Send Bobs (Acoustic)

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SethEverman : the world sure is beautiful

dandanthetaximan : This was so sweet... If I had a vagana I'd show it to you.

Luisillo069 : *DO MILK*

dat calculation tho : I have seen such a mesmerizing cover...

Hovey Benjamin : I approve of this

Yes Indeed : This is so perfect

Cuestar : I've watched every video on this channel at least 10 times. Love your style man

nicocare925 : I accidentally opened this on two different tabs with a 4-second difference and it was goddam beautiful (even more so than the original)

egg : Fellas... if you don't serenade your girl like this... do you really love her?

isaac : look dude i want you to know im expecting content from you now

Salem Rose : I’m a milk truck and I approve of this

Kitto Beats : milk truck just arrived.

lailani driizzzy : u just cured my depression.

National Health Institute : India National Anthem here.

joystick83 : 185 people didn't get any bobs.

Harsh Singh : Almost forgot to watch this today.

B Ganguly : I'm indian and you've made us proud

BobDean Benner : If you played this in a room full of feminists they'd drop their panties for you


Kevin Breedlove : This is just begging for a proper recording instead of using the mics from a camera. Start a kickstarter to get a good USB mic or an interface or something and I'd throw 10 bucks at it.


Og Mac : *HIS FATHER WHILE LISTENING TO THIS:* you've grown up've grown up...

Courtney Cruzita : ill send you my vegana and bobz

Majestic Beast : This guy turned such ridiculous lyrics to something that sounds like a romance song

Hol' Up Niqqa : I can die in peace.

Louie Hogan : How can you be so serious and sing this. It’s truly butiful

Liuka Garman : how can i send u pics of my bobs?

Crouton Crusader : Not all heroes wear cloth

Azuran 66 : My bob is hard

aurel : ill show bobs and vegana if u give me tabs

Rick M : Brilliant!! You are surely getting Bobs and vagene from girls..

RedLaserFox : Leave some pu$$y for the rest of the boys 👏👏👏 👌 made you look

Fernando De Lima : This had no right to be this good

arwanki battlenet : Came here for the cringe. Ended up being impressed AF you play and sing so well.

Abhameet Panigrahi : God this guy is gonna get so many bobs 😂

Argha Noah : i unsubbed just so i could resub

Purple Mountan Majesty : *MILK TRUCK JUST ARRIVED*

Daniel P. : I was looking for cancer, but I found the cure

Xxuni : Can you please make a vid about how to play this song on the guitar? 🙃🙃🙃

kevin caballero : the song that can bring world peace

Sack of balls 88 : I can see this is a very likable guy

ophilia fox : What a time to be alive.

Blue Piper : Do milk

TheMiseryFriend Guitar vids : i need tabs for this.

waterpuddles : What a legend

Jack Le : bobs sent

Tasker Shannon : Song is so buttiful. Make me want to take off cloth

Barry M.Cockener : This is actually beautiful this dude has an amazing voice lmao

Clare Chadwick : This is hilarious but also legit really beautiful.

Risteria Thomas : yeah just one question. What kind of acoustic strings do you use? nice guitar skills