when you're trying to play a classical guitar piece but it has a certain ring to it

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hello? yes this is dog to answer my phone go to: http://www.twitter.com/officialyosuto can't believe Francisco Tárrega RIPPED OFF the Nokia Ring Tone😡 original song: NOKIA ring tone (aka Francisco Tárrega - Gran Vals)


Natalie Alfera : Yoooo is that the new iShoe?

Bing Bong : Yosuto's videos are so weird, but clearly *extremely* high quality Personally I feel like he deserves way more subs

Hannah-Grace D : That was chief calling, just to let you know that this is *indeed* it.

kingtylah116 : aggressively smells phone

ebd - : No, this is Patrick.

Matthew Bertrand : I mean, the joke was great, but can we just take a moment to talk about how nice this song is, and how well you played it?

Oliver Noergaard : A certain *ring* to it

David Beeler : 0:11 quick flex right there with those chords

Sofea Ruslan : The shoe phone was such a nice touch. Holy crap this made me laugh so hard. 😂

Batuhan Ezgü : Yosuto... Connecting People.

Yes, i like anime : *QuAliTy CoNtEnT*

Ulol Idiot : It is Shoekia.... Not Ishoe

Ferdinand Zebua : Fransisco Tarrega's Gran Vals.. A wonderful piece 👌

Hulavuta : I'm sure im not the first to point out he looks like Baby Driver

srh rafael : Someone give him an award, this was amazing

Becket de Jesús Gómez Guzmán : I didn't see that coming!! Hahahahahahahahahah you're awesome, dude!!!

Bone Daddy 69420 : Was expecting a hip hop/rap song

Hans : Deutscher Meme-Lord 🤴🏻🔥

Gnusmas : Roses are red, violets are blue, there is always a german, better than you! Rosen sind rot, Veilchen sind blau, es gibt immer 'nen Deutschen, ... Überlegt euch was!

Gnusmas : In welcher Stadt wohnt dein Haus?

Cody Goodwin : Get your thumb away from there your 5th grade guitar teacher would be very dissapointed in you

Alpay Bayraktar : I just love the relatable, all-the-time-confused face Yosuto has. 10/10

Raene : Please tell me I wasn't the only one to think of Get Smart

Pepe Cikan : I can't stop laughing!

RHQ : Nokia would be proud...

I like Supras. : I still remember my Pink Nokia it didn’t have touch screen or internet.

WoL : I didn't have my glasses, and I thought Mark Zuckerberg was playing the guitar on the thumbnail.

Gnusmas : Your editing skills are small, but call!

no1isSafe : Ladies and gentleman, we got him

George_Tilidze : I love this guy. hes so talented and funny. honestly i prefer him more than anyone else in humor.

Jose Carlo Dizon : It's like Seth Everman, but with *H A I R*

1Carnaby : I knew what's coming from the very first chords. You made my day.

skorpioflo : Francisco Tárrega - Gran Vals You're welcome ;)

Nandan Nhandika : is this Noki a reference

Finity : when you only know 3 notes but you gotta set the hood on fire (xxxtentacion - riot)

Six Beer Math : I really hope that's a reference to the original show and not the movie

Edd Kurt : ”Phone is calling” press x to doubt

Du Nicht : Was expecting Despacito. Was waaay better.

Erik Blomgren : When you still use a Nokia phone and is so used to hear that tune every day...

Basil Schreyer : Befor watching i guess its something with Lord of the Rings Edit: okay but it would have been nice ^^'

Sissons CM : The first sub I have made in a while in which the YouTuber genuinely deserves it. Great channel, your content is awesome!

Brianna Johnson : Whelp. Guess I'm subscribed to you now.

Gnusmas : Hast du Instagram?

pgp555 : that shoe smells suspicious

Ariel Afrizal : You made my day young and old man, good stuff :).

Naomi Tiefenbrunn : Thanks for making my whole waking up process tolerable


karishmo : Dude I laugh every time I watch one of your vids from my suggestion box. Time to subscribe!

Edurne Ace : ...certain *ring* to it 👌💖