Long Long Man

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Aidan Burgess : Karl wasn't wrong about this bring an emotional rollercoaster

RansuDoragon : So was this ad campaign split up over multiple weeks and only people who paid attention would have gotten the full storyline? This is so elaborate and goofy plus all those innuendoes just to sell a candy. I love it!

Lumi S : The erotic power of Long Long Man: Seducing both a woman and a man about to be married! Is it advertising him or the candy, really?

Hendrik Frans : 3:01 that girl's friend gives a better perspective than anyone could do in their life

jameson : I feel like I just watched an entire 10 season tv show in 6 minutes

Daniel García : Every couple of months I go back and rewatch this commercial serie and every time I appreciate and respect every damn detail placed into this. This is just a marvelous thing in every aspect. You have: - Identifiable characters, so you immediately recognize the commercial - A cheesy song, so it gets stuck in your head - A plot drama, making you think about the commercial long after it was shown to you But not only that, the more you watch it the more details you identify. Things like: - Short man is ALWAYS shown carrying the small bag of gummies - Chi-Chan ALWAYS drops something when seeing the real Long long man. - The "Long long man" song not appearing when Long man is not shown or referenced. (Commercial at 2:30 and 3:00 ) - All the not so obvious "long" references, like: - "I want to look at it longer" - The shirt on Long man at 1:31 saying "Long distance bike" - "Waiting for a long time" And my favorite of them all, you technically COULD see this plot twist from miles away if you analyze that Long long man is the ONLY guy that we see eat the gummies. Short guy carries them, but never eats them. Only Chi-chan does. If the gummies are a low innuendo about penis sizes and the Long man is the only guy we see eat them, you could deduce that he is gay right from the first episode. Awesome job Sakeru Gummies.

The Lööps : Top ten most powerful anime characters Top ten biggest anime betrayals Top ten saddest anime deaths Top ten anime plot twists

saltySOAPbox : It's *"long long man"* because he's *longing after a man* BTWs I think I just reached enlightenment.

Madeline R : This just gets better and better the longer you watch

RofLegend : “Begone Thot.” “Japanese version”

oXNarutoWolfXo : 0:12 Listen at .25 speed, thank me later

Nirmal Kirtisinghe : Thank you Karl Smallwood, you changed my life...

Vuqar Style : 0:36 You like long things, don't you, Chi-chan ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lazy Squid : I never knew advertisements about gummies can get so deep.

ERMAHGERD WUT : I don’t regret a single second I spent watching this.

9 year old epic gamer soldier : Simply the best commercial I have ever seen! I have never been this invested on a fucking commercial lmao. I don't even have to know what it tastes like I would buy full box of them all thanks to the long long man!

Full Throttle : Anyone else from Smallwood?

Energistx : Karl sent me here, I have no regrets

Rachelle Janssen : I need long long man in soundboard for the next time when I see the tallest guy from our group haha

Noobrzor : Top ten anime betrayals

atillathefun : what happened to her not having long to live

Volvirth : I have witnessed art. That twist. That length. I loved every second of it. :')

ThatOneLoneIyKid : Is Japan even real at this point?

an hanh : 6:17 when the "vs" turns into "&"... ha!

Zuzu : Do you mind... _If I touch it?_

Janrei Africa : LOOOONG LOOONG MAAAAN That sounds like from a wrestling match *ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE RING, WE HAVE LOOOONG LOOOONG MAANN*

Rotcrawler : This is a beautiful portrayal of real love. Absolutely stunning display of affection. Best love story ever 10/10.

CANCER DONG : 3:02 Lol they revealed their own marketing gimmick! I love how at the end ot changed from "v.s." to "&"

Yurimail : The greatest Japanese NTR drama ever. It so good that you cannot stop watch it.

Hueqen : you know it's a good ad when ppl watch voluntarily

Evan Park : I want this to be a tv show now. I'll watch all 749 episodes including the fan angering cliff hanger ending EDIT: The ending. Just.... This made life good again.

Seth Wild : Is it weird that i actually got invested in this

Argedon : "Stop it I feel bad for the gummy! "

Everest Woof : Long Long Man is best waifu and best girl at the same time. He dominates other waifus. He is the God of all waifus- Ok I need to stop now

Sam hill : That plot twist at the end...whoa I didn't see it coming.

Ok : Begone, *_THOT_*

CrAzYgIrL : This is the best thing I've seen in a long time. Thank you Karl.

No Regrets : Advertisement about long long candy YouTube:this is gaming

Atago Chan : I just imagined some random Japanese kid waiting every week for the new episode of this weird gummy commercial

Parsil : 0:35 "You like long things don't you?" Holy hell

Craig Rainbow : Karl sent me here... No regerts

razorknight92 : THOT STATUS: PATROLLED

DragonOfAsh : Okay algorithm. You win.

thekingseyer : I genuinely did not see that plot twist coming. Bravo Japan, bravo

Dramatic Exit : One of the single greatest commercials ever made, actually

Broth : Long long man is my favorite gay icon!!!!

Tom Walsh : such an intricate story, comedic and meaningful. I will forever yearn for the solemn cry of "Long, Long. MAAAAAAAAAAAN"

n00byboi 533 : *_Chi chan loves long things_*

Max Poole : I hope this was drawn out over a couple of years