Bill Burr - Dr. Phil // Fat Kid Slaps Mum
Bill Burr Dr Phil Fat Kid Slaps Mum

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Bill Burr talks about that Dr. Phil video where the fat kid slaps his mom. Bill Burr Podcast Link: Original Video Link: Intro Song: Eminem - When To Stand Up


YouTube Surgeon General : That kid has Manspreading down like a BOSS

Cobra Kai-Zer Soze Soze : Did they work it out? Or did he gain another 300 lbs

T J : That kid is going to become a cop

JoeCnNd : The mother better learn her place and make his dinner. He's the man of that house now.

VeryPoliticalHonkey : 1:00 Look at her face. I guarantee you she does this shit to him all the time and the kid was smart enough to realize that he can do it back since the cameras are rolling.

Kayla Broyles : if you pay attention, when he says “shut up!....How does that feel?” He’s asking her a direct question... then he raises up and slaps her ... and says how does that feel? He is literally mocking HER!! He’s asking how it feels when she’s slapped across the face. This is her typical behavior towards him. Everyone seems to think that he just randomly slapped her. That’s what you see at face value. But if you pay close attention to detail, you see things as they really are. Parents create children like this. I do know there are children with mental issues and that’s not the ones I’m referring to. All the children in the brat house are completely molded into brats

Ernest Bigot : Another divorced Mother who is so bitter and hateful of masculinity that she abuses and tortures her male children to the point that they lash out and then acts surprised. There is no known serial killer that was not abused by their Mother.

Ralph Schraven : I love Bill Burr, but I gotta agree with the rest of the comment section here. That look on her face at 1:00 pretty much tells you what she's like off-camera. She realizes the kid is abusing the fact that the cameras are rolling and that she can't slap and interrupt and patronize him the way she usually does. The kid claims all the things he did to her are happening to him all the time at home, and honestly I believe him. Or I could be wrong and the kid's a total mess and needs serious help. But I'm betting it's the mom. Cheers.

Travis : If I ever did that my dad would put me through the wall.

Final Theory Games : I think what the kid was trying to get across is that his mother abuses him and slaps him and he didn’t feel that it was right and so he gave his mom a taste of what it’s like to be abused. That’s what I took away from it.

Dough Boy : If I even tried to hit my mum, she would have countered and chocked me out. Then just as I’m coming round my Dad would have got home from work and then he would literally kill me

Lord Imeni : "Stuffed in a hamper upside down and kicked down a flight of stairs". Dead. XD

Bookie99 : The Requiem for a Dream clip at the end fits well!

Darien Bowen : I see evil in that women's eyes

SycheRyder : BIll is misreading the situation in my opinion. I remember acting a lot like this kid does in this video. My mom was the furthest thing from 'soft'. She would never beat my ass in front of camera tho, not even because of child protection, oh no, my mom would be afraid of looking like an ass in the public. That's definitely the vibe I'm getting from this video. That child is all kinds of messed up, sure, but that don't come from nowhere. Notice the genuine anger and frustration in his voice. Maybe I'm reading to much into all this, but from personal experience I'd guess the mother is an entirely different person at home, same goes for the dynamic they probably have in private. I'd have to add, I'd never dare to physically attack my mom, least of all on camera. At that age, even if I'd tried that at home, I'd probably end up being beaten senseless.

Utkarsh Singh : c'mon Bill You're the legend who made F is for Family. You know the kid learned that shit from the parents and not the other way round. The woman has that barely-keeping-my-psycho-down look too.

askmeiknow100 : "all he had to do was go 'HEY'". so true

xslite : that moment has a menacing manipulative look about her, poor kid

98smithg2 : She probably went ham on him when they got home, can't really hit a kid while on camera can she. Child protection would be all over that.

Felix Jaeger : "It was like a Flair chop" 😂😂😂

Leon grubaugh : My dad would have beaten me damn near to death let me heal then killed me and buried me in backyard.

Laverne Blaszczyk : If that was my kid he'd be dropped off at foster care immediately

red tomatoes : what do you tell a women with two black eye's....nothing you already told her twice.😲

The Host : Fatherless home.

Citizen Dildo : 100% the mums fault.

Levi Waldrip : My mom would beat me bloody with her bare ✊ just for walking to loudly in the trailer.

Vincent Vargas : It either the MOTHER OR THE SON HAS GOT MENTAL ISSUES.

The Holy Mackerel : I would stack tires around that kid and set them on fire.

PLANE JAIN : The Flair chop had me in tears!!😂😂

davekn74 : No one would ever side with a kid slapping their mom. But seriously I have only seen that look in the mom's eyes on criminals. Not saying she is but I would be interested to hear otherwise. The kid will likely end up in jail when he gets older but I would be shocked to hear that this woman is an angel

Wes 76 : This is the behavior of an abused child. You can only hit them so many times before they start reacting.

Judy JUDY : The state would have that child with in 10 minutes in the ambulance and I will be in jail

Paddy : LMAO....that kid would be in traction if it did that to me...

Uzi Patrol : kid all mansplaining and manspreading (sarcasm)

Mikeyb this guy : Just a handful of neck


Joakim Haugen : She has been taking all her hate she have for his father for leaving her on this poor kid. Sorry Bill you are wrong here, this is all the mothers fault

eric Mayo : This episode of Doctor phil was brought to you by the biggest pharmaceutical company for children

cowboyatthebebop : I actually like dr Phil after listening to him on jre

Greg H : Nothing a good old fashioned ass kicking wouldn't fix.

Blessed : Everything on Dr. Phil is fake

Michael Abercrombie : Don't worry folks prison bound.

D : I saw the entire episode. Dr Phil did not condone the slap. BUT. He did figure out the mother was tormenting her son mentally and emotionally. Literally driving her son mad. He raked her over the coals for it and called her out. Naturally she was shocked as she had brought her problem child to be fixed. Dr Phil was very kind to this boy who was being tortured daily by his abusive shitty mother. He put BOTH in therapy.

Long Gray Line : Christ, my father would have had a Vietnam flashback and gutted me with the nearest sharp instrument.

darklordojeda : Flair chop. Godamn. I love Bill Burr.

First Last : Couldn't watch whole video because of rap 2/10

Synystr7 : I told my mom to shut up ONCE when I was 14. ONCE. It just slipped out because I was mad. My dad came home after work and literally came into my room, closed the door behind him and pinned me up against the wall so hard my back broke the dry wall and said "Don't you ever let me hear you told your mother to shut up again. She gave you life. She cleaned your shit. How DARE you? Next time this happens, they'll find you in the river." I'm italian. And he was absolutely right to do so. And I had to fix the wall haha.

Mumbo Jumbo De Runter : The kid will absolutely never hit his father... cuz his father is McD's.

Internet Tough Goy : “Slaps her like a godamn pimp” lmao