Funnel Cake - Short Film

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Thomas Beck : Loved the short film 😍 but miss your blue hair 😉 would love to see a pavlova video 😁

Anna Paula : That's the kind of video that makes you smile from the beggining to the end, so lovely and smart! I don't know why but it seems that this film belongs to a modern version of "new york stories"... And the chopstick trick saves all my deep fried recipes, nice one haha

Naluskay : I've been waiting for this, and I'm not disappointed at all. Keep it up

blubat152 : Robert reminds me of Ji Chang Wook

Julia Lopp : I really liked this video! Your idea of how you want to present and prepare food is really genuine. I’m not sure if you will continue with segments like the goth fashion part, but you have a very innocent and relatable personality, at least when portrayed on camera, and it’s very endearing. Good luck with your channel!

Bobby Torres Jiménez : I would watch any of your videos. But if you make a video going to a korean scrub spa again... trust me. *Instant Viral Video* ❤️😜

Silmi Maryam : i think you still work at buzzfeed?

Theresa Preston : I’d love to see a successful soufflé! You inspired me to make one too. How do you decide on the recipe you’ll use in your videos?

Alan Reyes : Keep it going Rob. Loved the vid. I could watch an entire series of this type content. :)

Phoe. Nix Productions : Rip jar

Tisa Banerjee : Hope you have infinite number of subscribers.

Kat Willarv : Woahh woahh !! Which one is his channel ?

Hitler of emos : Please post more videos on this channel Robin!! Love your videos!!

PrepTalkChic : Now I'm hungry for some funnel cakes! Keep on posting more videos, Robin!

Khairatunnisa Harfa : I can't download this one 😑

Laura Alejandra Manchola Rojas : I would love to see you making a chocolate volcano cake. You see, handsome men and chocolate are a women's favorites things. Keep the videos going, congrats! :)

priya Rai : You're so attractive.. Thank god you made you're own channel..❤❤❤❤ (lots of love from India)❤❤

Marcia Belen : This is a really great and funny video! i hope you can continue with this type of work, new suscriber here waiting for more!

Rain Fall : I like ur video

awc : Okayy ✨👀🌻 you should make jollof, that would be interesting to watch.

Jackie Solis : So awesome I loved watching it!

Surj Banz : Love it Robert! Keep it coming 💛🙌🏽

Seashell Isidoro : Yey! 👍🏻😍😊

Senna H : Super cool video !