Avicii - Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)

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Joanna Lee : may you rest in peace

ツzArthur : *- Ta Deixando Muita Saudades Avicii...* 😪💔🍃

NightStars : *Im just gonna watch this for entirety...after hearing his death..*

動画投稿しない系YouTuber【チャンネル登録募集】 : 日本人いますー? この曲なんかの保険会社で使われて好きになりました

Dennis Manuel Peguero Labarías : 💔😭

ThunderPro-VideoClip : 🌟⭐Rest in peace Avicii.⭐🌟 We all gonna miss you a lot! You are better place now.

kk it's karann : <>

RaGe Sin : R.I.P the legend.

りゅうくんwww : これを聞いている日本人の人グッド!

CoolFrosted GT : So wake me up when it's all over...

• Shannon Braxton • : *I'm currently having a Avicii music marathon to honor one of my favourite artists of all time. Rip Tim*

J.Parra Gamings : Genio

LOLEK PL : (RIP) 😭😭😭😭😭 sad !!

Santiago El Kiepu : 😭😭😭😢❤️❤️❤️💝

Aritra Chakravarty : Love you avicii !!!!

Cal : RIP, feels like a part of my childhood has died.

Big D : RIP Avicii

lumberjack fake drawing book : See you again

saa3t w3d : Avicii forever

Salah Ammari : RIP Avicii.....May 2018...Who else?

Muhammad Hafiz : I'll wake you up when its all over ◢◤💔

Hell TGS : R.I.P. Avicci

BillionaireFred : I wish I could wake you up 💔

Dora Mlsp : This was too much for me to handle. Rest in peace my legend.

kenneth Christian : RIP Avicii BUT THE LEGENDS LIVES ON

Grace Louise : Fly high angel❤️ you will be missed❤️ your songs were and still are amazing and you were a big inspiration❤️❤️ Rest in Peace Avicii❤️❤️😭😭

Santyy lopez meneses : I love misic of Avicci!!!!

ProHazerDK : i miss you Avicii :'(

NaMeLeSs 005 : Avicii, was my favorite singer and dj and I am sure that he is here with his and her fans, he never died rest in peace bro you are in my heart💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

HoveringLamb Plays : Rest in Peace :(

hamza rawi : Who comes back Every day to relive the old days?

the killer 9000 : bye avicci remember the nights

Danah Spaxou : He isn't died legends never die😭👑

Marlon Isaac : 😭😢😢😢💔 RIP AVICCI

Deadpool101 : This is the first song I ever listened to from AVICII

alejo.d.f : avicii for forever

virul news : 🌟🌟Rest in peace Avicli and teach the angels how to be a DJ...🌟🌟

Firewolft_ Gaming : Legend Never Die.. Rest In Piece Avici

TheOdalise : Avicii your still in my memory i will never forget #LEGEND

Palpas : (—‚‚—)`

Gesù : Rest in peace, legend..

MrGamer 4354 : Rip Legend 😭❤️❤️

gaku ito : But you won't wake up😭😭

Maria Raldiris : Rip I loved your music

The Hackers Dinesty Pro : Wake up tim wake up its over!

Aoibhe Emilia : still amazing👌

Saul Mamani : Con esta musica siempre recordare a la gan leyenda

another French girl : ❤🌹

Nightcore Anime : He was so young to die rip 😔😞

FULL INSANO : Adeus avicii