Henry Rollins - Punk Rock Hyenas - This Is Not Happening - Uncensored

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k a y l e e : _i'll talk to the water_

Daniel : Interviewer: How much milk do these cows give? Farmer: Which one? The Black one or the brown one? Interviewer: Brown one. Farmer: A couple of litres per day. Interviewer: And the black one? Farmer: A couple of litres per day. Interviewer(naturally a bit flummoxed): I see. What do you give them to eat? Farmer: Which one? Black or brown? Interviewer: Black. Farmer: It eats grass. Interviewer: And the other one? Farmer: Grass. Interviewer(now annoyed) : Why do you keep asking which one when the answers are the same?! Farmer: Because the black one’s mine. Interviewer: Oh, and the brown one? Farmer: It’s also mine

Nicholas Molinaro : "tell her about death" lmaooo! Wasn't expecting Henry to be funny but this bit is hilarious!

Jason Bean : I worked security at a show where Rollins was an opening act. I was in the pit. he leaned over me and a few drops of sweat fell on me. a punk rock baptism, you might say.

AFTimeLord : "I'm very polite, and that throws people off." Rollins is like a Canadian stuck inside a Manchunian's body.

grindcoremaniac : Henry Rollins is an awesome speaker, musician, and one of my favorite people of all time.

Jay Quek : He always looks like butch hartman and jim carrey combined

drunkjim420 : good to see henry still holds a microphone that way.

suhijo : I guess the guy Henry is talking about is Chuck Dukowski

StArBuRsT : Acid Proof could be a song or album title

Ryan Jones : is Henry Rollins' Bill Nye the science guy's older angry brother?

2xkiller : "I'm unnervingly polite but I'm also capably violent.” - Henry Rollins Me in one sentence.. NICE!!

Klaus VonSturmgeist : Why do drugs when you can laugh at people's stories of them doing drugs lol

Cause Fuckit : Anyone remember him in Sons of Anarchy?

MrBanditoMan : That chick drove around on 4 dots of LSD let that sink in.

MIngalls : Food is disgusting on LSD. Lets go get a hamburger is the last thing anyone would say lmao

DelinkventeN : That is the most epic story i've heard yet in my lifetime... and I strongly suspect it's just because Henry Rollins told it. It's just amazing how he hooks you into a story.

Human Person : Henry Rollins should play Cable in the X-Men universe... Along side Deadpool!

Pat Morgan : Tell her about death hahaha

billyblackattacks : the only rule is... I get to watch

Brandon Sideleau : Gotta be Dukowski that Henry is talking about

infoaddict84 : this was way better than what i initially thought it would be. funny dude.

Roxana Salahshoor : "I'm eating an infants head." Hahaha!

Gladiator Gaming : Glad the series is back, Ari is a talented comedian and deserves all the praise he gets for making this awesome show

George Mason : Awe man I forgot how much I loved taking acid. You ever feel like your buzz is pretty much gone, then you look at the sky or something and everything's just like... blahhhh (for lack of a better word). Down side is I can still feel the floor breathing under my feet sometimes, and I have panic attacks now lol

thanethagreat : Rollins is the fucking man, this is awesome

Will Gold : Rollins the OG Boy Scout on acid... what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall

Jon Lamonte : ... I'll talk to the water. I'm weak

James Ashford : Swear he said he'd never done drugs before, must have been the only time I guess...

Obediah Abisua : bad ass intro, amazing story. can't wait for the rest! uncle joey where you at?!

SodaPopSD - : he talks like Patrick Bateman!

Jack Bundy : "Tell her about death," XD actually works

Aaron Purtell : Best Comedy Series Ever. Period.

Cheetah Thunders. : Why does Rollins, when telling the story of joining BF, always leave out the fact that he was already a hardcore punk singer who had put out some records, with SOA? (State of Alert btw... I know, its a coincidence that he was later in Sons of Anarchy). He makes it sound like Flag recruited him from Hagaan Daaz because they coiuld just tell he would be a good hardcore shouter... I actually like his vocals best in SOA. Obviously it was a footnote compared to the important BF material, but it was a better fit IMO, and I prefer Flag's earlier singers for that band.

Taylor Downs : Run...Run..Run the Jewels

dexterquotidian : I just got to know him because of "He never died" and I cannot get enough of him! So original... even if you do not agree with him he s awesome to listen to

charles rose : he killed this set :)

Leonard Nemoy : Definitely talking about Chuck. The crazy but nice guy, sleeveless shirts, and really intellectual. Watch the decline of western civilization, Chuck said he went to college and studied psychobiology and did brain operations. So yeah, I'd say he's super smart

CrackThoseClaws : TIP: always swallow the blotters. LSD works even if swallowed, the new research chemicals do not. So this is a safe way to know whether you got LSD or something else.

SoldierMaster100 : is it me or does Henry rollings look like a crazy older Robert Sean Leonard, ya know guy that played Wilson on house M.D.

ScrubLeagueTV : I love you Henry.

Evan Riser : someone needs to animate this

aske___ : so...Clint Eastwood was his band mate

Skittles McStabbypants : It's like some sort of cosmic rule that the first time you take LSD you have to take too much. I did three hits my first time.

daniel514ish : Henery rollins is the coolest man on earth

Jeremy : Henry Rollins really is the man.

Larval Stage : Henry, this is silly. Get back in the van.

Rebecca Monsour : I'm unervingly polite. But also violent. Yup.

Eadlyn June : Dude if I’m being honest, some dude comes up to me and says “hello flower child, before the streets run red with blood...let’s get down.” I’d be into it. Also I’ve never related to the someone more in my life. Like the “I’m crazy but I’m also polite.” Like I don’t think I’d ever do LSD because I’ve seen what those kinda drugs can do to people, mostly if your family has an addictive personality. I feel like if I got on something like that I’d never stop so I’m not gonna. Totally really with the rest of it though.

Guy : He's not even a comedian.. he just tells stories..