Mii channel theme but it's played with a WII U GAMEPAD
Mii Channel theme but its played on sampled sounds from a WII U GAMEPAD

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I'm so sorry. But this is fun. Will post a link to a full version soon! Also, if you want to Subscribe, that would be amazing! Tell me in the comments if you want to see more of this type!


TheNathand1996 : I legit thought this was gonna be what the sound quality of the gamepad before watching this

GoomBarbarian : This is why I pay my internet bills

OctoBoy : Wonderful

NightmareBliss : It actually sounds really good, not gonna lie.

AJ The Wright Gamer : Can i download this, it's awesome!!!

Acelus211 : I don't wanna know how long this took to make bit great job man!

hiuhbi 32 : At last, the wiiu is useful

Ash Mrabet : wii u still useful I LOVE IT A LOT even more than the switch

BMZ the Nunchuck Warrior : Glad to see you're still alive Andy! :D

Tylar Shadows : i left Nathaniel bandy for this video ;-;

WwwWario : THANK YOU for almost 20k views! :O

BobTheFabCat Uwu : Ayy this sounds really good! Great job on the shitposting here it's God tier. Pretty big fan of your work, keep doing what you do best.

Captain goddamn Levi : That swag... It's really good you have to make an extended version of it

Blueinkling26 : Good job with editing the noises! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

CactusTown : New Five Nights At Wario's Game Confirmed?!

Chef : Glad ur back buddy

Abigail Candage : Those are some sick beats! God bless!

TFFC Mikkebak The Awesome : Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful!

Miles Monaco : How satisfying was it to put this together????

Fedora Gamer : Why, though? Not a complaint, btw.

Lazy Squid : Not only that the Wii U can play games, it can also make sick beats!

God Daam : You still working on the dashie platform game?

XMario3SonicP : How...oddly not bad. Huh. It's one of those things you never knew you'd want in your life, but you don't regret it existing.

Nintendo Ninjas : WwwWario WHY DID YOU LEAVE IT ON THE SICK BASE DROP?!? 😭😭😭 (JK) Good job man!!!

TwisterTH : This is actually pretty good!

Beau Keeping : I play the violin! I play the mayonnaise I play the wii u

madi : Nintendo should use this someday But it's all about the Switch now so who knows

TGCXavier : You earned a sub(make a full version)

Forever Simgirl : Quality content πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

humabnz : The people who disliked this probably got triggered by the awesomeness of the video.

CloudySkies17695 : I hate how this actually sounds good

VinC is dank : Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Cyber's Gameplays : who notices tomodachi life in the backround

clori :p : Thats really impressive man

johbo81 : Don’t be sorry This is awesome

The Great Bootleg : i really dig this, man. nice work.


Razz Games : this is the content i signed up for.

NintenGunner : when is the next wario game please i need more also still pretty nice

Gibus Heavy : Those waluigi claims were major bs I am aware I am a bit too late

gamers in a container : This is impressive but horrific

Wario B : Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Andrew Donnell : Top 10 Object Show Intros

TehVilly : Holy shit great job Also, what software did you use?

JoJoMKWUTeam : how did you make this?

CollieDawg Playz : 0:54 that is the face pf pure evil

Hubaduba Tron : don't be sorry at all this is beautiful

Grenoshi : 7/10 not long enough

Da Boi King Pickles : Why didn’t you add the ending?