10 Impossible Goals Scored By Lionel Messi That Cristiano Ronaldo Will Never Ever Score | HD

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Mohammed Tanvir : Amazing video! Messi is the greatest no doubt about that! He's incomparable!

Chonary Ajmal : If you are a messi fan Then hit a like 👇

susmitha muni swamy : If u like messi drop a like

MastiNox : Are there still people comparing Messi to Cristiano? Jesus, there is nothing to compare I don't understand why we have to explain what is common sense. Is the argument goals? Then Pele and Romario would laugh rolling on the floor right now. Is the argument athleticism? Then Clarence Zeedorf would laugh even harder whenever CR7 lifts his shirt. My point is, people keep bringing indifferent arguments like the above in their effort to compare CR to Messi. Whoever has eyes without fanboy glasses, empathy or simply hate can tell that Messi is the best footballer humanity has ever witnessed. End of story, it isn't funny anymore.

Tanvir Ahmed : No hate but... What Messi did at 19 years of age, Still it is a dream for any footballer on Earth... Including Ronaldo, Neymar

Diego Alive : Cr7 robot Messi alien

Moises Cervantes : In Zlatan’s words “Cristiano is the hardest working futbol player but Messi is natural”. After seeing them for years, I couldn’t agree more

Knight Night : Messi makes u say: wow!!! CR7 doesn’t

Ultimate Nova Creep : CR7 can't score these goals even in his dreams

LM10 : I heard there was a video the same as mine but Ronaldo's version, I knew someone will do it, not surprised, it shows that even Ronaldo's channels are copying Messi's channels, even Messi's channels are more creative than Ronaldo's channels, thats what they trigger them... I didn't watch the video, and I will not, and I'm sure there will be comments saying: Cristiano is the best, pessi, uefalona, midget, and more, the thing is they call Messi with names that aren't related with football, his performance or personnality, the opposite for Ronaldo... they just say that to leggo their anger, their non sense and more than that trying so hard to deny that Messi is the best in history, too blind to believe or accept the truth... At the end of the day you like Messi and he like Ronaldo, different players, different opinions, but theres one truth Messi is the best in history, its not an opinion, its not what I feel or what I think, ITS A FACT...

animation kribe : I respect Messi but Ronaldo is also a good player

Top Best : Do not look below Because a battle is going between messi and ronaldo fans😂😂😂

begusarai begusaraya : Best football player of 21st century.

Bikram Das : When i searched G.O.A.T I didn't find anything, But when i searched Messi i found G.O.A.T , the Legend

ram singh : That's y Messi my fav player

manav oli : We cant compare messi and ronaldo

Simnabennet Bennet : Messi fans pls like

Harry S : If you don't know who is the GOAT, you don't know MESSI

Callum : Messi couldn’t score half the goals Ronaldo could....

Messi Show : Ronaldo: 3 skill drible 1 man. Messi: 1 skill drible 3 man. See the difference.

john stanley : People who can't kick a ball straight comparing messi and ronaldo.

Manas Sajwan : Even ronaldo have scored goals that messi cant ever score

Milon Mahbub : CR7 is more complete

Manu Nahah : Away from 1, 2, 3, 4 Wonderful wonderful wonderful.....

LM10 : These goals are not top 10 goals, those are just numbers.

Mohammed Muzammil : Messi is nice pliyar

Raju Mann : CR 7 THE BEST

Victor Espinoza : Amazing... he truly is the best there is, the best there was and the best there where ever be!

vikas patel : And still Messi is dreaming about puskas award

LM10 : Hello guys, I just want to tell you that the 10 days before this video was posted were frustrating, I did upload and re-upload this video at least 20 times, and I was getting so many copyright strikes which lead the video to get taken down, the video was 10 min long with the full replies and everything, but because of the strikes that I get I tried so many things to avoid those copyright, I made the replies shorter, I tried hard to not scale the video and not lose the quality, cause I like to make quality videos, but anyway after so many attempts this is all I could do, and it still copyrighted, but It's okay for me cause at least you can see it, sorry for that, hope you enjoy it!

MrA : Just amazing

HAUNTER PUBG GAMING : Messi is the thing that ronaldo can’t ever be simple........

anwar : time wasting video..a single goal ve getafe is enough for ronaldo and his son whole career

Anjaney Khare : Love u my hero i love u u r the best player in the world U can do anything

santhosh kumar : We are now a MESSI LM10 fans

Pratima Katre : How can he do this? Wow!

S AHAMED THAWFEEQ : We all know deep within our core that this man is hardwired to do the impossible...

Antoun Gameplay : By response to the stupid title, Cristiano did even better.

King Messi the great : I wonder how is football going to be when he retires

Naomi Sisoukpanethong : I love Mess I and I HATE Ronald He is such a faker

Devanand Shaji : Its impossible to compare messi and ronaldo coz they both are playing with different basics

EXTREME GAMER : I love messsi

Suraj Kumar : Messi is just great and the greatest

crazy about sports : don't compere messi with ronaldo because they play there own game

Pheonix Gamer : All the dislike ronaldo or neymar

Panduka Fernando : I love you Messi


Seafood Lover : That stupid comparison is only made by European rigged media and madrid fans.. messi is the best by faaaaaaaar

alpha kidd mvp vendetta : There is no other like messi the best of all times💯🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐