Eddie Vedder- National Anthem Live at NBA Finals

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SecularSloth : Eddie looked hot in this. Whoever the camera centered on in the beginning... looked like a prick.

larryjohnny : Costas is such a tool.. Ok so the spotlights on Eddie for a minute... just chill Bob! Stop throwing a fit/tantrum... lol

Clorox Bleach : Love how he didn't belt it all out exaggerating like most singers do. He's pretty cute in this too. If only the people in the background would shut up so I can hear his beautiful voice haha

Kevin Keene : That is how it should be done. Be humble while singing it. Beautiful!

ehcszteinhcirdeirf : Eddie Vedder & Michael Jordan, my favorite gringos.

lunarfriday : I love his twist at the end. Big smile on my face right now. :-D And btw, eff Bob Costas big time.

emil tucker-orr : I wanted to hear a snarl in there somewhere

S .M P : Best singer on Earth

hisvorpalsword : Kinda looks like Adam Lambert

Den Boe : Man...... almost unbelievable..... the charisma of this dude.... The crowd almost breaks up the Anthem. The crowd stole the whole first verse in "BETTER MAN" New York. You tube that too! Whew!

Random : omg young Vedder is so cute. I love watching these grunge gods during the 90s, they have evolved so much!

maybenot76 : Rude prick. What ever happened to hand over heart and not moving around. Bob and his cronies know better. Love Eddie!!

gpuppy1234 : I thought it was gonna sound more powerful

Tom T : How did he know they lyrics??? Was that a serious question? Every American with a brain knows the lyrics

bladerunner1b : Ahh the Yield era, one of my favs

Will Braden : this is from 1998, Xallel. and who ever said the word "proud" but you? you are clearly confused.

Will Braden : you are completely confused.

DavoBirmingham2 : BOB COSTAS!!!!!!!!!

Joe V : reddupo, true

Axeman89 : Man that takes balls!

iammagicmike : so what he sang it in a different key, you know why cause he's a baritone and like that other person pizza said probably didn't want to risk embarrassing himself by trying to reach higher. So yeah I'd rather someone actually practice and and put some thought into how the performance will sound, instead of forgetting the words and singing out of key like Christina. who is no better icon than yourself.

Launerfilms : No, I have EARS!

wrnchhead : you should be shot.

Ivan Gray : @eqsmooth Lol, who told you the thundering voice was a must have. You can sing it whatever the fuck you feel like it.

Ivan Gray : @FenrirLycan I wonder how difficult can it be to just enjoy a song without competing....

wrnchhead : being anti bush automatically gives a person a bonus of 75 iq points due to being able to read and comprehend simple concepts

TooNu : This takes balls, and one of the few times it was sung awesomely

RowJoe47 : Your mum's ass.

Peace Bro : bob costas= jagoff...

deepcreep98 : You like eating shit haha.

Savannah Rodgers : Bob Costas is a prick for that. Oh well, I love Eddie Vedder!

1900maniac : read FlannelTuke's comment

Devin Argall : hell effin yeah!

Jonathann Launer : Is exactly what Vetter's voice sounds like!

Troy Nelson : You Republican?

tsumiZang : LOVE him!

Michael Guerra : Why'd you do this one so low key, Eddie? You coulda blew the roof off the place if you sung it like Release?!?!

deepcreep98 : Damn it i accidentally gave you a thumbs up. I meant to reply: Sing it yourself, post it, then hestermoffit from above can eat your iconic shit.


akeagleTL : I wish people would shut up while their singing

MG Phenom : oh man that cracks me up.. Bob Costas is my hero as far as sports broadcasters go.. so I was really happy to see he's gone through that same ordeal. Thats what happened first time I did a game for TV. Great stuff thanks for posting it up on the youtube

jamiekrista : God must have been on a good mood on the day he made this guy, that's for sure.

Bigtime1998 : It was 1996 finals vs. the SuperSonics. Great job. Different, but good and interesting. Too many people do the Anthem the same boring way and it's great to hear someone do it different but still powerful and respectful.

jocorocket : Very humble version indeed and beautiful. Costas suck my Johnson!

JoeyClimax : hey costas, you lost us!

demetrios4voto : bliah..

Carrie3840 : Eddie should sing the national anthem at next years Superbowl.

PearlJamGirl627 : He's so adorable, he finishes singing and is he's like "Ok, here's the mic, I'm outta here" lol I just love how he has the mic cable all bundled up too! :D Eddie Rocks.

Mariachi94 : lmao. Maybe he's more of a fan of emo-rock?

Mariachi94 : American Hero! Wow, I didn't think he would be able to pull it off without it sounding lame, but Ed did it!