Long Long Man

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Zuzu : Do you mind... _If I touch it?_

Rome Blanchard : better love story than twilight

Devil Darlin' : Alright, folks! New plan! Moving over to Japan! And if that doesn't work, hire people who make commercials like these in the west!

EXO-L : That's kinda gay tbh.

Joshua Stokes : This is easily the most effective commercial I've ever seen. It doesn't even need to explain the taste. I already want to buy a huge box full of this stuff. We need commercials like this in the US.

ERMAHGERD WUT : I don’t regret a single second I spent watching this.

Rainbow World : _Long Long Man arrives at wedding_ *_Yes_* _Wife gives up husband_ *_YES_* _Long Long Man and husband going full gay_ *_Y E S_*

Magnus Malo : The Long Man Cinematic Universe is looking good

naomineedstosleep : the gay love story we needed, but don't deserve

CagedKitty &Friends : This is one of the only commercials that has ever worked at making me want a product

Cece Henry : When i though Japan couldn't suprize me

2ManyLayersOfIrony : Why did it take Youtube so *Long* to reccommend this to me?

Prolone : The plot is better than most of the other anime I've watched

RansuDoragon : So was this ad campaign split up over multiple weeks and only people who paid attention would have gotten the full storyline? This is so elaborate and goofy plus all those innuendoes just to sell a candy. I love it!

Mike-Hell Torrent-Ino : Yeah. You're a terrible woman... That's why both of them are better off leaving you in the dust. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Justin Y. : This wasn't in the manga

I’mProbablyUnique : It’s like a soap opera, but in a commercial form. If you move to Japan, you get to watch your favorite soap opera while watching an advertisement. It’s a win-win.

KLUSTUR : Man, I was furious the entire video but that ending was beautiful 😅 Screw you, Chi-chan!

Aidan M : Long long man is a gay icon

Ender Efe Cerit : It was an awesome scenario :D

Justin Y. : Top ten anime plot twists

Son nguyen viet : She thought that she was cucking him but in reality she was the one being cucked

Lumi S : The erotic power of Long Long Man: Seducing both a woman and a man about to be married! Is it advertising him or the candy, really?

oXNarutoWolfXo : 0:12 Listen at .25 speed, thank me later

Hendrik Frans : 3:01 that girl's friend gives a better perspective than anyone could do in their life

Nurpus : *M A S T E R P I E C E*

WegZurHölle : man, they put much effort in this commercials. crazy. but its a whole thought out story, i am a bit impressed.

Retarded Fat Mei : well at least we know who's the top and who's the bottom

BroMan : Still a better love story than twilight.

Rotcrawler : This is a beautiful portrayal of real love. Absolutely stunning display of affection. Best love story ever 10/10.

Kriffing_schutta : What an emotional rollercoaster of gummies

Umbeble : You can laugh but these commercials have a better story than most of today's anime (I was crying at the end... Beautiful story (ಥ_ʖಥ) )

Haidar Alhamad : If this became a series i'll definetly watch it

Vuqar Style : 0:36 You like long things, don't you, Chi-chan ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

BombaGaming challenges and other stuff : This is The best fucking thing i have ever seen in my life, im actually gay so that twist at the end was so perfect XD

ziljin : It's game over for women.

Joosua Anttila : Simply the best commercial I have ever seen! I have never been this invested on a fucking commercial lmao. I don't even have to know what it tastes like I would buy full box of them all thanks to the long long man!

Madeline R : This just gets better and better the longer you watch

postmodern tiger b.n.p : very creative advertising. Congratulations to those who do. these japanese heads work differently ... interesting ..I watched a few Japanese animations I looked like a complete anime

Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ : I never knew advertisements about gummies can get so deep.

LoLiKitty : damn i wasnt expecting that ending 😭👌🤙

Janrei Africa : LOOOONG LOOONG MAAAAN That sounds like from a wrestling match *ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE RING, WE HAVE LOOOONG LOOOONG MAANN*

The Lööps : Top ten most powerful anime characters Top ten biggest anime betrayals Top ten saddest anime deaths Top ten anime plot twists

atillathefun : what happened to her not having long to live

Wróżbita Maciej : 0:13 *cl_longman 1*

Justin Y. : I knew the anime adaptation would cut out a lot the manga

amal lol : What am I doing here I have a language exame tomorrow 😭😭😭

Dramatic Exit : One of the single greatest commercials ever made, actually

Scientifically Stupid : why hasn't this gone viral?

riskvideos : These commercials are effective. I actually want some of those gummies.