peter Serafinowicz Show - BBC Two
Just wanted to remind people about this legend

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Benny Bumbles : You can also use it for BATHING YOUR CHILDREN

Jaminator : *In Soviet Russia, kitchen cleans you.*

- Anonymoose - : Crime Scene Officer: What happened Other Officer: Gunshot, but I cant see any finger prints, the body is clean...

Mr. Replier : The British are late. The U.S. was already cleaning their kitchens with miniguns.

sense Bucket : 0:34 That is the laugh of a true psychopath.

fearodactyl : My friend got dirt on his head *BANG BANG BANG* Was he supposed to fall asleep?

Andy Arroyo : You can even use kitchen gun to *cLeAn OuT tHe ScHoOl*

John Arbuckle : And now, we need flex tape to repair those bullet holes. Now that's a lotta damage

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : *I’ll take your entire stock*

Eclipto : This seems more suitable for Adult Swim rather than the BBC.

NotAVeryCoolGuy : Therapist: Don't worry, kitchen gun doesn't exist, it can't hurt you. Kitchen gun:

fearodactyl : America: We use sponges to clean our kitchens. U.K.: We abandon that idea a long time ago, introducing the kitchen gun! America: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE GENIUS!

nemesis t3ddi : I wonder if this comment will get a like after 11 years of this being on YouTube

LordBaneThePlayer : Laser Sight And Night Vision? Now All I need is A Supressorr, and I can clean i t the night!

PutridFoe 65 : I love you Kitchen Gun! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gavyn Brown : *YOUTUBE RECOMMENDATIONS* 2007 - 2010: nope 2015 - 2018: nope 2019: Shure why not.

Loli4lyf : Youtube : let's show this tv ad 11 years later Me : yeah, why not

Jacen Hale : There's a Cheetos stain on my shirt. **BANG! BANG! BANG!** Good job, now I'm dead.

ビッチビッチ : the way “goodbye, dirt!” sounds increasingly further away gets me every. time.

ThiccDaddy56 Mmmm : Ad: Introducing new Kitchen Rifle Now you can clean your kitchen at range Me: This is getting out of hand. *Now there are two of them.*

puro : Probably I can clean my species with this gun

Commander_Swift : 0:23 holding it like a true professional.

Escarsam : _she's upset?_ *BANG BANG BANG* _now she's died._

Apple Jacks1979 : Man. Anthony Sullivan went down hill after oxi clean

fredge : Guns don't kill people. Dirty kitchens do.

MipCraze gaming : Me: i have a stain on my shir- Friend: *BANG BANG BANG!!!*

Tux Pit : Me: *THIS IS AMERICA* *Realizes that it's an UK commercial* Me:So this is how the americans got their ideas.

Alexander Raymundo : "Does it work?" Well yes, but actually now

BLACKDOG TACTICAL : But My friend Has A Stain On His Clothes *BANG BANG BANG* Oh Okey....

Mugiwara Darwin : *BANG BANG* I love you, Scout-B-Gone!

Ephyra Corinth : It would have been better if you said "made in America" or "the new American kitchen gun, it will solve all your problems" "Dirty dishes? Dirty laundry? Dirty counter tops? Is your wife giving you lip? Pull out the kitchen gun"

Madalin Sturzu : my gf had some dirt on her shirt i used KITCHEN GUN now i'm in jail

S7N7STER7 : What would happen if the kitchen gun was a real gun? *LAW AND ORDER SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT*

HenryIsBetter : Watch out mr clean

Craig_2019 _ : No one: YouTube reccomandations: ok 12 years later let’s show this now!!!

Grayson Ford : Kitchen gun even works in the classroom BANG BANG BANG

Awesome 3Sum : The tuna cleaning machine meme *BANG BANG BANG* goodbye germs

HavenBroz : Say goodbye to dirty surfaces More like Say goodbye to this meme

Adam Muqrish : At least it is clean

Jeremy Cleofe : Word of the vid *BANG BANG BANG*

wolfboyft : Can I clean a kitchen gun with a kitchen gun, potentially creating some infinite energy thing?

You know what I thinking : Use it on your wife and your kids.

Cdulde : Hey, my friend has some dirt on his shirt... *BANG BANG BANG* Well uhh, now there’s some new, red stains...

Random Channle : We're can i buy this item

BloodCat Studios : you can also use it for CLEANING YOUR MESSY ROOM BANG BANG BANG

Will Reading : Is that Will Mackenzie's mum??


KappaHunter : This is how we clean here in America

Bup Cereal : The all American family Acted by Britains