Tang Dynasty Marble Lion | Vintage Albuquerque | Preview

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Dick Trickle : all these old people have items worth a quadrillion dollars and they aren't even going to be able to spend the money when they die next week please have all of your mothers and grandmothers contact DT (me) on youtube private message and i will marry them (no prenup)

Sheldon Miller : I think the appraiser is very passionate about what he does for a living, and was moved by something he was able to see in person which before he only saw in books and in museums. Seeing a 1,500 year old sculpture in person and being able to appraise it, when that's your livelihood, must be a really incredible experience.

Nico The Rabbit : I met an Asian girl today with the last name of "China" ------------ It was her made-in name

Bill Bingham : I would never sell tha- "it's worth 120 to 180 thousand..."- SOLD!!!!!

// osivot : It Belongs In a Museum!

ho2cultcha : i would think it would be worth more than that today. is that because there are so few comps out there?

You can't leave this empty. : Looks like the thing from Ghostbusters put its mouth up to a bathroom hand dryer.

Peter Lohnes : Get your acidic fingers off of it

moreofawave : I would not want to keep an item worth that much for it to be stolen or destroyed in an earthquake. I would sell it and give my progeny the money instead or maybe even college funds or down payment help for a house etc. This stuff is for rich people to keep (where they have it insured etc.).

Fritz Keller : Is that fude.crying?

Tracy Tracy : Wait, no commenters have accused the racist white people of stealing it yet?

Brian Nguyen : It looks fake

Kevin Viennetta : Aww 😢

Maureen Rohr : The appraisers are not allowed to solicit items from people who bring in things to show. If it is museum quality, and unless you have a home worthy of such a piece, I would sell it so more people could enjoy the history and beauty of the piece.

Vagina Doctor : God bless this man for being so passionate about art.

Tara LS : Always loved this appraisal. Seeing how emotional he got, is something special.

Physics Only : she doesn't seemed that surprised

Olof Persson : "mhm, aha, uuh yeah? really?..... how much can I get for it?"

fug off : I wish there was something in life I felt so passionate about that it would bring me to tears - maybe the mexican weather girl, but that's about it

TriggerCurtis : So why is he crying?

bryan soe : if that was mozart making his audience cry, he would've said, "HAH! i made you cry"

Shawn Barbour : the womans expresion is horrible

Jon Irenicus : How bout you stop touching it with your dirty hand. Why won't they wear some gloves!?

OrganicStuff1 : It’s a piece of rock wtf

spinfrost : Who else wanted to see him drop it by accident?

Phillguy : WFT she just says "wow"!

Yugan Dali : 怎麼可能是明朝的?看一眼就是唐!

John Izquierdo : I would've tried to sell it to him right there.

Julian Akaia : it looks like donkey doodoo