QUEEN BABY: Food Critic

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sarcasmo57 : Those little cuties look just like dad.

James Morris : I watched this on the city bus...and i farted

Couple That Eats Together : This is super funny 😄

Adam Arroyo : Best video of your collection!

J Meza : Lol damn i almost pissed myself!

XGN NullByte : "I'm a yelper & you're not going to get a good review" XDDDDDDD

Amanda Lee : I nearly choked on my garbage lunch.

Mjandnproduction : And I love this its so funny

282912 1 : 😂🤣😅

Lyle Greig : Better Camera and your channel would explode breh

Effecter Neospi : *THEN I LIE*

Anselmo Oliveira : just piss myself watching this over and over again! see it on 9gag congratulations man you are insane fun

Ordean's : LOL LOL OMG! Hilarious! TFS

Nica Camargo : I just found you on 9gag today!! Good job!!😂😂

Lilia Roberts : I have to be careful when I watch your vids. I opened it early this morning and had to struggle not to LOL and wake everyone up! My husband finally woke up because he thought I was chocking.

Texas Rangers : Saw this on TV today on RightThisMinute. This is hilarious!

Jessica A. : Here from fb! Man you're hilarious


IDemo IDimi : this is hilarious! Thx! :D

Larry W. : This was soo good! Day made.

Emily Purple paws : My dad showed me this and I cried! 😂

pihakamera : No need for paternity test.

LordOfMalice : It was fun. But this is 2017, it's ok to admit that you're a homosexual. my Gaydar was pinging real strong in this video :]

Madelyn Russell : My mom feeds me hot garbage.

benjamin white : this is great

naliuj : more like a tiny anita sarkesian

Goddog Hammerfist : Sup wood! Still funny bro!

Daniel Sandin : It's just so.. Perfect!

Feckless : This is a winning formula holy shit i LOVE IT

Jon Ragnarsson : Justin Roland would have been proud of this dialogue

Blushii : it's kind of unfortunate that you kind of look like Louis CK with all thats happening with him in the news right now...

Melissa Castillo : "This is just hot garbage. Straight hot garbage." I've watched this video so many times and it never gets old.

Christos Echeverria : Dude... This... Is golden

ScrattleGG : Hah! Well done; creative and not something I've stumbled upon in a long time. Keep it up and maybe bring on the weifey as a special guest at time :D

LethalThreat26 : 1:29😂

donbasuradenuevo : 1:00 Seemingly, the elder daughter finished her plate.

Jonas Lecerof : So strange this does not have more views. It is the best this year.

jack finck : @ 0:56 😂😂😂😂😂

Johanna Bjerkaas : I can't stop laughing this is awesome my sister loves the part when one of the little girls says it smells like the devil tooted


Rusty Brooks : How anybody could even consider a thumbs down is beyond me. Your videos are the absolute greatest.

Griffin Castillo : It smells like the devil tooted lit lit it on fire whispered a curse into it sent it up here and put it over a plate. Brooo im dead hahahahahaha

WestkelMusic : love it more than love itself well done sir!

Shakira Diaz : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂i am going to say this at Thanksgiving

Mildred Gonzales : Funnies video ever!!

laura staub : thank you for you and your kids. awesome.

Lacey Perry : My boyfriend had to pat me on the back to breath..

Artie Vaughn : I peed myself XD

MrAdsfsadf : Louis all over again lol

Zakk Wylde : His daughters bear a slight resemblance.