Deep FRIED WAGYU STEAK Experiment!

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For today's cook it is a different and weird experiment that I can not believe it happened. Like always family is family and we love cooking. I am teaching more and more to my nephew Angel and today the went on this own to cook up something for dinner, but as always he likes a little twist. ----------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE to this Channel ----------------------------------------------- Subscribe to my Other Channel ----------------------------------------------- * Guga MERCH * Cups & Boards: ----------------------------------------------- My SOCIAL MEDIA, Let's connect! Facebook: Instagram: HOW TO DEEP FRIED STEAK WITH A DEEP FRYER The 1 1/2 inch steak 7min @ (350°F / 177°C) The 1/2 inch wagyu 2min @ (350°F / 177°C) HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED! * My Deep Fryer * Beef FAT * Steaks by Grand Western Steaks Their Website: Use Code "SVE" for 10% Off any purchase, no restrictions! * For Personal Touch Speak to Rep. Emilio (305)310-0559 F.Y.I. They have picanha, TELL HIM GUGA SENT YOU! * Best Weber Accessory (Slow n Sear) * My Wireless Smart Thermometer MEATER: * My Knives * Everyday Knives: Chef Knives: Strong Knives: Fancy Knives: * FOGO Premium Lump Charcoal - The First Ingredient. Fogo Charcoal: * OFTEN USED EQUIPMENT * Thermometer: Cast Iron Plates: My Salt: Flamethrower: Mini Food Processor: Steak Cast Iron Plates: Tongs Tweezers: Burger Mold: Tongs Tweezers: Food Grade Gloves: * BBQ Equipment * My Stove: Charcoal: Fire Starter: Smoke Gun: Smoke Dome: Smoker: Wood Pellets: Weber Grill: Red Grill: Slow N Sear: Heat Resistant Glove: Otto Grill: * Sous Vide Equipment * Joule Sous Vide Circulator: Anova Precision Cooker WiFi: Sous Vide Container: Sous Vide Container Cover: Cheap Suction Sealer: Suction Bags: Bag Holder: Mini Weight: Grate Inside Container: (mine is 10x15) Steak Rack System: (Choose the right size for you) ************************************************** * The link below has EVERYTHING I USE * ************************************************** * VIDEO EQUIPMENT * Main Camera: 2nd Camera: Slow Motion Camera: Drone: Pocket Drone: Gimbal: Main Lens: Zoom Lens: Large Travel Camera: Microphone: Slider: Tripod & Fluid Head: Voice Over Mic: Acoustic Isolation: * If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will reply. Thank you so much for watching see you on the next video! :-) * We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. #Steaks #DeepFried #Wagyu

Comments from Youtube

MrCarl27 : Angel probably microwaved Wagyu in the unreleased videos.

Matheus da Silva : Guga complaining about the beef being deep fried after saying it’s good 😂😂😂 *Angel gets an easy 1mil views video*

Autoimmunity : "Is it expensive?" "Who Cares?" Youtubers in a nutshell

Samuel Rodriguez : He looked so disgusted when they told him the truth

Michael DePew : Kind of want to see some of the crazy videos you can't post. 😂

NoNo : I’m so broke I didn’t even know what this was

Ty Landry : Guga your vids are awesome but please let your nephew play around like this more often!

Dustin Platt : _Cooks part of a cow_ 6:22 It was really really beefy. That beef flavor. Ah I see. Go on.

David Lafaye : Everything just happened to be brand this wasnt staged at all!🤔🤨😐

Capaldi News Service : Fry guga's foreskin sous vide

David Zaldivar : I really want to see those Angel's videos xd

Scoutt Lowe : Tekashi 6ix9ine out of prison and cooking steak

Lukas Whitlock : i wish my kids would fry some wagyu in beef fat for me to come home to those are goals

Craig Bickerstaff : They deep fry wagyu in japan and stick it in a sandwich so it's not that crazy an idea. Apparently breading or battering the wagyu first makes it much better.

Sector Black : I thought Guga was going to show up with a gang of sicario

oversoul : One or two levels above that Publix oil, haha!

tacktackable : Go angel... enough talking,"so let's do it" Lol.. But seriously .. it was better when guga done it.. lol...but this one is funnier


organicgrains : Deep frying the Wagyu was cringe....but if it tastes good it tastes good.

AKitchenAdvisor : Deep FRIED WAGYU STEAK Experiment was very adventurous:-) I like your style and clean presentation!!! Keep adding value by publishing new creative and useful videos. Thanks:-)

Reverend Aero : Subbed for this wholesome content

Erodoeht : Did I stumble on the gay side of porn hub again?

iRacing Rookie : "very beefy" what a cabbage

-_- : 3:20 did someone tell him its not beef talon its beef tallow...

Fernando Martel : There was a point in which Guga said "you fried a Wagyu?", and i was like, the beast is coming out...😂😂😂

Ki Mu : I’ll have to try this. Lol!! Accidental awesomeness

louis moore : "from the TALON" , think you boys were looking for the word "Tallow"

Micah Sumner : Angel and Evan spin-off, Deep Fry Everything?

MnMs002 : Taking a Wagyu and throwing it into a deep fryer was a gutsy/wreckless move but hey IT WORKED...

max bauer : I get a weird vibe from this... like a combination of neverland ranch, boy scouts, stockholm syndrom.. well and food.

Butter Creme : By farmyard favorite Guga video... made me subscribe after many videos watched 👌🏽

Phillip Chalabi : My guess is you should have fried to 115 and left it to rest and come up to temp over 10 min under some foil...

Bryan Galvez : Gugas face when he told him he deep fried it.😂

Jbonus28 : 6:59 “high ho” I can’t unhear it

bmci007 : I enjoyed this video, thank you :)

poco loco : Lol Using gloves but still wearing them and open up caping and other things ..... Nice try thu

Beau LaForge : Beef Tallow? Evan: "I don't know what that is." You will never work in any kitchen of mine.

Nikos Nadalis : You should post the other videos with Angel

myredfast : Wagyu isn't very flavorful, IMO. Great video tho 🥩 P.S. please get that damn tofu out of the fridge lol

Yimmiedwina Hanshaw : That was terrific! thank you for sharing; I love $teak.. I'll have to try this. Much Love from Ohio.

Andy Cuevas : The video was Bombay, I enjoyed it, AND I'M A VEGAN!! ps...Camera angles were good!

Harold Smith : GREAT video salute! good man - love the love in the family

Alek Dembo : 9:34 his face is priceless. “THEY DEEP FRIED THE F***ING WAGYU” is definitely what’s going on in his head.

Jim Deeds Gym For The Soul : Evan, the camera angle is perfect! This is fast becoming my favourite channel.

Allan : LOL!!!! I love Guga reaction when Angel told him; he deep fried the Wagyu.

David Dorrell : Great job, Angel! Camera angle, was just right!

Josh Stovall : Best video I have ever watched from your channel so far. Aces Angel.

Brian H : LOL Guga's face when Angel tells him how they cooked it.

Jonathan D : Just got a big box from Grand Western! Its Wagyu burger time!!! Thank ya'll for your great videos and introducing me to Wagyu. Keep up the fantastic work