JACKIE CHAN Shows You How to Fight with Random Objects

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IGN : Let us know what other objects Jackie should fight with!

InfiniteXe : The legend of all legends

Weird VidZ : How win a fight with Jackie chan Tip no 1 - don't fight with him Tip no 2 - don't fight with him Tip no 3 - don't fight with him.......

Rogue Seraph : It's simply impossible to hate this man 😁

Matt Underwood : Lol Jackie be like: First you go pow pow pow the thing go skrrraaaaa! Pop pop pop pop pop! Skipidoopopop!!

Jutz Faust : a 60 year old jackie chan can destroy your a$$ using a used napkin

Ewan Callister : Face it if you’re in a fight with Jackie Chan you are going to lose

Kelvin Martinez : RULE NUMBER 1 never fight Jackie chan while your around objects rule number 2 never wear your tides or you belts.rule number 3 YOU SHOULD NEVER fight Jackie chan at all.

Bayek of siwa : The man the myth the legend Jackie chan back in action

Unlucky Benny : I saw The Foreigner yesterday. It was damn good. If you guys are going in expecting a "Jackie Chan" film, please don't. This movie is not a typical action flick. It is a very good movie with action sequences. Its a thriller I guess is the best explanation. Very political.

AkiraTheGodEater : This man has had a legendary career :) i'm going to watch the foreigner tonight

H. Kazuhira : We need a proper Jackie Chan game and I think Naughty Dog are the perfect guys to do it.

IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez : This must have his official TV show.

TheGeek PS4 Gaming : And I expected some real guide😂

Jacob Shabazz : I got a fight after school, this isn't gonna help at all.

General Diaz : I love Jackie

GODSPEED 33 : Yah Yah Yah, Yah Pow, then I go away... -JC Legend

Johnathan Cazares : I love how Jackie use weapons in movies.

IceDogg03 : Has anyone tried calling the number at the end??

jazy921 : Too bad the next generation won't have their own Jackie Chan, he's like one of a kind

Darren : I really enjoyed this and especially liked the VHS feel you gave to the video, thanks IGN!

Master Splinter : Awesome, Jackie Chan has returned.

mero maya beylght ko khaire ho ra bolamaya amar 6 : If incident occured as this i will used these technique love you jacke chan my idol respect warm love from NEPAL

dot : This was amazing. I need to see him fight with a roll of toilet paper.

game beast : jackie is the best

Rai Hanzo : Hey jackie, when are we gonna have jackie chan adventures?

Nate Landherr : The number you provided actually works

Johnathan Cazares : Jackie Chan is a legend.

Receive : Meme asfuck xD

damon washington : I swear Jackie's the best😂😂😂

OhhFree : POW... BOOM

TranscendingPolygons : Best IGN video

Angel Perez : I'm so happy Jackie's back in the spotlight

EndLessDream : master of dynamic fighting huge fan of his movies. much love jackie chan

internetmaster1 : Jackie deserves his own IGN show.

Francisco Covarrubias : Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber could have used the toilet seat self defense!

ElvenTime : That cut to him randomly singing though. Hahahahah! Great editing, great video.

Der Jugo. : See I do this and he do the atshu see now i hurt with this

MidisG82 : did anyone call up that number?

Agenu Oxydin : What prompted this? I love Jackie, but this is abit random from IGN

Javy Perez : He can probably hurt you with a raw egg without cracking it 😂

Eastfist : Awesome spoof, IGN! That insert of Jackie's old music was brilliant!!! LOL

The One Who Is Better Than You : IGN hires ethnic people!!!! ...to get beat up by other ethnic people 🤔???

justƿlɅy : I wish there is someone can fight like Jacky Chan & Jet Li.

LabyrinthX : The old VHS effect was so spot on, especially the old video bleed-through. Just perfect.

WYNOLLO TV : Yes he just stopped a guy with sticker.😍😍😍❤❤❤

VanMedia : do the achooo...got it jackie.

Varag Varag : Jackie Chan still the man!

Hamish Sharp-McClymont : Seems a bit violent for youtube

Akz : teach me master 🙏