Kitchen Gun - The Peter Serafinowicz Show - BBC Two

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Mr. Replier : The British are late. The U.S. was already cleaning their kitchens with miniguns.


The Beast : Anyone in 2018

Lonoe : But what happens if the wife gets dirty?

夢想 : 201Bing bing

Jaminator : *In Soviet Russia, kitchen cleans you.*

Raybean Official : Bang

gavin07long : Fortnite hand cannon in a nutshell

Kaleb Heidbreder : Bet it doesn’t even work under water

Awesome 3Sum : The tuna cleaning machine meme *BANG BANG BANG* goodbye germs


Awesome 3Sum : My friend alex told me this its so funny XD

Coolboy xX : I might buy this Edit: let’s get 80 likes an I’ll buy it

PERSON299PRO121 : *points at myself* BANG BANG BANG

JamsyBoi : When you try to find a clean episode of MLG Peppa Pig "I can't find it!" *grabs kitchen gun* Oh look, my IPad has broke!

Adam Muqrish : At least it is clean

KKORD : Can that fix marriages?

Arthur Gaming NL : That Poor Woman Too

Den Ricco : When mom doesn't have any cleaner to wash a dishes and ask me to search on internet.... Me:

BobPlays : BANG! BANG! BANG!

LordBaneThePlayer : Laser Sight And Night Vision? Now All I need is A Supressorr, and I can clean i t the night!

Ctt Neson : Lamo

Sniper Keri2nd : Can I Have The Kitchen Gun To Clean My Stomache...Okay I'll Just Shoo...

Dominic Zalonis : *GOODBYE, DIRT!!*

Master Gold : *BANG BANG BANG*


Liza Pedral : *BANG BANG BANG* and it sparkles like new

Thomas Rogan : And now, we need flex tape to repair those bullet holes. Now that's a lotta damage

A MovingPicture : I rate the kitchen gun 10/10 ever since i bought it.

Penguin Productions : What model gun is it

nemesis t3ddi : I wonder if this comment will get a like after 11 years of this being on YouTube

Liegeois23 : BANG BANG BANG

Game_ b0yo : BANG! BANG! BANG!

VC Guerrilla : Peter >>> Phil Swift

GARET : I was 1 years old when this was uploaded

FlipFlopper : America: We use sponges to clean our kitchens. U.K.: We abandon that idea a long time ago, introducing the kitchen gun! America: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE GENIUS!

Jboy Gamer and Vlogs : 0:23 the reason you are watching

Sub to PewDiePie : He looks like Sylvester Stallone at 0:29

Emmett Lin : This man belongs in Texas

Hazard_Not Yet HD : Is it useful to clean schools?

FlipFlopper : My friend got dirt on his head *BANG BANG BANG* Was he supposed to fall asleep?

Lee Parkins : How much is it and how do I get it

Fluffy Gingy : BANG BANG BANG!

Ethan Sudhakar : Where can I get it

Izan Bengoa : and the toilet grenade

ExoticRat : Can i make a DIY Kitchen Gun?

ZEX 7806 : Your body get in mud? And you're too lazy to go to bath? Just 3 shots! You're clean!

Phantom Thief : The way he says Bang is Up-Top 👌

BUSH GAMING : Rip furniture

Indy Whitlock : I'll take 3