Eddie Vedder- National Anthem Live at NBA Finals

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Clorox Bleach : Love how he didn't belt it all out exaggerating like most singers do. He's pretty cute in this too. If only the people in the background would shut up so I can hear his beautiful voice haha

Kevin Keene : That is how it should be done. Be humble while singing it. Beautiful!

SecularSloth : Eddie looked hot in this. Whoever the camera centered on in the beginning... looked like a prick.

S .M P : Best singer on Earth

larryjohnny : Costas is such a tool.. Ok so the spotlights on Eddie for a minute... just chill Bob! Stop throwing a fit/tantrum... lol

lunarfriday : I love his twist at the end. Big smile on my face right now. :-D And btw, eff Bob Costas big time.

emil tucker-orr : I wanted to hear a snarl in there somewhere

gpuppy1234 : I thought it was gonna sound more powerful

Cinthia Anhesini : Adoro a gritaria quando as pessoas percebem quem está cantando! haha I love yelling when people realize who's singing! Haha

jocorocket : Very humble version indeed and beautiful. Costas suck my Johnson!

A. Ian Steward : Is it just me, or at this point (1998) doesn't Vedder look like he has the same hairstyle as Dave Krusen did?

Stephen Herrington : Hasn't he recently started kneeling and taking a knee during the national anthem now tho??

Jerome Espaldon : I came here to hear Eddie Vedder singing the Anthem. I just need to wash off the abomination that was Fergie.

ehcszteinhcirdeirf : Eddie Vedder & Michael Jordan, my favorite gringos.

bladerunner1b : Ahh the Yield era, one of my favs

Tom T : Oh, cool -- A gay joke! Eddie Vedder would hate you

Den Boe : Man...... almost unbelievable..... the charisma of this dude.... The crowd almost breaks up the Anthem. The crowd stole the whole first verse in "BETTER MAN" New York. You tube that too! Whew!

y33llowsubmarin : Because he's Eddie Vedder, Michael and he can do it any damn way he wants Dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

cvslootfan21 : Eddie did a perfectly fine rendition of the National Anthem.. Bob Costas is a total puke...

maybenot76 : I hope you and Costas will be happy together

Tom T : How did he know they lyrics??? Was that a serious question? Every American with a brain knows the lyrics

Tom T : why?

Tom T : He's an extremely friendly guy

Tom T : Why is he an ass?

Tom T : You're a fool

Tom T : He wasn't announcing, so therefore, wasn't annoyed. Try again

Tom T : You're a clown

Michael Guerra : Why'd you do this one so low key, Eddie? You coulda blew the roof off the place if you sung it like Release?!?!

Laura Seara : Eddie, el himno uruguayo es precioso. Estás invitado a cantarlo en la cancha de Aguada.

maybenot76 : In the past that is. I am appalled at those who are not standing with rt. hand over their heart. Games are a good place to set the standard,but it is bad anymore. Eddie did a great job vocal change is not easy but he was a pro!!

maybenot76 : Mike did a great solo of our National Anthem. Just listened to it .Great!!!

maybenot76 : Short man looking for his stool to announce babble from. Disrespectful jerk. Where was the respect from the ones standing around Bob. Bob up and kiss my ass!!

maybenot76 : WELL SAID

maybenot76 : Rude prick. What ever happened to hand over heart and not moving around. Bob and his cronies know better. Love Eddie!!

Shawn Hakimi : people couldnt even contain their cheers....goosbumps

Joey Klez : This is by far my favorite youtube video of all time~ive prob watched it 100 times....cant wait for PEARL JAM WRIGLEY 7•19•13

Vituia Seymour : I dare Jesus to do better....

DavoBirmingham2 : BOB COSTAS!!!!!!!!!

deepcreep98 : Damn it i accidentally gave you a thumbs up. I meant to reply: Sing it yourself, post it, then hestermoffit from above can eat your iconic shit.

deepcreep98 : You like eating shit haha.

Vhaldemar90 : Embarrassing. Singing the anthem of the most imperialist country in the world? Fuck you Vedder.

Templar blood slovkia : your life is a fail when you say creed is better then pearl jam..its like saying you like eating shit..

Kimberly Byrom : Ahhhhh. My Eddie. Beautifully done. The cameraman should be shot.

Hestermoffit : I love Eddie and i always thought Stapp from creed,who i cant stand,sucked as a vocalist compared to Eddie,it pains me to say this,believe me,but after watching both sing the anthem within 2 months of each other,i hate to say this,but Stapp is better.

Vick Mackey : I just listened to Eddie sing the national anthem and I think it one of the most beautiful versions I have ever heard.I totally agree with truenrfindshome that he sang it with respect and didn't make some big show of it. He is so humble and as the truent that was without any instrmentation. Hey mike rogers i guess you would rather have some phoney like beyonce lip syncing her POS behind and making it it all about her and not the anthem wheras Eddie sang for real and without fanfare .Bless you EV

ced_mn : Too much Bob Costas

Mike Rogers : This guy is horrible!

Alex Orozco : Everyone sings the national anthem in a different key, asshole! People do it so that way the song fits their voice adequately. It does not matter what key you sing a song in if you are not accompanied by instruments.

ed ved : anyone talking crap about Eddie only likes turds in the dirt bee bop non thought provoking music. take 1 hour out of your so busy life and listen to Backspacer. Real music with passion even after 20 years. Played the Anthem with respect and didn't make a show out of it!

frelkarox : bob costas hates america.