Kanye West & Lil Pump - I Love It (BEST VERSION)

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hmm yes interesting. : Kanye kills it AGAIN! Man, he has such a way with words

StarClones Productions : Does Kanye want to become a meme?

Rob Level : How this the best version when mine is the best version?

Alona Fang : Damn roblox got a big upgrade since I was last on it

Meme City : A lyrical genius

Lil Minus : I thought you would replace the WHOO with oof but it's okay we all make mistakes

DontDoItJake : *Kanye Kayne, Yes Papa?*

DUNT : The reason this is the best version has nothing to do with the lyrics of Kanye. It has everything to do with Lil Pump not rapping.

creamcaek : Shonkity wonk

Versaucey : Every time I look at Kanye, I imagine that photo that a man that looks like him is sucking someones toes

Vic : I'm a sick whoop, I like a quick scoop

Astianatte592 : Shoulders that rival Jojo part 3

kremit the frog : The best version would be no version

Mr. Nice guy : I only listen to music from this generation.

i feel sadness and pain : WHOOP DIDTY *OOF*

Stephaniego61 : Just the right amount of poop di scoop

Michael Morales : *God joined*

Nicolas Garcia : Ok but may someone please explain to me why this guy in the middle of the song begins randomly talking about sparkling water?

Gabriel Lopes : wtf Kanye,very sad and gay,not cool at all.

Olly Nam : someone needs to make a 10 hour version of this

Jaloattel ™ : 9 dislikes from lil pump fans.

Sandice : (EPIC* VERSION)

Delirious323 : fits perfectly 😤😤👌😤😤😤👌😤😤😤😤👌😤😤👌👌👌👌👌😤👌😤👌😤👌👌👌😤👌😤👌😤👌😂😂😤😂😤😂😤😂😤😂😤😂👌😂😂😂😂👌😤👌😤😂😂😂😂👌😂😂😂😤😤👌😤😂😤😂😤😤😂😤👌😂😂😂😂👌👌

Bronze : You don't even need to change the lyrics to meme this song.

Keegan Pyatt : It’s definitely an improvement

wallie1994 : Can you please make a full version? This sounds dank.

Monsieur Bleu Pen : Thank you Matt, very cool.

Uraniumbeevur : It should have been this way from the beginning

Dio Drando : I'm a sick scoop I like the quick poop

Only god Knows : Am i in hell?

Process Red : i love how the song is already bass boosted so u dont even have to do anything there

Political Princess : _poop_

CactusTeam : poopy copp gotwtm f

Joshua Renza : whoop

Diana Diana : shonkywonkydonkey speaking Romanian "Melodie in Centrul Cultural Craiova"

dedpxl : good stuff. I was hoping for a twist ending like he just says "i like my dick sucked" or something but it was kinda predictable. still good though.

Sam : Congratz

Daily Good Vids : Vopddii skoop

Cashew Chestnut : lyrical miracle

ExtremeBlitz : Roblox cosplay

Daily Good Vids : Skupi doop

Lemon Cookie : poopity scoop 😂😂😂

William Kerr : In my opinion, this version is 17648 times better than the original.

The Armadilliest One : Thicc

c f : woopity scoop poop

Mitchell Hang : Godly

KnightroBlue22 : I ain’t even mad

Admirał Hax : Whoop

dedpxl : could have added the lyric where he says "You got a sister-in-law you'd smash? I got four of 'em."

This guy : (Whoop)