Deep FRIED WAGYU STEAK Experiment!

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Michael DePew : Kind of want to see some of the crazy videos you can't post. 😂

Paul Ramey II : Hahah Guga’s facial expression when Angel said “It was deep fried.” Hahah 😂🤣 Angel did a great job though! 👌🏾

Capaldi News Service : Fry guga's foreskin sous vide

Micah Sumner : Angel and Evan spin-off, Deep Fry Everything?

Alek Dembo : 9:34 his face is priceless. “THEY DEEP FRIED THE F***ING WAGYU” is definitely what’s going on in his head.

Grayald : I thought Guga was going to show up with a gang of sicario

Melissa Corrales : He did a great job!! U guys are very funny and the food looks amazing as usual. 😋

RickyN Morty : Angel kinda looks like 6ix9ine without tattoos

Yaakov Kahan : Thermometer survived the deep fryer?

FOOD PORN - HOME MADE GRILL : Who Is Hungry While Watching This?🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥

Nikos Nadalis : You should post the other videos with Angel

1cculus : CraZy good Experiment. Seriously.

bmorebullets : 7:06 beta males. i'm sure he hit your spot.

Elliot Rook : This physically hurts

Rustam Taldiev : почему нет субтитры на русском языке нахуй

John Vogel : Loved it. Time for a third channel: Angel & Friends.

Mohamed Abdulla : The look on Guga's face made me thought that Guga was gunna make Foie Gras how out of their livers.

Jared C : Are those thermometers rated for frying at 350?!?

SaracatungaX : Well you know people, leave a like so Angel doesn't die

Connor Tierney : Ummmmm im currently eating ramen noodles for dinner sooooo ChIlL WiTh YoUr ExPeNsIvE StEaKs

Ty bot : That was funny. Actually wouldn't mind more clips from him and surprise reactions from you.

TheLegendOfTat : 9:25 when you’re cooking for the family and someone says well done

Robert J. Holtz : Good job, all of you. And the Wagyu looks amazing too. Beef tallow was the key. Tallow not talon.

Warren Stroup : Angel did a great job! I loved Guga’s expression when he realized Angel deep fried a wagyu. Priceless!

rowan julian carrasquilla roldan : Bien por el traductor en tu canal Para los que no hablamos inglés 👍

sean rodriguez : Great vid

phier camargo : pero que loco friendolo en grasa de res aparte esa carne estaria caro wow

HeavyProfessor : One on the left So overcooked

Kids friendly Channel : Thank youuuuu😭 I’ve been looking for this type of vid oml😂😭😆

Endang Rukmana : your nephew angel look like 6ixn9ne

Chicken Fried BBQ : I knew it was going to be money!! Nicely done!!

Robert Hilden : New favorite channel! The family dynamic is really awesome to watch! The fresh ideas and aged knowledge come together perfectly! I didn’t know this wasn’t your own channel, Angel, but I hope you make your own innovative channel! I thought Guga was an older cousin or friend until he got home😂

Michael Weiner : Deep fried wagyu, now only Angel would think of that LOL but honestly, it looks Deeeeeelicious!

Derp : Dinner at Angels Me: what did you co.. Angel: don’t worry bout it just eat Me: yeah but what are we going to ea... Angel: hurry up just eat

TY1979KA : I enjoyed this video and it was fun, love the impro character of it

DaYDreaMz : We need an angel surprise video on sous vide channel lol

Futt Bucker : 09:30 YOU FRIED A WAGYU! :D

Brian H : LOL Guga's face when Angel tells him how they cooked it.

avc8130 : I didn't think Meater could be submerged?


Dustin Jeffrey Platt : _Cooks part of a cow_ 6:22 It was really really beefy. That beef flavor. Ah I see. Go on.

Joel Carranza : I unsubscribed to the channel because of this video

James Ellsworth : Deep frying the steaks in beef tallow was a great experiment! I believe that in the days when Howard Johnson's restaurants were famous, their signature french fried potatoes were also done in beef tallow! The 'Young Team' made a fine video, too!

Lucio linarez Lander : U should dry age in whiskey

BeefPapa : I hope these guys were arrested

Yiğit Onay : hahaha you could have at least hide the fact that frier is brand new :D

Shroud : Guy on the phone: *_Cook all you want as long as you film it._*

P Gar : Raw meat 🖓

AKitchenAdvisor : Deep FRIED WAGYU STEAK Experiment was very adventurous:-) I like your style and clean presentation!!! Keep adding value by publishing new creative and useful videos. Thanks:-)