Henry Rollins - Punk Rock Hyenas - This Is Not Happening - Uncensored
Henry Rollins riffing about the the time he took LSD

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Henry Rollins talks about doing way too much LSD during the early days of Black Flag. Watch full episodes of This Is Not Happening now: http://www.cc.com/shows/this-is-not-h... This Is Not Happening premieres Tuesday, February 23 at 12:30a/11:30c on Comedy Central. Follow Henry Rollins on Twitter: https://twitter.com/henryrollins Theme by Run the Jewels. Purchase the LP here: http://apple.co/1ARsXOf


drunkjim420 : good to see henry still holds a microphone that way.

MrBanditoMan : That chick drove around on 4 dots of LSD let that sink in.

MyCatInABox : My new motto: Unnervingly polite; Capably violent

k a y l e e : _i'll talk to the water_

Paul Dalton : Henry Rollins - that guy is realy intense - How Fcking intense do you have to be for Rollins to call you too intense

grindcoremaniac : Henry Rollins is an awesome speaker, musician, and one of my favorite people of all time.

suhijo : I guess the guy Henry is talking about is Chuck Dukowski

Art Life : “I need to acquire some LSD” -Henry Rollins

Ryan Jones : is Henry Rollins' Bill Nye the science guy's older angry brother?

Theomite : CHUCK: Henry? HENRY: Yes? CHUCK: One day, God will die. We will write the song and he will kill himself. And we will celebrate...with plantains and mescaline. HENRY: ...Yes...sir.

Jay Quek : He always looks like butch hartman and jim carrey combined

Evan Riser : someone needs to animate this

Klaus VonSturmgeist : Why do drugs when you can laugh at people's stories of them doing drugs lol

Gabi : “Are you a cop?” “NEVER.” I love that oh my god. 😂

AFTimeLord : "I'm very polite, and that throws people off." Rollins is like a Canadian stuck inside a Manchunian's body.

StArBuRsT : Acid Proof could be a song or album title

Jack Bundy : "Tell her about death," XD actually works

Daniel : Interviewer: How much milk do these cows give? Farmer: Which one? The Black one or the brown one? Interviewer: Brown one. Farmer: A couple of litres per day. Interviewer: And the black one? Farmer: A couple of litres per day. Interviewer(naturally a bit flummoxed): I see. What do you give them to eat? Farmer: Which one? Black or brown? Interviewer: Black. Farmer: It eats grass. Interviewer: And the other one? Farmer: Grass. Interviewer(now annoyed) : Why do you keep asking which one when the answers are the same?! Farmer: Because the black one’s mine. Interviewer: Oh, and the brown one? Farmer: It’s also mine

Will Gold : Rollins the OG Boy Scout on acid... what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall

DelinkventeN : That is the most epic story i've heard yet in my lifetime... and I strongly suspect it's just because Henry Rollins told it. It's just amazing how he hooks you into a story.

Roxana Salahshoor : "I'm eating an infants head." Hahaha!

Human Person : Henry Rollins should play Cable in the X-Men universe... Along side Deadpool!

Cause Fuckit : Anyone remember him in Sons of Anarchy?

inglesidecatamaran : 8:32 a couple of OUNCES?!?!?!? HAHAHA!!!!

infoaddict84 : this was way better than what i initially thought it would be. funny dude.

Brandon Sideleau : Gotta be Dukowski that Henry is talking about

Pat Morgan : Tell her about death hahaha

Victoria Allen : He's so freaking adorable.

dexterquotidian : I just got to know him because of "He never died" and I cannot get enough of him! So original... even if you do not agree with him he s awesome to listen to

2xkiller : "I'm unnervingly polite but I'm also capably violent.” - Henry Rollins Me in one sentence.. NICE!!

Johar Ali : Henry Rollins sounds *a lot* like Bob Odenkirk And I love it

Nicholas Molinaro : "tell her about death" lmaooo! Wasn't expecting Henry to be funny but this bit is hilarious!

zachary939 : You're living next to your own mind. Best description I've ever heard.

SodaPopSD - : he talks like Patrick Bateman!

Wizard of Depression : Henry Rollins: Sexually confusing straight men since 1981

vernon ward : I'm gonna get real acquainted with top ramen noodles LMFAO that shit was so funny

MIngalls : Food is disgusting on LSD. Lets go get a hamburger is the last thing anyone would say lmao

Jon Lamonte : ... I'll talk to the water. I'm weak

billyblackattacks : the only rule is... I get to watch

Taylor Downs : Run...Run..Run the Jewels

D Sandoval : "keep your mouth shut, and your eyes and ears open" That's a lesson I've heard a few times on the street from different people. It's a good lesson that will allow you to learn a lot and learn quick, but only once you can keep your own pride in check.

MyBrainEatsEverything : I love this guy! I've been a fan since the Rollins Band days. He's super smart, funny, eloquent, and handsome. He's also very intense! This is now one of my favorite quotes from anybody ever: "I'm unnervingly polite but I'm also capably violent.” - Henry Rollins And yes, he is indeed still an asshole. ;-)

David Fourman : I just noticed how much Henry Rollins sounds like Wayne Coyne. I mean, like, exactly like him.

Howard Treesong : Henry Rollins is the truck that went through its brakes, it’s a 20% incline, there’s no brake zone and he’s loaded with something that will explode on contact with air.

Scrub Reads To You : I love you Henry.

Marshall Applewhite : Here we go :) *on acid now*

Eric Sirias : FYI Chuck Dukowski is that amazing intellect from Black Flag that he was referencing in his story.👍

Eric Kruckenberg : *Tell Her About Death* If thats not a bestselling book title I don't know what is.

Tumdéaux : I just realized that the shiny golden pole Rollins is standing next to is a stripper pole :)