Kitchen Gun - The Peter Serafinowicz Show - BBC Two

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kingofhorror123456 : How much is it?

John Dou : I didn't think the most American thing I've seen would be British

zFunny : Hey, my friend has some dirt on his shirt... *BANG BANG BANG* Well uhh, now there’s some new, red stains...

HenryIsBetter : Watch out mr clean

EvilShane : "Knock knock" "Who's There?" *_"KITCHEN GUN"_*

Jaminator : *In Soviet Russia, kitchen cleans you.*

Benny Bumbles : You can also use it for BATHING YOUR CHILDREN

Mr. Replier : The British are late. The U.S. was already cleaning their kitchens with miniguns.

Marco McEldowney : *points kitchen gun at the Undertale Fandom* CLEANING TIME

KappaHunter : This is how we clean here in America

PVT134 : In america, you cleans kitchen with guns. In soviet russia, kitchen cleans you with gun.

FlipFlopper : My friend got dirt on his head *BANG BANG BANG* Was he supposed to fall asleep?

nemesis t3ddi : I wonder if this comment will get a like after 11 years of this being on YouTube

FlipFlopper : America: We use sponges to clean our kitchens. U.K.: We abandon that idea a long time ago, introducing the kitchen gun! America: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE GENIUS!

stareatthesunman : I'm so glad that this is a meme now

TheGreatestThingInTheWorld :O : *Top Ten Kitchen Must Haves* *_Number One_*

EnyReview : It's 2018 and I can't find a product like this beautiful

Coolboy xX : I might buy this Edit: let’s get 80 likes an I’ll buy it

Andy Arroyo : You can even use kitchen gun to *cLeAn OuT tHe ScHoOl*

PocketPrey : Is he psychotic?

Communist Pootis Birb : Jon Arbuckle’s had it with Garfields messes.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : *I’ll take your entire stock*

Ninja boi : Kitchen gun man and Phil swift would make an iconic duo

*Lady Pank : Why use guns to kill when you can use guns to clean.

PutridFoe 65 : I love you Kitchen Gun! Bang! Bang! Bang!

sense Bucket : 0:34 That is the laugh of a true psychopath.

puro : Probably I can clean my species with this gun

Im a Frog : Anyone here from Crainer/Sundee 😂

Lawlsomedude : "Goodbye dirt!" I lost it.

Grayson Ford : Kitchen gun even works in the classroom BANG BANG BANG

Dracula Acp : The accent makes this so much better

LordBaneThePlayer : Laser Sight And Night Vision? Now All I need is A Supressorr, and I can clean i t the night!

Wolfgang Clout Capo : How Chicago cleans their house

BLACKDOG TACTICAL : But My friend Has A Stain On His Clothes *BANG BANG BANG* Oh Okey....

Traingle Hmm : teen titans go BANG BANG BANG now great

Absolute Garbage : How Americans clean


Solinko : I bought a kitchen gun and it's really good. Though it doesn't really clean much of my dishes,it's effective when used on furniture,and don't get me started when you clean your bottom with it after a shit. I recommend it to everyone.

You know what I thinking : Use it on your wife and your kids.

Mugiwara Darwin : *BANG BANG* I love you, Scout-B-Gone!

Commander William of Stuff : This guy needs some trigger and muzzle discipline.

Eric Gonzalez : Finally, something to clean the dirt off my schoolmates

Brayden Brown : BANG BANG BANG! Now you’ve got to repair the bullet holes

John Arbuckle : And now, we need flex tape to repair those bullet holes. Now that's a lotta damage

A sAvAge bOi : !For american maids only!

Le_ Jakes : i demand to know where to get the kitchen gun

Grump Reference : Guns don't kill people. Dirty kitchens do.


Doggo Dom : *_GoOdByE diRt_*