Tang Dynasty Marble Lion | Vintage Albuquerque | Preview

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Barry Ryan : How wonderful to see an expert almost brought to tears by the art he loves...

The Wraith : "Pawn Stars" would probably say...."I can only give ya $5000 for it....okay, $5,500 but that's as high I'll go, take it or leave it."

Tyler Jackman : This was just "lion" arournd the house.

Tara LS : Always loved this appraisal. Seeing how emotional he got, is something special.

Randall Marsh : When he turned it over for proof I thought he was going to show the "Made in China" emblem...............

Astro Mars : Your grand parents picked it up...more like your grand parents looted China....

Bill Bingham : I would never sell tha- "it's worth 120 to 180 thousand..."- SOLD!!!!!

Colin Underwood : Great video. These people are usually quiet stoic but to see his emotion and passion getting him choked up is pretty special.

Peter Lohnes : Get your acidic fingers off of it

// osivot : It Belongs In a Museum!

Etta Buffet : is that all it is worth? I was bracing myself for millions.....

GordoWG1 WG1 : OK, some of you don't seem to have grasped that this is a 16 year old recording and, as such, it does not reflect current pricing for these types of antiquites - with the increasing numbers of very wealthy Chinese buying back their treasures, it might be comfortably into the 7 figure range is it came onto the market. As has been pointed out, marble is a strong, resistant material and is relatively impervious to handling damage.

Charlie Caldosa : The best I could do is 50...

Downswing Player : I have two of those in my garden.

Erickson Cabral : Appraiser was awestruck by the piece... imagine how old that is? But is still in perfect condition like it was crafted yesterday!

Chris Piper : What people don't understand is, pieces like this are the Holy Grail to historians like this guy is. It's like a treasure hunter finding a lost buried treasure or sunken ship after 40 years of eating, sleeping, living, dreaming of that day.

Jun Gleno : She bought it in Home Depot garden department. Ha ha...Fooled him.

Dresden Black : She’s gonna take it back and put it on the window ledge in her mobile home.

Some Young Guy : When he put it near the edge of the table all I could think of was it falling off.

Jon Irenicus : How bout you stop touching it with your dirty hand. Why won't they wear some gloves!?

DoctorCreepy : Sold!

yvonneost12 : I'd be selling it and getting new teeth LOL myself ( but thats just me )

coc0s : It would make a nice doorstop.

SamIAm : love how they have it at the edge of the table. and touching it without gloves.

Danny Reyna : Wow!!! Made in China!!!!

You can't leave this empty. : Looks like the thing from Ghostbusters put its mouth up to a bathroom hand dryer.

NJtuber88 : She should br a gangsta and hit it with a hammer in front of him and say I dont need it....I'd rather destroy it than let it bring happiness to others!!!

Jason Rhodes : The lady could care less about the art she just wants to know what it's worth.

C Charles : I knew it was special when the appraiser started to get emotional.

moreofawave : I would not want to keep an item worth that much for it to be stolen or destroyed in an earthquake. I would sell it and give my progeny the money instead or maybe even college funds or down payment help for a house etc. This stuff is for rich people to keep (where they have it insured etc.).

Nature Sounds : The bottom says Made in China

spinfrost : Who else wanted to see him drop it by accident?

Mystic Mac : Doesn’t seem like it’s worth much. 120 - 250k for a piece you can’t get anymore from the “golden” era. Seems low to me. I was thinking over 500K or more

Maureen Rohr : The appraisers are not allowed to solicit items from people who bring in things to show. If it is museum quality, and unless you have a home worthy of such a piece, I would sell it so more people could enjoy the history and beauty of the piece.

Physics Only : she doesn't seemed that surprised

Olof Persson : "mhm, aha, uuh yeah? really?..... how much can I get for it?"

Brian Nguyen : It looks fake

Heidi Pogner-Schultz : I have a degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Chinese history, and I find this awe inspiring as well. I would be hesitant to return the piece China as yet. Keep in mind, there are actually quite a few of pieces like this, only most were safeguarded during the Cultural Revolution. However, seeing a piece fall into the hands of a "peasant," or basically an everyday person with no political ties, is not common. I like this. I personally have no issue with her family having it. It would be impossible to find the ancestors of the masonworker. It was essentially a small piece liberated before a chance of being destroyed.

Mystery Buyer : I like it how a lot of people don't want to sell. For me that is an unthinkable amount of money and that statue is a door stop.

John I : I would've tried to sell it to him right there.

Nick Coudounellis : It looks creepy

Shawn Barbour : the womans expresion is horrible

Athletic Freedom : I though it was going to be worth millions. Kinda disappointed.

Chima Nnadi : Why get it appraised if you don’t want to sell🤯

chucknchar T : I got one.

O P A L Z : She must be so rich. She doesn't even budge when he tells her how much it's worth.

Mark Turnbull : I might have well been 1970 dinestry

Fritz Keller : Is that fude.crying?

StarKnight619 : FINALLY been looking for this, for a while

kubel83 : At one point I was “ oh please don’t drop it”