The 'ALF' When He Dated A Blind Woman

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Funny Or Die : Previously on A Very Special Episode: The 'Mr. Belvedere' when that kid got AIDS

Rachel : “bust him out so he can bust a nut”

reaper Green : DID I STUTTER BLIND!

Dashiell Driscoll : Welcome to A Very Special summer

The Frugal Man LA : “Because the dating scene in LA is really this bad.” Truth.

Italian Mainer : Extraterresticles

Steve Martino : Don't try to watch ALF now, it'll ruin your childhood memories

Softened : This and Zack Morris is Trash are the only reasons I'm subscribed to this channel

Tickety Blue : I was such a TV sitcom hoe when I was a kid. I watched everything. Alf was my jam.

Roy Thingamajig : Best catfish story I’ve ever seen

DaBirdman1989 : Don't ever stop these. Or calling out that piece of trash.

Darragh Gray : 'Jodie's blind!' (queue laugh track)

faith destiny : Extra Terrestical Im Dying 😂

Italian Mainer : Like if you were alive when Alf was on airing on television.

sleepwalkerII : Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, did i stutter blind 😂

Hans Gruber : Wasn't every episode of Alf very special?

enjoyitbro : Jodi used to be able to see, the reason shes blind is cause Zack Morris is trash

Mark Fantasia : Thank god! My life has been crap for 2 weeks since ZMIT finished.

ElEternoPoetaLuis : Did ALF tap that?

James Dixon : She'll bust him out, so he can bust a nut.

Antonio Leonard : There were so many more layers to ALF that I missed as a kid. Also, I'm glad that they never showed is extra terresticles.

Just another O.E.F. Combat Vet : And Lost in Translation ripped off season one of ALF😂😂

Alex Mott : This series is even better than Zack Morris Is Trash

Chase Warman : I hope you guys do the boy meets world episode where they make a sexy cardboard cut out in I think a dare war

Mr. W : You really teased us with the idea that this was going to end with, “But we never see her again. Because she probably fucking killed herself.” It veered *so* close!

av3maria : “...And becomes urgently concerned about her cat hair situation” line killed me

Nyah Catherine : *extraterresticles* edit: thank you for correcting me person in the comments

Darkb4light 06 : Blast farts with her bestie. Lol How long til Zack Morris is Traaash?

Dan John : Extra Terresticals. I need to make that a thing...

MrAtown3057 : "Alf eats pussy.................................😶"

Oh Snap!!! : They didn't live in The Valley. They lived in Riverside, which is worse.

Marc Guerra : Not a new Zack Morris is Trash Episode? I ain’t even mad

Bri Menson : His guts stuffed with uncle Sam's scalpel. 😂😂😂

john obrien : Thank the gods this is back

FuzzzWuzzz : Wait, so who decorated Jodie's apartment and set up picture frames? She's there alone, so who's meant to see them. I haven't seen a blind parson's apartment, but I'd imagine it would be more function over form.

Hannah Jensen : I about lost my shit when i saw this! Season 2 let's gooooo!

Banana Fanafoferry : “Cuz the dating scene in LA is really this bad”....all of California I’d say.

pushup daisies : Wearing the same disguise the ninja turtles use to see a movie

B Nelson : “She vows to bust him out, so he can bust a nut.” 😹😹😹

Word Unheard : 🎶 ALF Tanner eats caaaaats 🎶

I am alive. : ALF feels "that" because he wants to feel her.

likeyeahwhatever : I found this episode so cute when I first saw it as a teen, it made me look the show differently, glad you made me remember it

smokeymcpot210 : Lol 'extraterresticles'


Sweetest Potato : Take notes people, we can all learn a bit about dating from this *ALF*a male

AMReed8 : Remember when ALF wrote a love song for the daughter Lynn? I would have turned him into the gov't ASAP if an alien wanted to plot on my teen daughter.

tom darko : You should do an episode of Degrassi I would die

Autopsy Boys TV : I’ve missed these. 😊

Floymin : Zack Morris is Trash aka How Many Times Did Zack Morris Con His Way Out Of Responsibility? Answer: Every Single Freakin' Episode!

Stacy Stroker : Super horny for friendship 😁😁😁